Jobber-centric emails with another jobber-heel lover

Hey all. I am actually working on a new story but who knows when it’ll be done. In the meantime, thought I’d share some messages I’ve had over the years with another guy who is a great fan of jobbers, heels, squashes and wrestling domination. I think they’re pretty hot and hopefully you enjoy them too. Simply going to paste them in, no explanations given…but I don’t think any needed. These are all from him. He’s a pro wrestler himself so lots of hot experiences! Enjoy.

Very hot! I played around in backwoods indy feds and you could tell most of them were vanity projects for horny promoters! You were exactly the kind of opponent I looked for, guys who really got into the scene and wouldn’t object to deep wedgies or being handcuffed or having stuff rammed into their mouths. My finisher was the sleeperhold, and the postmatch lasted longer than the match as I played with and “woke up” my humiliated opponent.

Dibiase is my absolute favorite. He took his time fingerbanging his jobber before he stuffed the c-note down, and you could tell a lot of jobbers were really almost choking on it. They would have to lay back spreadeagled on the mat trying to work it out of their esophagous, and it really looked they were going down on the money.

The small crowds were the best part of the bush league feds. Sometimes it was just the wrestlers’ friends, plus a few mysterious older guys who never missed a match–I know they jerked themselves senseless afterwards.

I love using the sleeperhold because that is the worst humiliation, to have another man in complete control of you and even taking your consciousness. You can’t pull your spandex speedo out of your butt crack, you can’t hide your erection as you find yourself so turned on being dominated. I did so many deep wedgies on excited jobbers that I had to be careful not to get x-rated and actually expose the guy’s throbbing cock–I know I exposed a lot of bush though! Sleepered out cold with half an inch of your pubic hair on display, so humiliating.

Hot! I think that’s what’s really hot about the wrestling scenario, you’re on display in tight tiny trunks and not only can you not hide an erection, if you lose control during a match you’re going to cream your jock. I’ve made guys do this a few times, especially the 19 year-olds who shoot a load just bending over. I used to use a front chancery neck crank that I wanted to call the jerk-off because I just held them doub led over and let them squirm until their own thighs and bellies jerked them selves off.

I can believe the Bockwinkle story. He also used the sleeper as a finisher and there is something irresistible about sleepering a guy out cold, then stripping him and tasting him. By the time he wakes up I’ve got his legs over my shoulders, but a knocked out guy who is hard is an inviting target.

Jake the Snake was probably one of the meanest heels–he would always try to grind his elbow into the guy’s crotch and humiliate him. There’s a match of Jake’s against jobber Todd Becker where Becker is clearly getting jerked off by it!

I love that Todd Overbow/Shango match, Overbow is definitely hard. He wore the high-on-the-thigh trunks where if you got a boner, it was gonna show because there is nowhere else for it to go but straight up. When guys get hard it seems like they always try to blame it on their jockstrap or cup, but most of these guys simply didn;t wear jocks or cups. You can just about count the hairs on Overbow’s balls. his purple satin speedos or so pantyhose-thin.

If I find the Roberts/Becker match I’ll pass it along. Becker wore weird pleather gear, but I’m pretty sure there was a real erection there. I love guys who are smooth but a little husky–not pure muscle and not emaciated, but a little hint of a love handle, a little softness on the lower pecs or below the bellybutton. Only a pro wrestling babyface jobber wears speedos with that kind of a build.

I love Chris Hawn/Hahn too, both the Skinner match where he is at attention in thin lime green trunks and the Shango match. The Shango match was a goofy mess, Hawn walks out in a weird baseball cap and wearing a towel around his waist and Shango curses Hawn by making his hand catch fire. You can see Hawn fumble for the lighter and try to hide it under the towel. I would have loved to see Hawn forced to submit to Shango’s backbreaker (always wished he would do it as a submission hold and not just as a set-up to a pin). Hawn vs Dibiase was gold even though Hawn wore a goofy pink and gray singlet. Hawn gets sleepered out and in extreme close-up they show Dibiase stuff the money in–Hawn’s eyes are fluttering and he actually opens his mouth a little to take the c-note!

You sound like the perfect “long and lean” jobber with a little softbelly jiggle. In some ways the height is an even better look because a man well over 6 foot makes even more of an impression when he is completely dominated. I used to love to do the sleeperhold on tall guys because I would crank back and force them to arch their back so that their erections was even more pronounced and it looked like they were humping the air as I put them out. I’m about your weight but only 5’9″, beefy bear build, I look quite a bit like Arn Anderson. You sound like a lanky Sam Houston type jobber, if your legs are as long as his spladles would be fun to do on you!

Damn stud you are like a mindreader for my special turn-ons! The first guy I ever wrestled in the bush league fed was a softbelly Mexican guy, he was actually the janitor of the hall and got curious watching us practice. He asked me to “train” him and we wrestled privately. He wore a thin green brief that was like a cobweb, see-thru. He was only about 4-5″ long but super hard. I was hesitant because I was thinking maybe he was just not that into it, then I figured what the hell and gently started rubbing the front of his briefs. His hard little cock started spasming and I milked him in under a minute. He was embarrassed and said that between a small endowment and premature ejaculation he felt like he was cursed, and I told him not to worry, because smooth chubby guys who have a clit for a cock and cum instantly is a big turn on! In our official match he wore white briefs and tassles and was super erect, I seriously thought I would get him to shoot in front of dozens of people!

When I can milk a guy that fast, I start experiementing to see if I can milk him without even touching his cockhead or even his shaft. I’ve made guys shoot just y rubbing their taint, fingering their ass, even just fingering their bellybutton and tugging their nipples rythmically. I’ve made one guy shoot almost on command just by tugging his earlobes! He had been leaking precum for an hour and just couldn’t hold it in anymore!

Did you do any experimenting with wrestling in college? That’s when it really heated up for me! guys could do a lot of wrestling with a little beer in them and say they were drunk if things got too frisky! And guys did the whole my-shorts-got-washed-with-red thing, so a lot of pink panties that just came out for “impromptu” wrestling matches! I would walk down the hall in black spandex squarecuts and I would almost always find some guy getting changed and following me back to my room!

The whole destroying-a-jobber-in-front-of-a-girl scene is pretty popular, I’ve been a heel for that. Some indy feds use a lot of female refs now and I suspect it’s designed to tap into that market, where the jobber is sleepered out or forced to moan his submission and the girl is the one who hears it. There are a few gay guys who really get turned on being jerked off in front of a girl, and tons of girls who get turned on watching two guys get sexy with each other.

In the small rural feds I find guys are surprisingly okay with getting jobbed hard in a match. They figure it’s still wrestling and they hope to move up eventually. I always let guys do their full moveset at the start of a match, let them drop kick me, whatever. I figured I looked like a more powerful wrestler when I sleepered out a guy who had demonstrated true athletic ability. Plus then I could add it to the match planning and get guys to agree to sell my sleeper, let me shove stuff in their mouth, handcuff them or hogtie them. My part of the match was the last minute and they had everything else, so I got guys to agree to some wild stuff!

I agree with you man, I liked jobbers to be cuffed with both wrists, not just cuffed to the ropes. Kenny Kendall getting hogtied and Reno Riggins getting police cuffed by the Mountie were some of the hottest.

Feds vary a lot, and as you probably know there are tons of feds where guys wrestle in just street clothes. I hate these feds!

The problem with rural feds is that the guys who live nearby and want to wrestle have no money. So if you have a rule that workers have to be in pro gear, you will need to bring wrestlers in from far away. Before the internet it was really hard to get pro gear unless you personally knew someone who made it, and even then you were filling out forms clipped from the back of wrestling magazines and mailing them in, hoping the sizes would be right and it would look decent.

So, the compromise for rural feds with horny promoters and heels is that you make a rule that a wrestler’s gear has to be approved before the match, and you keep a few sets of loaner gear! When a 19 year-old guy is being offered pink speedos and white pro wrestling boots, knee pads, and elbow pads that would cost him $350 to buy on his own, chances are he will thank you for the loan and slide those pink panties on withough complaint! Young wrestlers are usually in good shape, and when they are complimented around the clock by horny promoters and heels they are willing to wrestle in small briefs. Some guys actually have gimmicks that are more costume-y, so they get away from tiny briefs eventually. But so many guys are focused on making money in indy wrestling, and there really is no money to be made there, that anything that saves them money they are grateful for. I’ve actually seen more problems where a guy is set to wear something that is too revealing, not when a guy protests how thin some spandex is or how high-cut the legholes on his trunks are.

Yeah, a great way to get guys in tiny, tiny trunks is to make them tag in matching gear! That closes the conversation, because where else are you going to find MATCHING pro gear?!

That’s one thing I love about BG East, some of the gear is so distinctive and you just wait to see who will wear it next! I love when Paul Hudson had to wear the BG East silver trunks, because he is so slim and there was just no way to keep them on him. My favorite moment is when Hudson goes for a cocky kneeling pin on Cameron Mathews and half of his right testicle is exposed. JPWA was great at that too, a jobber would get put in a backbreaker and POP! there goes his ball through the leghole for the camera to zoom in on!

This happens in the pros too. Rene Dupree not long ago had a match in Canada where his balls popped out and he didn’t even notice. A few weeks ago on ECW jobber Rory Fox split the taint on his silver trunks and was completely exposed in a little micro-mini skirt. He actually had to finish wrestling the WHOLE ENTIRE match naked and they just edited it for television. The live crowd must have been freaked out for that one.

This kind of hints at a big turn on for some guys, the shaving, waxing, and manscaping that has to take place for jobber guys to be able to wear any gear available. I know one str8t wrestler who says that he loves his gay friends and has no problem wrestling gay guys and putting on a good show–the only thing that freaks him out is that at the age of 26 he’s been shaving his pubic hair for near a decade and he doesn’t think he can grow a full bush anymore! I get turned on shaving guys, it’s a hot scene and in some ways even more humiliating–the jobber doesn;t just get humiliated in the ring, he has to prep for it! Some of the turn to street clothes is a desire to stop all the shaving!

Oh yeah, Bryan Walsh does full nude BG East matches, I don’t know if he did them in the 90s when he was with WWE but he’s done a lot underground, and his BG East stuff can’t be too much later.

I’ve wrestled a lot of guys, inc. a lot of str8t guys, who were really into the announcers’ commentary and the ring music. Some of my best matches were just mini matches where my opponent made his entrance over and over again and I sleepered him out over and over. I love humiliating one tag partner in front of the other. Within jobber tag teams there is usually a hierarchy of who will take the finisher, it’s hot to see it play out.

If you’re really into gear, there are hot ways to modify gear so that on the outside it looks like traditional wrestling gear but underneath there is a cockring sewn into the trunks, or staps to hold a butt plug in place even while wrestling. I get into wrestling guys in modified pantyhose where the “gear” can be ripped during the match.

About picking out wedgies, the “rule” is that a guy should go as natural as possible unless he is actually in danger of being exposed. Red Tyler was a master of this, his whole ass on display for most of a match. You could tell Dibiase was grossed out by this because when he had Red Tyler in the Million Dollar Dream he had his crotch grinding on Tyler’s sweaty bare ass! What I hate is when a guy is laid out waiting for an aerial move, supposedly disoriented, and you see his hand go in to dig out his trunks. I love when a guy TRIES to dig out his wedgie and only partially succeeds. Randy Orton is great at this, getting most the wedgie out but still leaving a whole cheek exposed!

I would love to shave a big tall guy like you. It’s even hot to leave a “treasure trail” running from belly button to bush, something that obviously has been manscaped and styled so that your belly is shaved plucked and moisturized like a Brazilian woman’s snatch! The jobber is even more embarrassed because it’s obvious how much he modifies his body to show off.

Definitely man. I would WANT the jobber’s cock to sprout in the diaper though!

“Liner” trunks are pretty common now, I agree I prefer the thinnest spandex possible next to bare skin. The under-tunks can be kind of sexy though. CM Punk tends to wear them, often in black, and they are so tiny that they are sexy too.

You have excellent taste! Rex King is one of my absolute faves! He had the creamiest alabaster skin, a slim frame with natural; muscle that sometimes filled out more, and perfectly smooth. His nipples would often pop during his matches and it was a sight to behold, big as a baby’s bottle! I have a lot of respect for him in the Johnny B Badd match, because he didn’t have to leave his panties exposed or sell as hard as he did–I love how the koed Rex leaves his mouth hanging open even when Badd almost finger bangs him. Rex would have his greatest success as Timothy Well in Well Dunn, but I loved that he went back to his jobber name later. It’s like watching Justin Credible go back to PJ walker, don’t to the thin spandex tights! When I was in college I was with a guy who was Rex’s lost twin, shy Southern boy, and I would think about Rex when I was with him! He wasn’t all that into wrestling but this was in the mid 1990s and I told him he was the spitting image of a famous wrestler, and we did a few hot wrestling scenes that I will NEVER forget!!

Chris Hawn is another fave–he sort of DID go onto a career in gay porn, in the sense that one of the first Fetish Porn Parks photos to get a wide release was of Hawn in the Skinner match, the close up of his lime green trunks where his whole shaft and cockhead is outlines as he’s tied up in the ropes. Hawn was one of the last contract jobbers, I wish WWF would have given him a chance as a singles wrestler. Hawn really thickened up his last year wrestling, in his match with Shawn Michaels you almost don’t recognize him at first, but I loved him thick. Hawn would sometimes wear a terrible pink anf gray singlet–he wears it in a pretty hot match where Ted Dibiase sleepers him out, wish to hell he had worn the lime green trunks for that match! But it’s hot in another way because Hawn actually makes a pretty big mistake–he’s supposed to be knocked out cold from the Million Dollar Dream, but as Dibiase gets ready to stuff the dollar bill in his mouth Hawn actually squints his eyes open a little bit and OPENS HIS MOUTH WIDER! Big mistake but kind of hot because I always fantasized Dibiase sticking in something bigger than a folded dollar bill!

Thanks for writing stud, I want to hear more about some of your…SEMINAL experiences watching these old matches!

How about Papa Shango’s shoulder breaker? It was like a torture rack, except he didn’t slam the jobber up and down but just kept him uncomfortably draped across his shoulders forever, then threw him down vertically so that the jobber’s shoulder crashed into Shango’s knee. So many smooth sweaty jobbers heaving to catch their breath, draped across Shango’s shoulders. Pretty Todd Overbow in paper thin purple briefs threw a bit of a big boner when he was on Shango’s shoulders–you had to think some of the heels loved putting a smooth jobber boi like Todd on display when this stuff happened. Todd had a beautiful cut cock with a big head, and the sweat and the lights really showed the shadows around that mountain!

I love when the heel spits on the jobber. There’s no “selling” there, no acting, just a big loogie from the dominant man on the submissive jobber! The spit mixes with your sweat and gets all over you.

It’s hot when old school wrestling pops into real life, or when a pro jobber’s boner pops up in a match! Red Tyler was always susceptible, in both the red-white-blue trunks and the tiny red bikinis–whenever he got wedgied he seemed to grow a boner!

I’ve got a buddy who loves to be put in torture racks–he’s a smooth fireplug Pacific Islander, short enough so that it is easy to scoop him up. He wrestles barefoot and in tiny leopard print trunks. I rack him until he screams his submission in front of a mirrored wall–I love to make the leopard print bikini roll down and expose him. When I finally release him from the rack, I give him a second to orient himself, unsteady on his feet, his junk exposed, then I slap on a sleeper and force him to watch himself in the mirror as he is forced to submit.

I love to use a backbreaker or bow and arrrow as a set-up hold, to soften up my opponent until he can barely stand up straight because of the lower back pain, then slap on a sleeper. I did this to a bully in school back in the day and actually made him pass out in front of his bully friends! I woke him up fast before we could get in trouble, and I’ll never forget how proud I was! His shirt was off and his smooth belly and chubby pecs were exposed too, perfect soft bellied jobber material for all that he wanted to be a heel!

I also love how vulnerable a jobber’s mouth is in the camel clutch. Austin Aries had a great finisher that was more of an abdominal stretch than a camel clutch (he’s a little small to do a full clutch), and then he would jam his taped thumb into the jobber’s mouth and force a submission. He had a great match in 2004 against Roderick Strong–Strong always sweats like a horse, in the camel clutch/stretch he sweated twice as much as usual until he finally passed out with Aries’ thumb in his mouth! I copied this in a couple matches–I loved the feel of a sweaty jobber also drooling as he submitted to the camel clutch!

I love the dual camel clutch too–my only criticism of Slaughter and Sheik is that they kept the jobbers way too far apart. It’s much more humiliating when there is a “jobbers may kiss” feeling–of course they don’t actually kiss, but close enough to see the fear in each other’s eyes and feel the other guy’s spit on your lips as you each desperately try to suck down some air.

New Pro Wrestling had a great Bar Battles series where Lance Christian and Sean Logan (rumored on the internet “newz” sites to be partners both inside and outside the ring) lose a final fall with two heels camel clutching them and rocking them back and forth so that their faces repeaetedly connect!

Man Cougar Jay was one of my favorites, hung like a horse, in the thinnest of thin white trunks–in the right light you could see everything! He debuted in 1989, couldn’t have been long out of high school, and one of his first matches was against Ted Dibiase. Dibiase was taking the Million Dollar Dream all the way to the mat, and Cougar Jay looked like he was pitching a tent as he got sleepered out. Worst of all for him, he had to lay on his back submissively until Dibiase could slowly stuff $100 in his mouth. Cougar Jay has had some rough times lately, disabled in a car accident and one of the “faces of foreclosure,” PNC bank trying to take his house in Florida. Gotta admit he still looks good though! And married to a woman born in 1949, i.e. at least 15 years older than him! This vid shows wat he looks like now:

About humiliatedjobber

From Southern U.S.. Have always been fascinated with wrestling, specifically jobbers who are embarrased and degraded in the ring in their trunks. Always wanted to have my trunks yanked on as the crowd laughs and the evil heel dominates me, in the WWF or WCW. Contact me at
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  1. Alex says:

    These are awesome. It’s like hearing one side of a conversation. Each nugget is its own gem.

  2. js says:

    this was a GREAT read! thanks for sharing! can’t wait for your next post!


  3. mrider says:

    what about jobber’s Brad Armstrong and Kenny Kendall> now them studs has awesome jobber muscled asses! they loved wrestling too!!

  4. JorgePR says:

    Thanks for this, very interesting, entertaining and “educative”.

  5. PR says:

    love the stories!!!


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