Looking to email with female who’s into jobbers — and some site news

Anyone who’s read my stories knows I have a definite thing for a jobber being humiliated in front of girls. I know not everyone’s into that, but this is for the women who might have read any of my stuff and want to email. Would love to chat with you so here’s an open invite to email me at rookiejobber@yahoo.com. Would love to talk jobbers with you, what you like about it (the humiliation, seeing guys get beat up, what?), maybe some role-playing and also if I could bounce some ideas off you for possible future stories. So please, ladies, shoot me an email (or if you’re a guy who wants to pretend to be a woman just to mess with me, sure, although I’d prefer you pick up some other hobby. You’re more than welcome to email me; I chat with many fans, male fans. But if you write, just write as a dude).

Other site news plans: A post on Wrestling Jobber Trunks Hall of Fame. If there was a jobber hall of fame, and why isn’t there, whose trunks would be inducted (Red Tyler’s green ones, Tommy Angel’s white ones, etc.).

Another fictional story planned to. A shorter story. Something along the lines of Apt Pupil, the old Stephen King tale about a kid who stumbles upon an old Nazi who’s now his neighbor. Apt Jobber — kid obsessed with jobbers of the past thinks his neighbor was an old one (maybe Tommy Angel, Bob Emory, Trent Knight, etc.). The guy has tried to disavow his jobber past and denies, denies, denies. He’s lost some hair, gotten a bit fat. Says he’s a born again Christian, all that. But the kid’s persistent and eventually pisses off the old jobber…who shows the boy what it really means to be a piece of jobber meat. Like I said, probably a short story, maybe sort of dark too. But has potential, I think.



About humiliatedjobber

From Southern U.S.. Have always been fascinated with wrestling, specifically jobbers who are embarrased and degraded in the ring in their trunks. Always wanted to have my trunks yanked on as the crowd laughs and the evil heel dominates me, in the WWF or WCW. Contact me at rookiejobber@yahoo.com
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1 Response to Looking to email with female who’s into jobbers — and some site news

  1. Anonymous says:

    Those are both good ideas-

    ABout the Hall of Fame, yes, I couild think of Tyler’s green trunks and Angel’s white trunk (along with the golden boots, the trunks are nothing without the boots), but also of Ben Jordan’s multi-colored trunks.

    Others that come to my mind, in some cases mostly because I identify a jobber with a specific trunk color, are Overbow’s purple trunks, Emory’s blue ones, Trent Knight’s reds with his jacket, Tom Zenk and Johnny Gunn’s shiny ones (orange, pink, light blue, light green, you pick one), The Young Stallions’ red ones with their white jackets, Larry Stevens’ purple trunks, Kenny Kendall’s blue trunks with the double K in them, same as Eddie Jackie’s trunks with the EJ that looked like abutterfly to me. There were alos Tim Parker’s golden trunks and Joe DeFuria’s pinks, Scoot and Steve Armstrong singlets, Brad Armstrong’s red and white trunks from Mr. Candyman, and Tim Horner’s pink and gold trunks.

    You can even make an attaire Hall of Fame, not only trunks but also jackets and boots (Joe Cruz’s cowboy boots, the Armstrongs white boots with their initials on them) and ridicule outfits, like Curtis Thompson’s “Firetruck Chip” pants.

    About the Apt Pupil thing, I loved that movie and love the idea. Any jobber could make it, but it’d be better if it is an always/lose jobber.

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