My Jobber Bucket List

I’ve had the chance over the years to meet up with some heels and have had some amazing times. Yet so much of my jobber life — such as it is — remains in my head. And I realize it will probably always be that way. I have a real life and real responsibilities and family and significant others and on and on and on and the idea of being able to explore ALL of my jobber fantasies…well, I realize it’s probably not realistic. So be it. I still have these desires and at some point I would love to experience some of these things (or, of course, all of them). If there’s anyone who thinks they can make any of these happen, as always, feel free to email at Especially if you’re east of the Mississippi.


Anyone who’s read my stories probably could have guessed this one. Want to meet up with someone who’s strong enough to lift me above their head for a military press, by clutching my trunks and holding them above my ass. In the way Nikolai Volkoff used to do to his foes before dropping them into a backbreaker. Bob Orton was great at this. So was Hercules. If you want to drop me into a backbreaker, fine. Or just drop me to the mat. But I want to be hoisted up like a “sack of potatoes.” I want the heel to hold me by the neck or chin. I want to feel powerless as I’m pressed and the trunks wedgie up my ass while you put me on display, the drool going down my chin, my legs kicking helplessly as you hold me or press me a few times before dropping me to your knee or the mat.


A few years ago, as you might have read on this here blog, I came very close to meeting up with a seamstress who was going to make me real pro wrestling trunks. I always wrestle in speedos. Feminine speedos or bikini bottoms that add to the humiliation but I’ve longed for real pro wrestling jobber trunks. Like Tommy Angel’s or Red Tyler’s. A great seamstress emailed with me and she was into the idea of making them pink or floral and having them ride up a bit in the ass to give me a wedgie which I love but unfortunately we were never able to followthrough. So this remains a dream. To meet a seamstress. To go in for a fitting with someone who knows I’m not just looking for pro wrestling trunks. No, I want jobber trunks. Revealing, embarrassing trunks. Measure me. Then make them for me, have me try on different pairs perhaps. And then maybe see me get destroyed in a match while wearing the trunks she designed!


I’ve wrestled in front of selected audiences before. A female there to humiliate me while her man destroyed me. A horny old man playing the role of a ref. But never in front of a real audience. I picture, of course, a ratty old high school gym or a VFW somewhere or a bar and there I am, in my jobber trunks, facing a crowd of 20 or 30 or whatever, all there to see a jobber get hammered and humiliated. I want to be thrown in front of the crowd and land at the feet of the pretty high school girls in the front row who squeal when I pick my wedgie out of my ass. I want some drunk redneck to call me a fag as the heel slaps me silly. I want the crowd to snicker as I walk from the locker room to the ring, my fantasies finally becoming reality and me being terrified in the process. I want to be counted out 1 2 3 with my leg hooked as the audience takes pictures of my domination and degradation. T


This wouldn’t necessarily have to be in public. Private would be fine. But a tag team match where I’m the designated jobber who suffers at the hands of not one but two heels. After about a minute of my jobber partner getting a bit of offense and then some punishment, he tags me in and I climb into the ring to be worked over for like 7 minutes, a nice long squash match featuring brutal double teams, total humiliation. My partner in jobber crime can only watch helplessly as I’m sent through the ringer.


A woman who takes me on in mixed match and completely takes me apart and emasculates me. Think the way Jacquelyn used to tear through jobbers while working under Kevin Sullivan. Or a private pro wrestler who takes on men for a fee but is strong enough to, say, piledrive me by yanking up on my trunks. Or suplex me. Or body slam me, picking me up by reaching under my crotch and hoisting me up. Slaps me around, verbally humiliates me.


Years ago I had the chance to exchange emails with Red Tyler and it was awesome — and informative! But I’d love to have coffee or lunch or a sitdown with a jobber from the past: Red, Tommy Angel, Emory, Trent Knight, Ron Cumberledge, so many. An even bigger fantasy? One of these jobbers offers to give me a private match where I get to play the role of jobber and they get to take out years of frustration.

Like I said, I realize most of these won’t ever happen but a guy can dream. So if anyone can help fulfill them, hit me up!

About humiliatedjobber

From Southern U.S.. Have always been fascinated with wrestling, specifically jobbers who are embarrased and degraded in the ring in their trunks. Always wanted to have my trunks yanked on as the crowd laughs and the evil heel dominates me, in the WWF or WCW. Contact me at
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6 Responses to My Jobber Bucket List

  1. JorgePR says:


    I know Tommy Angel used to have a Facebook account (under his real name of Tom Barrett) where he was open to chat with fans; I’m sure it was him because he posted a link to it in a FB Fan page for him and you could see pics of him and his family nowadays. I wrote him but never got an answer. I think he finally shut it down.

    I’ve also found a Bob Emory in FB that looks suspicipously similar to our beloved jobber, although he would have earned some pounds. I also wrote him but nada. You might have more luck if know how to approach him (and if it’s really him):

    Would you mind sharing some of Red Tyler’s thoughts, insights and comments? That would be great.

  2. Jobberprowrestler says:

    Hi i unexpectly found your website. I read your website 2-3 days and decided to post comment to you.
    Your website is like my heaven. I know that I also am jobber.
    I try to make friend with other one who like the same.
    Somehow we can share our dream and ambition together.
    I am 32 yo asian guy with big pecs , athlete body.
    I know myself that i am jobber since i was kid as i watch pro wrestling on TV.
    I love to see muscular jobber get work over so soo much. It seem like porn movies for me. Yes.. I JO when i watch wrestling and imagine i am those jobbers. My fav punishments are gut, pecs and balls punishment. Also i had some of these punishment experience with some heel. My match is like your fantasy so much but less cruel because i play safe and sane.
    I always be in skimpy trunks and white boots, opened chest leather vest to show off my pecs , abs and crotch. Overconfident walk show off my muscle body before the match start.
    I hope that i can find other heel or jobber who like the same as me or at least
    we can be friend.


    • La-heel says:

      Hi jobberprowrestler! Look me up on Would love to heel for you if you are ever in Los Angeles. 🙂

      • Jobberwrestler says:

        Hi LA-heel
        I sent u msg in meetfighter.
        Lets discuss there. Thanks for this site.
        And glad to know you rookiejobber

  3. Dave says:

    Love your stories

  4. jim says:

    Hey……. if any jobber wants to get worked over REAL GOOD in Wiscosin, let me know. Love to work your parts with no mercy until you pass out from the pain.

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