Ringdogggg special guest story: Teen Jobber Humiliation

Hello Readers. Rookie Jobber here. A special, special treat today. The last story I wrote, A Long Car Ride Home, caught the eye of a fellow wrestling fanatic, who then sent me this story he wrote that adds to the tale. The writer? The legendary wrestling expert/writer/guru Ringdoggg. It’s a pleasure and honor to post this from Ringdogg. Everything below is from him, including the intro, the story, and the last part where he welcomes insight from you, the readers. Thanks to Ringdogggg for emailing me and hope you wrestling fans and perverts enjoy! Also, visit him on Deviant Art.

Here’s his personally created art for the piece:

From Ringdogggg:
(This is a companion piece to a story, “A Long Car Ride Home”. I liked the story and thought it would be fun to continue it forward. I’ve made some changes to the age of the wrestler and his situation to make it a little more desperate. This story is totally fake. As far as I know, all people, places and happenings are made up. Warning!! I tend to write very very descriptive, over the top, outrageous, nearly comic book and unrealistic stories set in a realistic environment for the enjoyment of the reader. If you are looking for solid realism or you are a wresting purest, do not read this! This story deals with massive domination and humiliation in the wrestling ring. Sexual themes, nudity are described.

My name is Billy Simpson and I’m an 18 year old pro wrestler. Well I’m trying to be a pro wrestler.  I have just completed my training at a local wrestling school in my home town of Rogers, New Mexico, population 48,000. Working at Wal-Mart, and living on my own with a single roommate, I didn’t have the tuition for the school so I’m working off my tuition by wrestling for the federation attached to the school. And at only 50 dollars per match, it’s going to take the better part of 4 years to work off the 7500 dollars and that’s if I can maintain a weekly match pace.  They had weekly matches and a roster of over 300 mostly big, powerful seasoned wrestlers.

At 165 pounds and 5-7, I’m the smallest wrestler by far and my little boy body and boyish face all yell, slaughter me.  To top it all off, I had a skater cut with spiky blond hair, big white and blue eyes and a huge bright white smile.  I did have a big baby face, no it was worse than that—it was baby face with big chipmunk cheeks and two big bunny rabbit white front teeth.  To make matters worse, I was a small bodied kid with big pronounced body parts.  Unlike other wrestlers who’s abs or muscles really stood out, for me it was my soft jelly belly, big red nipples, deep pronounced belly button or my bubble butt.  I know it sounds stupid, but looking at myself, I didn’t see my body as screaming out “Jobber Boy”.  But to the crowd and other wrestlers, it screamed “easy win”.  I saw myself as a high flier.  As a rookie in the fed, I didn’t have much say in anything including my ring gear.  The promoter, Mr. Watson, picked out some pink speedo trunks to show off my bubble butt.  I had matching pink knee pads and white wrestling boots with bright pink shoe laces.  I had a white ring jacket with my name in pink cursive across the back and a white baseball cap that they wanted me to wear slightly sideways.  With my ring gear, chipmunk baby face, big blue eyes, spiked blond hair and big white front teeth, I looked like a 7 year old modeling for a cereal commercial.

My parents had divorced when I was young and I lived with my dad until my senior year when he was transferred across the country.  I didn’t want to move away in my senior year and I was on my own.  The only bright spot in my life was my high school sweetheart girlfriend, of 3 years, Chelsea.  She was the athlete (girls basketball center) and I was her little boy toy in the marching band.  She was slightly bigger and until I started training for wrestling, she was stronger.  She was supportive of me becoming more masculine and becoming a fighter.  She had been to all my matches as moral support.

My first match was pretty much a one sided affair except for a mid-match flurry.  It was against a 6 foot tall 285 pound fat guy.  I actually tried to lock up in a collar and elbow.  The guy pushed me back into my own corner.  I stupidly raised my hands for the break and he drilled me in my jelly belly.  I spewed spit all over the guy.  He didn’t care for the teen spit shower and nailed me in my jaw.  I nearly blacked out.  The ref moved in and saved me from an early loss.  I stumbled out of the corner to meet him again.  I locked up still trying to hold my soft belly.  The crowd laughed at that and my reputation as a jobber boy was starting.  The opponent scooped me up like a doll and bodyslammed me hard.  I arched up my back and he drilled a fist down into my poor jelly belly with all his weight behind it.  I spewed a fountain of spit into the air and then curled up into a ball and pounded my feet on the mat in agony.  The crowd roared at that too.  After a few more licks, I managed to get on offense with a few quick moves and I drop kicked him in the back of the head.  I had really good elevation on my drop kick.  I jumped up onto the top turnbuckle and tried a off the top rope flying cross body on the big dude.  I caught him right on his upper chest, the best point to take him down hard and go for the big quick pin!  He barely moved and he bodyslammed me to the mat again.  He then jumped into the air and drove both knees into my poor jelly belly.  I spewed more spit and some gastric juice into the air.  I was in agony.  The match continued for another 4 minutes with me absorbing lots of punishment.  He pinned me after a big body splash.  I did try to kick out but he was on my chest, his arm across my face and he had my left leg in the air so high, it pulled my butt off the mat.

The 2nd match was not any better, but it was the 3rd match, last week that turned into a total humiliating disaster.  It was a special location card in the high school gym in Lynwood, the next town over, about 25 miles away.  I was facing another big guy Terry Funk.

After the match, I was driving my girlfriend home,  I could tell she was humiliated for me.  She finally started to talk, asking me why I was taking such a beating and not fighting back more.  After the humiliating beating, my teen ego was helpless and my girlfriend questioning my manhood finished it off quick.  I wanted to start crying it was so degrading.  Questions about me laying on the mat helpless for long periods of time and then on the floor outside the ring, really hurt.   She wanted to know why I didn’t fight back when he paraded me around the ring like a little plaything.  What she seemed most embarrassed was the several times the guy wedgied me forcing me pink speedos into my butt crack and leaving my boytoy bubble butt exposed and how long it took me to fix it.  She reminded me that the last time, I never did and the ref had to pull them out of my butt crack for me after a humiliating pin.   The entire conversation was devastating and made more so by the fact that I was still wearing only my pink speedos and other wrestler gear.   I was looking down in shame, across my big red nipples, my soft jelly belly and the big bulge in my pink speedos.   I drove her to her very nice apartment that her rich parents were paying for.  She was in college about 50 miles away but still hung out with lots of high school girls and guys on the weekend.  That’s where she dumped me, in the car, in my pink speedos.  I begged like a little boy.  I think it made here loathe me even more.  She walked into her apartment and slammed the door.  I finally broke down and started crying after I got home.

During the following week I was pretty much in a funk and did not even think to ask who I was fighting the upcoming Saturday.  I finally called the promoter, Mr. Watson, on Friday, but he put me off.  I showed up at the feds main arena wrestling facility not knowing who I was fighting.  I did notice on the billboard out front I had top billing, which had never happened.  Maybe, things where looking up.  I sat by myself in my designated locker room.  I had changed into some black square trunks, black kneepads and black boots that I had managed to earn enough money to buy hoping that Mr. Watson would allow me to fight in but one of his assistants came in and not only said I could not wear unapproved gear but gave me a new pair of pink trunks.  They were even smaller than the pink speedos.  They were not a thong but it was not much more than that.  The fabric barely covered my butt and the front had just enough room for my fat balls and I had to curl my penis to get it to fit into the trunks.  I was mortified.   I wouldn’t have liked to wear these “wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen” to walk down a runway as a model much less wrestling in a wrestling match.  I pulled on my matching pink gear and soon after Mr. Watson steeped in.  I begged him to let me switch gear but he patted me on my jelly belly and told me how cute everyone thought I was.  My belly jiggled as he patted it.  I was humiliated.  He then pinched my flabby chipmunk face cheek and told me that lots of girls were at the event tonight and he knew it was because of me.  I bucked up a little at the praise.  He then reminded me not to get dehydrated and offered me a small bottle of water.  I drank it down.  He had dissolved a Viagra in the water and I was so depressed about my break up that I had not had sex or beat off in over a week.  Mr. Watson then handed me a new bottle of oil.  I begged again but he insisted I oil up before the match.  Then he explained that I was fighting in a tag match with a partner.  The guy he said I was paired with was a big guy but we had never so much as talked.  I protested but he said I was ready for a more advanced match such as a tag match and that I had top billing because of it.  Ours would be the last match.  The two opponents were also much bigger than me and I was worried but tried not to let the fear distract me.  I oiled my body and felt my fat penis twitch.  I panicked.  This was no time for this and the trunks offered absolutely no room for it.  A hard-on during a match was mortifyingly obvious in speedos but in these, public exposure was all but assured.  I finally got myself oiled.  It was a thicker more shinny glaze than the other oil and had a musky sent to it.  My partner Wade Biggs entered the room and patted me on my jelly belly.  It jiggled again much to my embarrassment.   He told me not to worry and said he had my back.  He then said I missed a spot on my back and grabbed the oil and really poured it all over my back.  He worked it into my trunks, getting the inside all oiled up.  I protested and he apologized but as the door opened and we were called to the ring, he spilled a huge amount all over my upper back.   I squawked but he pushed me out the door as the oil ran down my back.  I didn’t even get a chance to put on my white and pink ring jacket or stupid cap.

I trotted to the ring with my skimpy bikini-like pink oily trunks sagging on my waist and oil running down into my butt crack.   The place was packed nearly 8000 people.  People lined the aisle to the ring.  Several reached out and patted my jelly belly as I trotted past.  My fat penis surged again. Remember, I didn’t know about the Viagra so I thought it was just me. I was already starting to beat myself up over being so weak and unable to control my fat penis.  I was in a daze at all the things going wrong.  That’s when I saw my EX-girlfriend Chelsea.  She was in the front row with a huge group of her high school and some new college friends.  He had several big athletic boys around her too.  She was laughing wildly at me and pointing me out to all her friends.  I could see her laughing and talking about my tiny pink speedos.  It was a wicked dick punch to my fragile ego and I suffered wildly emotionally.  It actually made me stumble.  Tears started to well up in my eyes but I forced them away.  I stupidly trotted past them.  I was so stupid sometimes.  I could have just went into the ring right at the corner but instead I trotted all the way down the side of the ring to my corner before climbing in.  Several of her male friend’s taunted me.  Taunts like “Hey Jelly Belly Billy!”, “Love the little girl bikini trunks Billy!” – “You’re pathetic Belly Button Boy!” –  “Hey, Bubble Butt Billy, your butt crack is showing!” seared into my ego.  The savage attacks on my self-esteem were punctuated by Chelsea’s laughter.

As I climbed up onto the apron of the ring, my pink bikini trunks sagged down on my bubble butt some more.  I heard some other girls in the front row giggle and another massive surge of humiliation poured into me.  I was quickly becoming overwhelmed and if I let it continue to build I would become psyched out.   I came through the ropes and into the ring.  The crowd cheered and I felt better but then I looked out at the massive crowd packing the little arena.  They were mostly young guys and they were laughing and pointing at me.  Another huge wave of humiliation poured into my 18 year old ego.  My soft jelly belly involuntarily jiggled.  It was one of the most humiliating things my body did and it drove me crazy.  It screamed, “I’M AFRIAD!”.  My soft slightly flabby bulging belly and big deep pronounced belly button made me look even more like a little boy.  I looked out at some other girls that saw my belly jiggle and heard their girl giggles.  I looked out at them with my big blue eyes and chipmunk cheek face and bright white bunny rabbit front teeth and they smiled and gave me a “thumbs up”.  I felt a little better, but I knew they wouldn’t even be in the audience if my little boy toy body was not in the ring wearing bikini trunks and nothing could come close to countering the devastating effects of Chelsea at ringside, cheering and enjoying seeing my soft body punished and humiliated in front of a huge crowd.  I noticed that the big jumbotron screens on two sides of the auditorium were showing close-ups of my cute little boy face.  They had four professional cameras filming this instead of the usual one.  The screens switched views to a camera focused in on my pink covered bubble butt and some of my butt crack showing.  There was another wave of laughter and I suffered more humiliation.  It was at that moment that I looked back out at my FORMER girlfriend Chelsea.  She was now on the arm of a big guy named Travis.  It took her less than one week after dumping me to become interested in someone else!  My ego crashed even more.  She was laughing wildly at me in my even skimpier trunks.  The emotional pain and humiliation poured into me.  Again, I wanted to cry and had to fight not to.   I felt totally worthless, like a piece of meat to be pounded and humiliated.  I was now mentally psyched out!

Our opponents, Paul Clampett, 28 years old, 6-2, 325 pounds and John Carraway 27, 6-3, 339 pounds climbed into the ring wearing black tights and shirts.  Both were huge, powerful guys and very experienced ring veterans.   My jelly belly jiggled wildly and both Clampett and Carraway saw it and laughed wildly.  Another wave of humiliation poured into me.  My mind was spinning with horrible thoughts and was not on the match.  The ref checked both opponents and then turned to me.  I held out my arms incredulously with a look of “where would I hide anything!!”  The crowd saw my expression and roared with laughter.  The stupid ref started fingering my tiny trunk strings on each side and then gave my fat crotch a firm rub.  I cried out “DUDE PLEASE!!”  I was desperate as my penis surged.  I was mortified it would harden, and in doing so uncurl and pop up out of my trunks into public view.  Like other humiliating body parts, my balls and penis were both oversized for my small body size.

It was then that I noticed that my partner had never got into the ring.  I turned to look at him and begged for him to start.  He refused and I started begging.  With my back turned, both opponents charged in and drove a gruesome double shoulder block into my small of the back, driving me chest first into the corner turnbuckle.  Both guys grabbed my spikey blond hair and draped my through over the top rope and choked me down wildly.  Spit spewed from my mouth.  Both huge guys were baring down on the back of my neck, using all their weight to work my windpipe into the top rope.  I was in agony and could not get any air.  The ref moved in quickly and demanded they break the hold.  When they continued the choke he threatened them with disqualification.  Finally they broke the horrible choke.  The ref pulled them back and walked them across the ring to their corner.  As soon as the refs back was turned, my supposed partner Wade Biggs grabbed my head from outside the ring and restarted the horrible choke.  Wade had all his weight on the back of my neck choking me down across the top rope.  The crowd roared!  I was already in such a helpless position and they loved seeing my own partner working on my soft little body!  Clampett and Carraway where both arguing with the ref in the far corner, keeping him distracted as my own partner continued the choke they had started.  I was in agony and I was starting to pass out from the lack of air.  Both my arms dropped from the top rope and dangled helplessly toward the mat.  The crowd roared again as they saw that, knowing I was in deep trouble.  Spit was pouring from my mouth when the ref finally started to turn around.  Wade grabbed the back of my head and jumped off the ring apron, driving my throat down across the top rope.  I sprang backwards into the air spewing spit 10 or so feet into the air.  I stumbled wildly out into the ring about to fall down when Clampett roared across the ring and drilled me with a flying lariat to the chest and throat.  I flipped over backwards in mid-air and crashed spectacularly to the canvas where I lay spread eagle with my body jiggling and twitching.  I started choking coughing and spitting up wildly, fighting to get some air back into my body.  As I took huge gasps of air, my soft jelly belly pumped madly up and down and the crowd laughed wildly.  I was so badly hurt I didn’t notice the embarrassment this time but my fate as a soft bodied, pretty boy, jobber was pretty much sealed.  If it wasn’t, the next few minutes would make it 100 percent certain.   To make matters worse, Carraway outside the ring in the enemy corner was removing all the padding from the turn buckle, leaving only a thin leather cover over a huge solid steel turn buckle.

Clampett didn’t give me any time to recover from the horrible choke.  He grabbed my spiky blond hair and peeled my helpless little body off the mat.  By head came off the mat and I slobbered onto my chest.  As I was sat up my soft jelly belly crumbled and jiggled.  Then as my butt came off the mat as I was pulled to my feet, I felt my pink bikini trunks sliding down on my oiled, sweaty, slick bubble butt.  I heard the crowd roar and even more humiliation poured into me.  I hated the feeling of my trunks sliding down my bubble butt.  It was a combination of the sick feeling on my butt and the humiliation that poured into me and when the crowd reacted to it by cheering or laughing, it made it a thousand times worse.  My arms were down at my sides, helpless.  Clampett drilled me right in my jaw.  I spun around and stumbled away from him, spewing spit from my mouth.   I stumbled toward the corner with my hand out.  I needed a tag big time.  Unfortunately, it was the enemy corner and I stumbled right up and was nailed in the jaw by Carraway.  I spun around and stumbled back across the ring to Clampett who drilled me again.   I stumbled back to Carraway who hammered me again.  The crowd roared wildly as I looked totally pathetic with my soft jiggling little boy body wearing my tiny pink trunks with spit pouring from my mouth and my big blue eyes rolling around in my head stumbling back and forth between two 300 pound guys fully clothed in all black.  The 8th lick to my poor puffy jaw sent me back to the mat to lay spread eagle again.  Clampett didn’t give me a second.  He grabbed my blond hair and pulled me right back to my feet.  The pink trunks sagged even more down on my bubble butt.  The crowd roared and still badly dazed, my groggy mind processed the humiliation and I sucked it up.  I sagged against Clampett and he drug me by the hair across the ring back to his corner where he drilled my forehead into the steel turnbuckle with only a thin leather flap over it.  Blood splattered everywhere and I was busted open bad.  The wicked lick to my head nearly put me out but my teen brain managed to hang on.  I was dazed out of my mind with blood running down my face and I sagged wildly.  Clampett turned me and hung me in the enemy corner, the worst place for me to be in or out of the ring.  Outside the ropes on the ring apron, Carraway grabbed my arms and pulled them down behind the ropes, trapping me there.  I was like a piece of meat hanging in a locker waiting to be beaten.

I was in deep trouble and Carraway fired a double chop to both sides of my neck, drilling both nerve bundles at the same time.  My head bobbled but Clampett fired a huge upper cut to my jaw and I was really groggy.  Carraway fired the double chop in again from behind and Clampett nailed my chin.  I was close to going out but the ref admonished Carraway about attacking from outside the ring.   It was then that Clampett grabbed the middle rope on either side of my body and started slamming huge shoulder blocks into my jelly belly using the ropes for massive leverage.  Spit spewed from my mouth as each lick sank into my bodies big weak spot.  Not that I had any strong spots but my teen boy jelly belly was super weak and helpless.  The ref warned Clampett about using the ropes but he continued on and on.  Finally the ref started a count to break and Clampett did before the 5 count was over.  Still, my jiggling belly had absorbed 18 savage licks and I was in agony.  Clampett stepped back from the corner and argued with the ref.  The second the ref turned away, Carraway reached over the ropes and slapped the sleeper hold onto my head.  I spewed spit and jiggled.  I hated the sleeper hold.  It debilitated me worse than anything and it made me suffer while slowly passing out in agonizing fashion.  The crowd loved it as the two veteran heels cheat and worked me into the ground without missing a beat.  I was in agony and going out fast but the ref turned and made Carraway break.   Carraway stepped to his left and started to argue with the ref along the ropes.  Clampett moved right back in and with the ref distracted fired 5 savage upper cuts to my swollen balls.  My entire body shivered helplessly and thick white spittle poured from my mouth.  The ref saw the last ball shot and pushed Clampett back out of the corner.

For the first time in minutes, no one was right in front of me- blocking my way out of the horrible enemy corner.  I knew I had to get away or I was done for.  I could not take much more and I was exhausted.  I started to pull forward out of the corner but I could not get more than a foot or so away from the corner buckles.  The crowd roared as I jerked my waist forward but in my dazed condition could not understand what was happening.  The crowd could see on the huge jumbotron screens that Carraway had ahold of my pink bikini trunks from behind and was holding me in place so I could not escape.  Clampett saw I was trying to get away and ran back to the corner and drilled me with a huge fist to my jelly belly.  I spewed spit and slumped back into the corner.  Clampett pushed my chest back, settling me back into the enemy corner and Carraway reached in from outside and pulled both my arms behind the ropes, trapping me right back in the enemy corner.  I let out a loud teen cry of dejection and the crowd roared wildly.  They knew the little boytoy jobber boy was in deep trouble and feeling every bit of it physically and emotionally.  I was so dejected and the crowd laughing about it and enjoying it made it even more savage.  Clampett punished my escape attempt by banging away with both fists into my saggy jelly belly.  My soft belly meat undulated and sloshed around as Clampett’s big left and right fists sank into my poor belly over and over totaling 25 licks.  During this time, behind me, Carraway was making a big show of loading a piece of metal into a slot in his elbow pad.  Everyone in the arena knew about it except the ref and me.  After Clampett’s assault on my belly, Carraway reached in from behind and grabbed my chin, pulling my head back.  I remember the glare from the house lights as I looked straight up into the air.  Carraway drove his steel loaded elbow pad right down into the cut on my battered forehead.  My body jumped wildly and blood splattered from my head.  It was a wicked lick.  Carraway let go of my head and it came forward and bobbled wildly with blood pouring down my face again.  The force of the lick and the wild jump of my body actually made me stumble out of the corner but Clampett was standing right in front of the corner.  He simply put his hands up onto my chest and pushed me backwards.  I fell back into the corner and hung myself right back in trouble.  Without missing a beat, Carraway reached back into the ring and pulled my head back and drove his steel loaded elbow down into my bloody head again.  The second lick to my blood head in quick succession was devastating.  Again as my body jumped from the lick, I spat myself out of the corner only to be pushed back by Clampett.  The crowd roared as I was trapped in the corner.  I took a 3rd straight lick to my blood forehead from Carraway’s steel loaded elbow pad and I was nearly out.  I looked out at Clampett from the corner and spewed spit out of my mouth.  The wicked delayed reaction showed everyone how badly hurt I was.

The ref reprimanded Carraway for his illegal attack and while Clampett was distracted, I stumbled out of the corner in a wild daze.  I only got about 10 stumbling steps out of the corner before Clampett walked me down and grabbed the back of my blond hair.  The crowd laughed wildly as Clampett took me into a big wide stumbling turn.  My hands were out in front of me, half begging for a tag and half as if I were about to fall down.  After the big wide turn back toward the enemy corner, my arms dropped to my side and several people in the crowd yelled ‘YEA!!” as Clampett ran me back to the corner and drove my bloody head into the steel turnbuckle.

I sagged wildly in the corner.  Clampett turned me back first into the corner and I sagged back helpless.  Carraway reached over the top rope, grabbed my arms and pulled them back behind the ropes trapping me again.  The roar of the crowd as my arms were pinned behind the ropes for the 5rd or 6th time really punished my teen boy ego and I let out another teen cry of helplessness.  The crowd laughed at my cry.  I was being humiliated and there was nothing I could do about it.  Carraway grabbed my chin and pulled my head back till I was looking right up in the air.  He then drove his steel loaded elbow pad into my bloody forehead.  Blood splattered again and my entire body jumped wildly.  My head sprang forward and bobbled wildly right in front of Clampett.  He unloaded a massive upper cut to my chin.  I nearly blacked out.  My head snapped back and then bobbled wildly again with slobber pouring from it.  I was in so much trouble.  The ref was busy reprimanding Carraway for the illegal elbow to my head from outside the ring.  While he was occupied, Clampett dropped to a knee in front of my helpless sagging body and fired a savage upper cut into my big balls.   I dropped to me knees in wild agony.  The ref was yelling at Clampett.  I think he had caught the low blow out of the corner of his eye, about time.  In desperation I crawled out of the enemy corner.  I only got about a third of the way across the ring before I felt Clampett’s hand reaching into the back of my tiny pink trunks.  He yanked back, stopping me instantly.  The crowd roared as the pink trunks came all the way down on my teen boy bubble butt.  I was so desperate I tried to jump forward and nearly came out of the trunks.  Clampett grabbed my hair and walked me back to the corner and drove my head into the turnbuckle again.   Again I was pushed back into the corner and trapped.  The roar from the crowd accented my ongoing humiliation.

At that moment Carraway rapped the tag rope around my throat and started choking me savagely right in front of the ref.  The ref actually pushed Carraway from the corner and started yelling.  I sagged forward and started to stumble out of the ring but the tag rope was still rapped around my throat.  I was yanked to a humiliating stop where I spewed spit and jiggled wildly continuing to pull forward with my neck held in place by the tag rope.  Clampett was out in the middle of the ring but he just laughed and pointed at me as the crowd roared at my helpless antics.  The ref mercifully ran over and pushed me back into the corner and unwrapped the cord from around my throat.  Carraway brazenly gabbed my blond head and choked me down across the top rope.  The ref was incensed and called for the break as Clampett stormed in and nailed my teen balls.  The ref had had enough and grabbed both opponent’s arms and drug them down to a neutral corner and berated them wildly.  I was free but was so badly dazed and hurt that it was all I could do to lean forward and stager awkwardly from the corner.   I stumbled helplessly across the ring toward my corner and a tag I need more than anything I ever needed before.  I never saw Biggs on the top rope of my corner with the heavy metal steel folding chair.  He dove off and drilled my bloody forehead.  I crashed wildly to the mat and jiggled wildly with blood pouring from the cut.  I was spread eagle, helpless.  The crowd was roaring.  The ref turned to see me lying prostrate in the middle of the ring.

Clampett tagged in his partner for the first time.  Yes, all of my destruction and humiliation had been at the hands of one guy and now his tag partner was coming in fresh to work on my exhausted battered teen body.  Carraway made a big deal of moving the piece of metal from a slot in his elbow pad to a slot in his knee pad.  He then climbed into the ring and walked out to my prone body.  Carraway jumped into the air and drove his steel loaded kneepad into my bloody head.  My body jumped wildly from the wicked impact and I laid there shivering as blood poured even more.  The crowd loved it.  I was being brutalized in humiliating fashion and they loved it!   As if it could not get any worse, the tugging on my trunks had now positioned my Viagra charged penis to tent WILDLY in the pink trunks.  I was laying there spread eagle in the middle of the ring with my big fat penis tenting in up in my pink trunks.  The crowd was roaring and when they showed it on the jumbo-tron screens, the entire crowd went nuts with laughter.  Carraway grabbed my blond hair and peeled my helpless limp body off the canvas of the ring.  My entire bubble butt was hanging out and it waggled wildly as I was walked back to the enemy corner. The crowd was roaring with laughter.  I was hung back in the corner and the crowd cheered my agony and public domination on.

Carraway just stood in front of my helpless body.  He was laughing.  He reached out and pulled the front of my pink trunks out away from my body.  My fat hardening penis popped up into the air and out into public.  Tears welled up in my eyes and flowed down my face as the most devastating wave of humiliation crashed into my shattered limp ego.  I cried and begged.  The jumbo-tron screens showed a close up of my exposed penis for the whole arena and the roar from the crowd was deafening.  I sobbed in total humiliation.  I looked out at my EX- girlfriend Chelsea.  She was laughing wildly and pointing.  Her male friends where roaring and pumping their fists in support of Clampett and Carraway’s utter destruction and humiliation of my body.

Carraway pulled me out of the corner and walked me to the middle of the ring.  My fat hard penis waved back and forth as I stumbled and my bubble butt waggled back and forth.  I was nearly naked.  The crowd was laughing and cheering.  All of my life-long insecurities about my body were being savagely and publically affirmed in the most brutal way possible!  My super groggy mind was busy processing wave after wave of humiliation as I was positioned in the middle of the ring.

Carraway moved in behind me and locked the horrible sleeper hold onto my head.  My entire body jumped wildly and I spewed huge amounts of spittle into the air as the devastating hold that tortured my body like nothing else was locked onto me. I was in instant trouble as Carraway’s arm clamped down on the arteries in my neck and chin, restricting the blood flow to my battered brain.  I was already in trouble with the licks to my head and I was hot and oxygen deprived so my brain was already not in the best of shape. My vision blurred almost immediately and my arms and legs felt like they had led weights on them.  The nausea began to grow and my lips began to quiver.  I sagged back against Carraway.  I was helpless.  The then took a step backwards.  My feet were planted and I just sagged backwards, putting more of my body weight down across the arteries in my neck and chin that the sleeper hold was working on.  He took another step back and I sagged wildly backwards.  My dangling arms were now hanging behind my body.  I looked wickedly helpless and feeble.  I just hung there looking ridiculous.  The whole time, my fat penis was hardening and expanding further out of my pink trunks.  The humiliation just poured into my mind.  The tears were just pouring down my face.  I had been physically destroyed but now I was being emotionally devastated as well.  I started to slobber from my quivering lips.  My soft jelly belly started to sag and lump down around my big pronounced belly button.  My own body was telling everyone that I was a joke.  It was about as pathetic as it could get.  I sagged toward the mat and my jelly belly started to quiver too.  The crowd was laughing so hard and the jeers and ridicule poured into my mind and worked on my devastated ego.  Carraway, holding the sleeper hold on my groggy head toward the side of the ring where my EX-girlfriend Chelsea sat.  Through my blurry vision, I stared out at her, laughing, enjoying herself, having so much fun with her friends totally at the expense of my completely destroyed ego.

My penis was now as hard as a rock, my fat cock head surged with blood flow.  Yes, it was not lost on me that the blood flow to one head was restricted and the other was engorged wildly.  I would live the rest of my life knowing that my cock head was more powerful than the head that held my brain.  Listening to the crowd laugh and cheer as I sagged toward the mat and unconsciousness, I sank deeper and deeper toward the emotional realization, that I was a total jobber boy and there was nothing I could do about it.  My bare bubble butt touched the matt and I laid flat.  My body instinctively spread my arms and legs widely, making me look even more helpless, more pathetic.  My fat penis stuck straight up into the air, like a flag pole of surrender and subjugation.  That was when the laughter and cheering of the crowd changed to a sickening chant, “SPERM BILLY SPERM!!”.  The crowd was chanting for me to perform the most humiliating action in the history of wrestling, the unwilling ejection of sperm in public.  Chelsea and her friends where chanting it as well.  The image of my former girlfriend chanting “SPERM BILLY SPERM” as I jiggled helplessly on the wrestling mat in a sleeper hold with my fat hard penis waving in the ring for everyone to see, was burned into my psyche forever.  I was devastating.  She was my only real girlfriend.  She was supposed to care about me, help me, support me and instead she was laughing and cheering as I suffered the most horrible humiliation in my life.

As I sank wildly toward unconsciousness, I felt the bile and vomit rise in my throat and a fat wad of sperm forming in my cock head, pressing wildly against the inside of my sperm slit wanting to squirt out into public and seal my fate as the most pathetic jobber boy in wrestling history.  My body trembled.  Slick pre cum bubbled from my fat hard penis and coated my fat cock head making it surge wildly with anticipation.  I spewed spit up into the air.   I felt the fat wad of sperm at the tip of my fat cock head surge forward, pressing wildly on my sperm slit.  A wild tingle of energy poured through my penis and into my body.  I was about to squirt sperm in public.  I fought like mad to keep my sperm slit closed but I was losing consciousness.

I felt another wild tingle, way way way too strong to control AND ————-


Will Billy squirt sperm in public?

Will his soft jelly belly recover from this savage beating?

Will Billy’s completely annihilated ego ever recover?

How many people worldwide will buy the video of “Billy’s Beatdown” and how rich will promoter Watson get?

How far will his former girlfriend Chelsea go to humiliate her former boytoy boyfriend?

Can he even show his face in public without risking being attacked and humiliated in public?

Stay Tuned!

Constructive Comments, Suggestions, Wants, Deep-Seeded Desires are welcome.

About humiliatedjobber

From Southern U.S.. Have always been fascinated with wrestling, specifically jobbers who are embarrased and degraded in the ring in their trunks. Always wanted to have my trunks yanked on as the crowd laughs and the evil heel dominates me, in the WWF or WCW. Contact me at rookiejobber@yahoo.com
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10 Responses to Ringdogggg special guest story: Teen Jobber Humiliation

  1. Dave thayer says:

    Excellent verbiage, got me hard🏳️‍🌈

  2. JorgePR says:

    Aaaaannnnddd?! Come on! LOL

    Great story! thank you!

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. It’s the only way I know someone even liked the story. Ringdogggg

      • humiliatedjobber says:

        Ringdogggg, I know what you mean about comments! Always nice to hear from readers so for those reading the piece (and I can see on the stats it’s getting a lot of hits), let him know you enjoyed it! Your humble web jobber hasn’t produced many pieces lately so very grateful to have someone as esteemed as ringdogggg contributing. And yeah, I too want to know what happens next to our poor teen jobber!

  3. Anonymous says:

    enjoyed your story. Have always enjoyed your writings. unfortunately, I lost most of your older stories in a computer crash. Hope we get more of Billys troubles.

    • Anonymous says:

      thanks for the post. I will soon be re-posting the jobber Joey series with pictures on my Deviant site and they is a follow up match for that series too.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Very hot! A fun read! I look forward to reading more of Billy’s matches as a jobber!

  5. Chris says:

    Thank you, Ringdogggg, for sharing your awesome spin on this story. You and humiliatedjobber both have a great sense for the wrestling domination, punishment, and humiliation that these young guys need and deserve. Looking forward to more from both of you!

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