Kicking the tires on a new story

I’m poking around with a possible new story. Haven’t even started writing it yet and you know how long I can take to do a story (real life obligations do occasionally keep me from penning 13,000 word opuses about humiliated jobbers. Sadly), so I’m not giving a date or anything, just giving a little insight in to how these things develop.

I usually get an idea for a story out of nowhere, it just takes seed in my head one day and there it is. Or a reader’s idea gets me thinking. I don’t do anything with it and most disappear. But the ones I eventually write about stay there, popping up every few weeks (or maybe they’re being pulled up by the hair at the two-count by some dastardly heel). Then I create some more scenarios in my head, or some characters or some new humiliations – or old ones – and I think, yeah, that could be something. And that’s the case right now with the idea that’s taken hold.

The Jobber and the Geek

That’s the title. Basic plot idea: An IT geek at some company discovers one day that the hot, straight, all-the-girls-love-him stud who works at the same place has been doing some odd searches on his work computer. “Jobber fetish.” “Jobber heel matches.” “I want to be a jobber.” “Jobber humiliation.” Things like that. Hmm. The geek is a huge wrestling fanatic. Knows all about old-school wrestling and loved watching the jobber boys get beat up, and yanked by their little trunks. the guy doing these searches is occasoinally mean to the geek, picking on the nerd. The geek dreams up a plan where he blackmails the guy (by saying he’ll plant child porn or something on his computer) into becoming a jobber. The geek hooks up with a local wrestler or promoter and they slowly transform the stud into a destroyed jobber, who is beaten up at local high schools and legion halls before eventually making it to television, where cruel heels torment and humiliate him. Eventually the guy can’t hide what he is from his co-workers — not when he’s on TV on a SAturday afternoon being manhandled by Kevin Suvllivan, while wearing pink trunks — and his full-time life of jobberhood begins

That’s the idea kicking around. Hopefully it becomes a full story!

About humiliatedjobber

From Southern U.S.. Have always been fascinated with wrestling, specifically jobbers who are embarrased and degraded in the ring in their trunks. Always wanted to have my trunks yanked on as the crowd laughs and the evil heel dominates me, in the WWF or WCW. Contact me at
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15 Responses to Kicking the tires on a new story

  1. Davi says:

    I hope you use the stud girlfriend as a valet

  2. joe says:

    I hope you have him losing in such humiliating ways, lots of wedgies, and getting knocked out cold. Man this could be so hot!

  3. Bobby Angel says:

    Besides getting worked over and humilated in the ring lets besure that he also gets worked over and humilated in the dressing room and training gym.

  4. JP says:

    Yeah, what Bobby Angel says!

    Hope it becomes a story soon!

  5. Anonymous says:

    love your stories… Jobber Con says it all!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Would love some sexual humiliation thrown in too.

  7. andy says:

    have him humiliated in a mixed wrestling match with madusa

  8. …and after the jobber is helpless and tied up in the ropes, the sadistic IT guy enters the ring to deliver the final humiliation. And we learn that the IT guy has some painful, twisted torture device, or some unusual kinks when it comes to wrestling…

  9. humiliatedjobber says:

    Boy, lots of perverts here. Thank god. Safe to say I think you can expect all of these things and more.

  10. Anonymous says:

    i have the perfect move for you… i call it the standing camel clutch. jobber boy is pulled up to his feet by the back of his tights before being doubled over by a knee to the gut. with the sissy doubled over the heel stands behind him and reaches between jobber boys legs grabbing his arm and pulling it between both of their legs and locking it there with his legs… he then clamps both hands around jobber boys chin and pulls back. jobber boys wedgied ass cheeks tighten pressed against the heels cock as he increases the preasure. jobber boys trapped hand grabs and claws helplessly until his whole body goes limp from the pain

  11. joe says:

    I love it when the Heel rubs his material covered cock all over the jobbers face, then slams his forearm down across the jobbers neck and knocks him face first to the canvas. Picking him up by the singlet and giving him a painful wedgie would of course follow. Does the heel strip him nude at some point?

  12. Stanton says:

    I like it when the fat wrestler gets thrown into the ropes and the other wrestler punches the fat boy right in the stomach, and he’s doubled over holding his punched belly in agony.

    • joe says:

      What if the skinny weakling wrestler has tiny arms, stick legs, but carries a round pot belly and its soft as dough? Man, so many options, its too much!!

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