New story: The Lady and Her Heels

Time for a new story. Inspired by communication with a female fan, who came up with the idea of this story. Note: It involves Ted Dibiase and Lex Lugar dominating Red Tyler in front of a woman, whose affections they’re trying to win. That’s the idea, and storyline. Might not be for everyone but the woman who requested it liked it and that’s all I needed to hear. But I think others will like it too.


Few people knew that the biggest war in the WWF took place away from the cameras. This has nothing to do with heroes vs. villains, good vs. evil or storylines. This wasn’t scripted. Ted Dibiase and Lex Lugar were fighting for something much more important: A woman.

Beth Simpson worked for WWF in…some role that no one really understood. At 27, she held a VP of talent title but she handled marketing, advertising, scouting…a little bit of everything. Everyone wanted her, but everyone feared her. There were rumors about how she manipulated men to get what she want and then left them when they were no longer useful. She was gorgeous — blonde, fit, athletic — and knew it. And knew the effect it had on men, melting their legs while hardening their cocks. She toyed with them, physically but even more so emotionally. Wrestling was perfect for her. She loved watching men beat up other men but even more, she enjoyed controlling men and making them beat up other men. It’s why her favorite matches were always the squash matches. Forget the big cards, nothing got her going like watching a heel dominate and humiliate a jobber, using and abusing him and showing him what real men are like. These pathetic fucking jobbers in their small trunks, being paraded around, slapped around and dominated in front of crowds. All because they were too pussy to fight back. Watching a jobber get humiliated made her pussy wet, but she still needed a real man to fuck.

And heels were real men. And that’s why Lex Lugar and Ted “The Million Dollar Man” Dibiase were in a war for her attentions. It’d been going on for nearly six months and started when Lugar took Beth on a date. She enjoyed it for what it was: Lugar was attractive and his arrogance turned her on. But he was a meathead, dumb jock. There would be no sterling conversation but the sex might be amazing. Plus, he was good at what he did, dominating jobbers. As a nightcap the two headed to a bar and Dibiase happened to be there. Beth had always admired him too for his own arrogance and his ability to humiliate pathetic jobber faggots. The sight of Dibiase stuffing a hundred dollar bill into the waiting mouth of a jobber who had just been put to sleep with the Million Dollar Man had filled her mind many times as she toyed with herself backstage at the events. He also had brains and seemed actually evil, instead of just playing a role. Beth took Lugar over and started talking to Dibiase and she could immediately see that Lugar was pissed. Couldn’t blame him, since this was his date. But Dibiase loved the attention and loved Beth’s ass. He’d heard about her, about her manipulative ways and the way she got inside men’s heads but, damn, not only hot but fun to talk to.

“Beth, we need to go,” Lex finally said after they’d been talking to Ted for 30 minutes.

“Hold on, big boy. You don’t tell me when the date’s over, I do.” Dibiase chuckled as Lugar fumed. But big Lex wasn’t mad at Beth — he wanted her too badly to be mad at her. It was this motherfucker Dibiase. He was breaking every code known to man, openly flirting with his date. That might work with some jobber cuckold sissy but not with Lex.

At the end of their date, after he’d kissed Beth goodbye but not been invited back into her place, he called Dibiase and told him to stay away from his woman.

“Your woman, Lex?” Dibiase said. “Really? One date, and a date that ends with her having her hand on my knee? You need a new definition of your woman.”

Things only got more heated from there, as Beth made it clear she was not going to be tied down to one heel. She went out with Lex sometimes, then Ted. She enjoyed them both but for different reasons. One was smart, one had an incredible body. Over the past six months, each had tried to impress her by dominating jobbers in more and more cruel ways, knowing that it turned her on and knowing it might get them closer to her pussy. And so in arena after arena, they left a trail of jobber meat, laid out, knocked out, dominated. Dibiase put them to sleep and stuffed their mouths with cash. Slapped their faces, yanked their hair. Lugar racked them on his shoulders and ended each match by holding them in front of the full-length mirror he took ringside each match, forcing the jobber to see themselves as the rest of the world saw them: Meat, in tiny trunks, dominated, powerless against a real man.

Both men were also at a breaking point. Beth knew this and finally let them know how they could win her affections. She promised them she’d be a one-man woman after this …. until she decided she’d had enough, that is.

So at the end of a card that featured squash matches, Beth had a few heels round up the jobbers who had wrestled that night. They stood in a line, all still in their trunks and boots. Beth’s plan was simple. She’d select one jobber, just one. He’d return to the ring. She’d sit by the ring. And inside it, Dibiase and Lugar taking on Tyler. All three in the ring to start. Winner out match. Whoever gets the pin gets to take a break while the two others wrestle again. It would go on for two hours and only then would Beth decide who impressed her most. Only then would she take one of them home to fuck. Dibiase and Lugar had never heard of such a thing but were all for it. Finally one of them would get her. And each had full confidence in his own ability to dominate and use a jobber in a way that would turn Beth on.

But who would be the unlucky jobber?

The poor bastards stood in the lockeroom, pliant, humble, waiting their fate, just as always:

Tommy Angel in his white trunks.

Red Tyler in his spandex green trunks

Ron Cumberledge in his pink trunks

Trent Knight in his blue trunks

Bob Emory in his blue trunks

Kenny Kendall in blue trunks

Jesus, what a group of sissy jobbers, Beth thought to herself. But as always she felt a stirring down below and had to stop herself from rubbing herself. One of these idiots was about to be dominated for two hours. For two hours to real men would toss them, lift them and knock them out, only to bring them back to life and do it all over again. She’d be soaked by the end of it and at the end of the night would get a good fucking.

The jobbers stood as if at a slave auction, single file, arms at their sides except when she commanded them to raise them above their heads. The jobbers trembled when Beth approached, intimidated by her beauty and her attitude, knowing she could have them maimed at the snap of a finger. All while wishing they could be real men, but they also knew she didn’t see them as that. She saw them as objects, as jobbers.

Beth went up to Angel, whose head was bowed and still sweaty from his earlier destruction at the hands of Bad News Brown. She used one finger under his chain and raised his face. “There, there, Tommy,” she said. When Beth saw a small tear start forming at the edge of his eye she felt so powerful and so horny. “Don’t cry. It’ll be over soon. Maybe in a couple of hours,” she added with a giggle.

“Red, mouth open,” she commanded and when the hard-nosed jobber refused she glanced at Terry Funk, who was in charge of making the jobbers obey. he came over and punched Red in the gut, bending him over, then lifted him by the hair until he was staring at Beth.

“Red, mouth open.” Tyler felt like a prizehorse being interrogated by a future owner. He finally relented. “Wider,” Beth commanded. Now fully open, she stuck three fingers in, then pulled down on his lip, imagining what a hundred dollar bill would look like crammed inside it.

“Ron, Ron, Ron,” Beth said as she approached the muscular Cumberledge. So funny. Cumberledge looked so manly, strong, tall…but bedecked in pink trunks he was nothing but a pussy who’d been thrashed by the Barbarian earlier in the day. It was something internal, Beth thought. Something inside these faggots that made them jobbers. Why was he just standing there, taking the abuse? Why was he in wrestling? Whatever the reason, she knew how he needed to be treated. She rubbed her hands over his rock-hard abs and chest muscles. She looked down and saw his jobber cock stirring in its pink spandex prison. She reached down to brush it and the jobber moaned, praying, beyond reason, that maybe she’d touch it again. Instead she reached into the front of the trunks and pulled them back, taking a glance. His cock was bigger than many jobbers’, but still nothing much. She snapped the trunks back into place and left him panting.

When she approached Trent Knight she slapped him, shocking him. No reason, just felt like slapping a sissy. She went behind him and fondled his ass, imagining the baby blue trunks being jammed up his ass after Lugar or Dibiase or his henchman Virgil yanked him. Why imagine? She pulled up on them and Knight grunted, rising to his tippy toes as she tested the trunks and put them into a humiliating thong. When she released him he went back to pick the wedgie and she said, “If you adjust those trunks I will have every finger on your hand broken.” He left the trunks.

Bob Emory was next on Beth’s checklist. He looked like the dumb hunks she liked dating in high school and she was sure he’d fucked many a girl. But that was before he’d been forced into skimpy trunks and thrown into a ring by promoters. Beth tapped the side of his head with her finger. “Anyone home? No.” Emory stood still. In a previous life he’d have this chick in his bed, fucking her in the ass. Now he stood there, terrified at the control she had in his life. “Boy, you’re a big dumb one, aren’t ya? Answer me, faggot.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Yes, what. Tell me what you are.”

“A big dumb one.”

“No, no. You’re a big, dumb jobber sissy faggot. Say it.”

“I’m a big, dumb, jobber sissy faggot.”

“Well, if you insist.” Beth kicked Emory in the balls and relished the scream. He dropped to his knees as Beth moved onto the next candidate, Kenny Kendall. Blond, bubble butt Kenny in his ass-hugging blue trunks. Christ. Those flowing blond locks. Beth rubbed her hands through them and Kenny remembered what it was like when girls did that because they loved him or wanted to fuck him, not because they were sizing him up for his humiliation and destruction. She went behind and ordered Kenny to touch his toes. He obeyed, having seen what happens to jobbers who didn’t. He stayed like that for what felt like forever as Beth stared at the ass, imagining a big cock or her strap-on raping it. Hmmm, maybe someday. She told him to stand and then went again in front of all of them. Who to pick, who to pick. She loved the helplessness of Tommy Angel — those tears. She liked seeing a big stud like Cumberledge get a proper ass-kicking. Trent Knight seemed to have been born to be dominated. Emory…who doesn’t like seeing stud jocks get what’s coming to them. And watching Kenny get desecrated filled her brain with images that made her pussy ache.

But Red Tyler? Something about his little show of rebellion did something to her. Somehow he still had some fight, even after years of domination. Even here, in this fetid locker room, standing in his ludicrous green trunks, he dared to show some balls. God, to watch him be sapped of all will while her two men fought over her…yeah, it’d be him. But she wanted to make a show of this.

“Eeny, meany, miny moe, catch a jobber by the toe,” she began, pointing at each hapless jobber with each word. “If he hollers slap his ass, eeny, meany, miny moe. My mother said never date sissy jobbers…and…you…are…it.” Red Tyler saw the finger pointing at him and again felt fear, no matter the bravado he’d shown earlier. How could you get used to being punched and bullied for a living? Now it would be for two hours?

“Rest of you jobbers, get showered and be ready for tomorrow’s card.”

The jobbers felt relief but pity for Red. Could have been any one of them. Instead they’d get to peel off their trunks and come back another day. Not Red.


30 minutes later Beth sat ringside. Virgil the henchman stood by the side of the ring. There was no one else out there. No fans. Just her. Inside the ring Red Tyler stood in one corner, with Dibiase and Lugar in their own. A ref was there too. They all knew the rules and Ted and Lex knew they had two hours to impress this crazy sexy woman at ringside if they wanted to have the pleasure of fucking her. Both would destroy Red in as many ways as possible. Red thought he might have a shot of maybe upsetting one and getting a pin. Wouldn’t that be something? The jobber being the winner and getting the chance to rest? You never know, even though everyone in the ring did. Red eyed Lugar’s mirror outside the ring anxiously? Why’d he have to bring that stupid thing again. Red had seen other jobbers held up in front of it and always wondered how humiliating it was. He had a sinking feeling he’d find out.

“Let’s go boys!” Beth shouted from ringside. She sat in her skirt and high heels, occasionally reaching down to touch herself.

At Beth’s command the two heels descended on Red, each wanting to get a hold of some jobber meat, like lions on their prey. Red stood in his corner, unable to move as the massive Lugar and the devious Dibiase approached. Lugar briefly shoved Ted aside and got to Red first, delivering a massive boot to his gut. Red was bent over in the corner, his ass up against the turnbuckle as Lugar grabbed a handful of hair and marched him to the center. Dibiase stood aside, waiting for a chance to slide in. But Lugar wanted to finish this first battle quickly. There wouldn’t be much humiliation or pain in this session, but it would show Beth he was faster, quicker when it came to dominating a jobber. Then the rest of the time could be spent on delivering more perfect humiliations. Dibiase stood by and watched as Lugar flung Red into the ropes and scooped him for a powerslam and immediate cover. The ref went to his knees for the count and even as Dibiase kicked Lugar in the head to get him off, Lugar stayed on the prone jobber and got the three-count, earning the first victory.

He got up, smirked at Dibiase and said, “That all the kick you have in you, old man?” He flexed his chest muscles and slowly walked out, climbed out of the ring and sat next to the chair next to Beth, who watched his whole walk and pictured what he looked like naked. Hmmm, maybe he would do, even without the brains.

But now Dibiase had Red all to himself and a chance to really demolish Tyler. Red was still trying to catch his breath when Dibiase brought him to his feet via a hairpull. Throwing him against the ropes, Dibiase greeted the jobber with a knee to the gut and Tyler somersaulted. Dibiase stared over at Beth but she had a plain look on her face. Really, Ted, it said, you need to do better than that. Dibiase fired Red over the ropes by his trunks and Tyler landed three feet from Beth who smirked as she saw Tyler’s trunks riding nicely up his ass as he did nothing about it. Virgil meandered over while his master climbed between the ropes onto the concrete. Before addressing Tyler, Dibiase stood in front of Beth in his black trunks and smiled.

“What do you wanna see, my girl?” Dibiase asked. “Anything.”

“Piledriver. Here. Now,” Beth said and Dibiase laughed. As he looked down he could see Tyler crawling away. To where? He snickered and just watched the sight for a few seconds. Did he think he could hide under the ring?

“Virgil, get him.”

Following orders, Virgil went over, reached down, took ahold of the back of Red’s trunks and yanked him to his feet, giving him a total wedgie and holding him there in front of Dibiase, presenting him like it was Christmas Day. Dibiase turned Tyler so the jobber’s ass would be facing Beth and bent him between his legs. Red looked upside down at the world but could see the look on Beth’s face. A look of…disgust, lust, enjoyment? All of it. Dibiase held him there for 30 seconds, all the blood rushing to Red’s face. Finally he lifted Red up by his stomach and held him in position.

“Jump up before you drop him,” Beth added and Dibiase listened, leaping as high as he could before crashing down on his ass, the full impact being delivered to Tyler’s head and neck. It easily could have paralyzed the jobber and maybe that would have impressed Beth.

She liked how Tyler’s right leg twitched. Lugar stared at Dibiase and was already plotting how he could one-up this old man. Powerless, Tyler couldn’t adjust his trunks as Virgil came back and tossed his corpse under the ropes where he rolled a few feet, grateful that he could at least feel his legs.

Dibiase rested in a corner while he waited for Tyler to rise. When Red finally got to his feet Dibiase sprinted toward him and upended him with a devastating clothesline, that sent him somersaulting backward. Beth was impressed with Dibiase’s power, even if hewasn’t as buff as Lugar. Lex sat watching it and shook his head a bit. That’s a clothesline? “I could take this motherfucker’s head off,” he said to Beth.

“Maybe you should when you get in there, big boy.”

Still rolling around with his green spandex trunks lodged up his ass, Red meekly submitted when Dibiase pulled him by his hair into the standing position and threw him against the ropes. For the second time Tyler suffered a powerslam as Dibiase scooped him, gripped his jobber ass and rotated perfectly, planting him in the center of the ring where the ref easily counted to three.

Dibiase wanted to save the million dollar dream for later, give Beth something to remember at the end of the festivities, so he casually pinned the jobber boy. To add a little flair, he made sure his groin was right over Red’s face, the cock in his trunks inches from his foe’s mouth. The ref gave the three count.

As Red laid motionless, Beth shouted from ringside to the ref, “Hey, fix that faggot’s trunks.”

The ref complied, gently turning Red onto his stomach and then using his fingers to pull the wedgie out of Red’s ass, situating the green trunks just so.

When Dibiase climbed through the ropes, Lugar was going up them and the two bumped shoulders, both staring at the other. It made Beth hot, this image of two manly men fighting for her affections. It was like they were back on the schoolyard and the two jocks were fighting for the cheerleader. God, men were easy.

As Lugar strolled in, he gently helped Red to his feet, then gently patted Red’s face, bringing the jobber back to his senses. Red’s ribs felt broken from the two powerslams and his neck ached from the piledriver on the concrete. All of it being done in front of that smug bitch, Beth. Before he could take his thoughts to the next level, Lugar tossed away the niceties and slapped Red in the face with all his might. Tyler didn’t go down at first but when Lugar bitch-slapped him again Red fell to one knee. Lugar grabbed the jobber by the hair and brought his padded knee up, delivering it flush into his face as Tyler fell to his back.

“Sexy Lexy,” Beth shouted as she giggled. “I want to see some power. You always say how strong you are compared to Dibiase, let me see your strength.”

Lugar understood.

Lex reached under Tyler’s crotch and effortlessly scooped him up into a military press, lifting him like a piece of meat on display. One, two, three, four times, he lifted Red by the bottom of his trunks, all while facing Beth. Red was helpless, his feet kicking slightly, drool slipping out of his mouth while Lugar clenched his chin and treated him like a barbell. He felt the trunks going in and out of his ass but all he could worry about now was where Lugar planned on planting him. Maybe he’d drop him for a backbreaker, or drape him across the top rope on his throat. Lugar went with the backbreaker and then left Red laid out on his knee, pushing down on his chin to bend him a bit more. He tossed him away but quickly brought him back to his feet and picked him up for an atomic drop. Again he lifted him as if Red was a child. With Lugar holding Red in that position, the jobber’s wedgied ass was on display for Beth and she slowly shook her head at the jobber’s degradation. How do these faggots get in these positions?

Instead of an atomic drop Lugar gently, almost kindly, set Red on a top turnbuckle, Red facing outward. Lugar climbed up the rope, lifted Red up and fell backward, both of their bodies crashing to the mat. Beth enjoyed the display. Again Lugar, the meathead that he was, showed he knew how to follow orders and please a woman. And he’d always be good to luck at. He’d beat up anyone Beth wanted and could be half-naked in the house. Yes, he could be a good choice.

Lugar finally decided to finish Tyler off with a devastating suplex. Tyler felt as if his back must surely be broken as he again found himself being catapulted from the top rope, the steroid-crazy heel holding tightly onto his skimpy and still wedgied trunks. The three-count was a formality. When the ref finished, Lugar, instead of hopping right up, gripped Red’s cheeks, forcing the jobber’s prettyboy mouth open slightly. He leaned over and…what, Beth thought, he was going to kiss him? Beth might go for seeing a heel fuck a jobber but she wasn’t sure about this. Instead Lugar spit right in Tyler’s mouth, a delightful humiliation and assertion of his power. Tyler gagged slightly as Lugar’s saliva dripped down his throat.

As Dibiase got up from his chair to take his turn at kicking the jobber’s ass, Beth called him over.

“What is it, babe?” Dibiase asked.

“Make him beg. Make him plead. I want to hear him loud and clear crying out, begging you to release him from the agony and misery you’re inflicting.”

“Sure,” Dibiase said, smirking.

In the ring, Red had adjusted his trunks and tried thinking of a way he could possibly beat Dibiase and get out of this fucking ring. But he felt too defeated, too sore, his back and neck destroyed, to put together a decent plan. And physically he knew he was in no condition to offer resistance. Instead he was a human punching bag, a toy.

Ted gave Red a moment to get himself together and the two men circled each other in the middle of the ring. Dibiase felt like he was back on the high school wrestling mat, where he won three state titles and first learned how to dominate lesser men in front of hot girls. He’d show off some old-school skills before delivering some real pain. With surprising quickness, Dibiase lunged after Red and took him down with a textbook single-leg takedown. He twisted Red’s ankle, encased in the white jobber boot. Red let out a little cry as Dibiase dug in but nothing outrageous. Dibiase held it for a few minutes before dropping an elbow onto Tyler’s leg. He wanted to soften up the entire limb. Next the Million Dollar Man took Red’s leg and went flying, trying to snap the jobber’s hamstring. Red cried out and rolled around, clutching the back of his leg. Beth remained stoic on the outside, though she was enjoying the punishment.

Dibiase wanted to soften Red up a bit more so delivered a perfect elbow to the chops after firing him off the ring ropes, and followed with a series of smashing boots to Tyler’s leg. Up and down, from the ankle to the thigh, concentrating on the knee. Finally he dragged Red close to the ropes on Beth’s side and slapped on a figure four. Red instantly cried out as the pain set in. In a real match the heel might have kept it on the jobber for 10 seconds before the match ended. But as Red cried out, “I submit, I submit,” the ref leaned in and said, “No submission can end the match. Lady’s rules.”

That’s right, thought Beth. You can cry and beg and plead but the match won’t actually end until I tell Dibiase to pin you, jobber boy.

Tyler attempted to wrestle his way out of the move but it was hopeless, it was locked in. He could feel his knee being destroyed.

“AAAHHH. Please stop!”

Tyler’s cries only served to motivate Ted as he cinched it in real good.

“Please Ted. AAAAAH! My knee!”

Red’s knee and ankle felt like every ligament was tearing. If he had more energy maybe, just maybe he could roll on his stomach and reverse the move. But he was finished.

Dibiase finally released it and Red was grateful, believing this round of pain and humiliation was over. Instead, laying under the ropes, Dibiase dragged him out but just a bit, so Red was on his stomach, facing that bitch sitting outside deciding his fate.

Years ago the Iron Sheik had given Dibiase a little lesson in the best way to apply a camel clutch.

“You really make man suffer,” the Sheik told Dibiase as he put the move on a naked jobber one night in the locker room showers. Everyone in the room could hear the jobber’s cries as the Sheik sat on his back and pulled back on his chin. Dibiase had never used it in a real match because it wasn’t his finisher, but now was a great time.

He sat down on Red’s back and pulled his arms over his knees. Pulling back on his chin, he felt such power. He really felt he could break this jobber in half.

As Tyler’s torso was bent back and his face forced up and looking at her, Beth began rubbing herself, picking up speed when the first cry escaped the faggot’s mouth.

“Noooooooooo!” Tyler yelled as Dibiase yanked back.

Beth stood up and walked to the ring. She was now inches from Red’s face. She saw the first tear come down his face and it filled her with lust. She made eye contact with Red then with Ted, who looked like he wanted to throw her down in the middle of the ring and fuck her right there. Each time Dibiase pulled back Red let out a yell. Not because he believed it would make Dibiase release the move, but because he simply couldn’t control it, not when he was in this much pain.

“That’s enough, Theodore,” Beth cooed while going back to her chair. Dibiase let the move linger for a few more seconds before finally letting go. Using his boot, he kicked Red onto his back and covered him with his foot for the three-count.

“Leeeex,” Beth called as the giant stud walked in for his turn.

“Show me how many ways you can destroy him outside the ring instead of in it.”

Beth wanted some more up close action and Lugar knew how to deliver. In the ring, Tyler hadn’t moved since being pinned by Dibiase, the effects of the camel clutch draining him of his will to live, much less fight. The ref slapped him gently in the face a few times, trying to rouse him. Instead, Lugar, still standing outside the ring, reached in with one meaty paw, gripped Tyler by his locks and with one hand effortlessly pulled him down to the concrete floor.

Walking over to Beth, Lugar, like a true gentleman, extended his hand.

“May I, for just a moment, ma’am?”

Beth stood up and let Lugar take her chair. He immediately slammed it into Red’s back, already damaged by the camel clutch. Lugar waited a few seconds then pounded his back again before going to the back of his head. Tyler felt himself losing consciousness. Again like a gentleman, Lugar put Beth’s chair back in place and escorted her to it as she sat down. Lugar collected his jobber by pulling up on the back of his green trunks. Slowly, so Tyler would feel the trunks moving up his ass gradually. Finally he stood there and Lugar turned him so he was facing Beth. Gripping the wedgied trunks and Tyler’s hair, he frogmarched the sissy over to the evil queen, pulling so hard up on the trunks that Tyler was on his tippytoes as he was pranced over to his tormentor.

With her legs still crossed, casually kicked up, delivering her foot right into Tyler’s nuts. Red tried bending over but Lugar held him upright. Tyler felt like he was going to throw up but he held it in. Lugar finally released the jobber’s trunks but not his hair and threw him headfirst into the steel outside the ring. When Tyler finally got to his feet he quickly went to his back when Lugar greeted him with another clothesline. Showing surprising ability for a huge heel, Lugar climbed back onto the apron and delivered a Randy Savage like clenched fist bomb onto Tyler’s head, just as the jobber stood and faced him.

Lugar glanced at the steel barrier just behind Beth, still sitting there from that day’s card. Lex scooped Tyler again, looking like he was going to press him but instead dropped him right on his stomach onto the railing, so he hung there, ass exposed, trunks wedgied, inches from Beth. She could hear the jobber moaning and gasping for air but he remained unable to extricate himself from the position. Finally Lugar grabbed one of his white boots and flopped him onto the other side of the railing. If only some redneck fans had been in the crowd still to enjoy the humiliation and add some verbal abuse. To get Red back on the right side, Lugar snapped him up in a vertical suplex, held him for a few seconds and then fell back on the concrete. It hurt him too but not as much as Tyler, who was splayed out, his stomach heaving up and down, the red mark from the barrier clearly visible.

Lex finally shoved Red back into the ring and covered him for the three-count while Beth applauded softly.

It was getting time to wrap it up.

“Boys, you each get one more round with our little jobber,” Beth announced. “Make it good.”

In the ring Red again pulled his trunks out of his ass and slithered over to a corner, resting his head on the lower turnbuckle. did he hear right? Did that bitch Beth say each guy only had one more round? That was the good news. The bad? He knew each would go all out on his ass and try to knock him out.

Dibiase allowed Tyler a few moments, then met him in the ring, the two men hooking up in the center. Dibiase quickly brought a knee up into Tyler’s guts and bent him over. A bodyslam did more damage to Red’s back. Ted put a reverse chinlock and held it there for a few minutes, knowing he’d have this prettyboy in his million dollar hold in a few minutes. He knew Beth had a thing for seeing jobbers knocked out and she’d get her wish. She’d see this jobber with a hundred dollar bill stuffed down his throat and would know he was the man for her.

With Red sitting on his jobber ass, Dibiase put two knees into the middle of his back, followed by a stomp to the face and neck. Dibiase stepped away and waited for the weary jobber to get back to his feet. Tyler wasn’t sure where Dibiase was but soon found out when Ted put him into the devastating Million Dollar Dream. Beth again got up from her chair to take a better look through the ropes. The jobber flailed at first, like a fish on a hook, arms waving, his body jerking. Dibiase didn’t relent and kept the move on as the fight slowly left Tyler, soon his arms stopped, then his entire body went limp. Dibiase held the move until he was sure the jobber was knocked out, then brought him to the mat and held on for a few more moments. When he released him, Tyler fell flat, his eyes closed. Dibiase covered him. No submissions.

“Virgil, get in here,” Dibiase yelled to his manservant.

The black butler strolled in and stepped over the jobber, handing Dibiase a hundred dollar bill. Dibiase made eye contact with Beth, who was truly loving this action. She could see that Tyler’s eyes were now opening a bit, then closing. He was joining the world again and was fully aware when he felt the heel finger fucking him as he crammed the bill into his mouth, half of it in, the other half sticking obscenely out. Beth smiled as Dibiase stepped onto Tyler and flexed his muscles, but she was concentrating on the jobber and the money crammed in. How degrading. How embarrassing. But the fucking jobber deserved to be treated like this. He was nothing, really. Definitely not a man. Tyler tried spitting it out but it was in too deep, all he could do was turn his head slightly and see Beth clapping at ringside.

As Dibiase stepped through the ring, he took Beth by the waist and leaned in for a kiss. She gave him one too. He did well. Very well. His arrogance was definitely a turn-on and he knew what she liked. Still, Lex had his chance.

Lugar wasn’t wasting any time, in fact. He was already in the ring, slapping Tyler awake and yanking the bill out of his mouth and theatrically ripping it into shreds.

He pulled the jobber up by his hair and slammed him face first into each turnbuckle, making a tour of the ring and introducing Red’s throbbing head to each corner. When finished, he threw him back into the center of the ring and walked around, like a lion sizing up a piece of meat. Beth was back at her chair now, anxious to see what Lugar had planned.

Lugar stood Red up and hooked him up for a vertical suplex, clinging to the green trunks as he stood in the center of the ring for 30 seconds. All the blood rushed to Red’s head and he felt himself going dizzy as the strongman toyed with him. When he fell back all of the force went into Red’s back and his arm went back to rub it. Lugar followed with a perfect belly to back suplex and it became obvious to Beth that he was setting up the sissy for the torture rack. God she couldn’t wait to see this jobber up on Lex’s shoulders, being bent in half, dangling.

After a clothesline put him out of commission and on his stomach, Lugar decided enough was enough. He circled, finally pulling Red up by his trunks, again putting them into a thong, then reached one arm under his crotch and hoisted him up like a rag doll. The screams started the moment Lugar pulled down on Tyler’s chin, bending him on his massive shoulders. Beth rose and stared as Lugar kept it up. He finally felt Tyler go limp and he so wanted to shatter this jobber’s back so he kept the move on. Beth stared up in awe, the wedgied jobber, his little jobber clit poking out as he hung helplessly on the stud’s shoulders. That’s where he deserved to be, on display for all to see. Mercifully, Lugar finally dropped to his knees and then released Red for the three-count. Tyler barely moved as Lugar slid out of the ring. Where was he going, Beth wondered?

A second later Lex slid his full-length mirror into the ring and set it up. Red was conscious, but barely, but he could see as Beth walked into the ring. Lugar lifted Red up, holding him by the hair and trunks and forced him to stare into the mirror, at his shame.

“Look at yourself, faggot. See what you are! See what a real man is! You are a fucking disgrace. What would your parents say about you? What would your dad think? What do you think your sister says to her friends when she sees her pansy brother on national TV? Whatever happened to that girlfriend you used to fuck with that pathetic cock?”

Red closed his eyes but Lugar leaned in and screamed, “You open those fucking eyes or I swear to god you will spend the rest of your life in a wheelchair.” Red gave in and stared. In the reflection he could see Beth smirking. Beth, the one who caused all this.

Finally Lugar threw him down but positioned Red so he was still visible in the mirror. With one finger he beckoned Beth. They stood over the pathetic jobber and started kissing. Beth lifted her heel and stuck it into the jobber’s mouth.

“Suck it like you would a cock, little girl,” she directed and Red complied, his mouth working the dirty heel as above him Beth and Lugar kissed, the heel feeling up his woman’s tits. Red felt a small stirring in his cock as he stared up at Beth, dreaming of the days when he could have a woman like that. Now all he could do was suck on her heel.

Beth felt herself cumming as she pushed the heel in and out of the faggot jobber’s mouth and Lex’s tongue invaded her own. Finally she pulled out, of Red and Lex, and walked around. From outside the ring Dibiase stared in anger at the display. Beth grabbed Lex’s hand and raised it to the skies.

“The winner…Lex Lugar!”

Lugar grinned at Dibiase, his victory complete. Beth stared at Ted and felt bad for him but this was the way of the world. Jobbers lose, heels dominate, and she always, always got what she wanted.

“You’re mine, tonight,” she told Lex as she left the ring.

Tonight. But only tonight, she thought. Because this was so much fun she planned on making it a weekly occurrence. There were too many heels to manipulate and jobbers to humiliate. Life was good. But it was going to get even better.

About humiliatedjobber

From Southern U.S.. Have always been fascinated with wrestling, specifically jobbers who are embarrased and degraded in the ring in their trunks. Always wanted to have my trunks yanked on as the crowd laughs and the evil heel dominates me, in the WWF or WCW. Contact me at
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4 Responses to New story: The Lady and Her Heels

  1. DAVI says:

    Lovet. Just amazing. I think she must be in this pose wile watching Red be destroyed

  2. JP says:

    Loved it. It was a great idea to get a woman’s PoV for a change. Tyler isn’t my favorite jobber (Tommy Angel, Bob Emory, Kenny Kendall or Ben Jordan would have been better picks for me), but he gave out a great perform,ance lol. I only wish the “matches” to be longer, but they were good.

    About the chosen heels, although I’ve always loved DiBiase’s Million Dollar Dream, and Luger’s mirror, I would have enjoyed other guys better; crueler and meaner heels like Sullivan, Bad News Brown or Bob Orton.

  3. Anonymous says:

    love the humiliation that you put that little sissy faggot red through! laying defeated and helpless in the middle of the ring with his tights pulled up his ass and forced to suck on the beautiful lady’s heel while she is manhandled by sexy lexy!

  4. Anonymous says:

    damn that red tyler makes some fun queer bait!!!

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