Humiliated in front of a girl

Wrestling Arsenal — the brilliant Wrestling Arsenal — did some recent posts on when a female watches a man destroy another man. Check out the posts here, here and here.

As anyone who has read my writing knows, this is a huge turn-on for me.

Note: I know many of my loyal readers aren’t as in to this scenario, so please just be aware this post deals with that.

The first time I experienced the humiliation of being dominated by a stronger male in front of pretty girls was, well, all the way back in 5th grade. Her name was Melissa. I had a huge crush on her. She liked me, so her friends said. We passed notes in class. Hehe, haha. Weren’t we cute. I was one of the cutest boys in the class — sorry, it was true. Although we did only have 30 kids in the class. Anyway, I was athletic even at that age, nice, funny, smart and she was so cute, a great smile.

One day at recess I was walking with Melissa and two of her friends when the school bully, Larry, confronted us. Larry was huge, biggest kid in the class, probably because he’d been held up a grade. We all know the type. They have mustaches in sixth grade, are smoking in seventh and having sex in 8th. He was an asshole, classic bully. I usually avoided his torments because I was popular. He picked on the easy prey, the geeks, nerds. But that day we walked by him just as another kid was throwing him a football. I was on my way to the field part but was still on the cement in the parking lot. He missed the catch and looked stupid doing it. All I said was, “Nice catch, Larry.”

The big idiot snapped, walked toward me, grabbed me by the shirt and shoved me back toward the school building. He slammed me against a wall, literally lifting me off my feet. Melissa and the other girls yelled at him to stop it. But he was right in my face. He looked down and saw that my shirt had lifted up and my blue underwear was partly on display. It was baby blue, why the hell did my mom buy me those? They were tightie whiteies but not white. Baby blue. And Larry noticed. He pulled up on them with one hand while holding me with the other still and then said loudly, so Melissa and the girls got the message: “If you smart off again I’m going to string you up on the flag pole by your panties!” I looked up at the flag pole and could actually imagine him doing just that. I saw myself dangling from there by the waistband. Now, keep in mind, even at that age, I had submissive desires. I watched pro wrestling then and loved watching the guys lose, although I had no idea there was a name for those people: Jobbers. But this was terrifying because it seemed so real.

He held me while the message sunk in. I looked over at Melissa and the other girls. The other girls were in hysterics but Melissa – my gal, my crush, hey, my future wife! – had her hands up to her mouth, her eyes wide. When she brought her hands down she bent over in laughter, I guess from the idea of Larry putting me up on the flag pole by my “panties.” He let me go and I walked back over to them, pulling my shirt down as the girls waited for me. One of them asked if I was okay but started laughing. And Melissa said, “Better be careful or he’ll show everyone your panties up there.” That caused laughter from all of them again.

That was about the end of our fifth-grade puppy love fling. I was friendly with Melissa all through the rest of high school but after that day I’m convinced she never saw me as a real guy again. In 11th grade she got a new boyfriend too: Larry. They broke up after a few months but he was still an asshole bully. I’m sure – or at least I just hope – Larry and Melissa forgot about that day in the parking lot by then. But who knows, maybe she was attracted to the alpha male and knew that even though I was a basketball star, that I was, when you got right down to it, a wimp when it came to confronting other men. I was a wimp in “panties” who was cowed into silence by a bully. And Larry was a heel who dominated a jobber.

And she liked it.

About humiliatedjobber

From Southern U.S.. Have always been fascinated with wrestling, specifically jobbers who are embarrased and degraded in the ring in their trunks. Always wanted to have my trunks yanked on as the crowd laughs and the evil heel dominates me, in the WWF or WCW. Contact me at
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27 Responses to Humiliated in front of a girl

  1. Alex says:

    I’m not usually into this idea, but there is a time when the scenario can be hot for me. I wrestled a guy who told me about several different times when he’d wrestled and beat a guy in front of his wife/girlfriend. I was surprised how much it turned me on. One story stood out – a beefy tattooed biker dude and his rough trade wife. The guy challenged him, showed up and fully expected to win. Apparently it was something they got off on, biker dude dominating other guys for her. When biker dude was squashed, it was totally emasculating. I love the level of humiliation in that scenario, an alpha male submitting in front of his woman to another man.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I want read more stories of 2 man and 1 woman

  3. colt says:

    any news?

  4. victor says:

    a brutal fight,then the massive muscled super strong black dude with his defeated white opponent carried slung over his shoulder and knocked out!walks around to pose infront of the watching crowd..that scenario gets those watching especialy women screaming..i have been the white guy slung over a big black shoulder while my canadian girlfriend and friends watched I have the pics to prove it!she took them and loved it!!

  5. Alec says:

    Twenty years ago, when I was 19, my girlfriend tricked me into being at her pool in speedos (they were common in those days) and another guy came out the house dressed the same.
    My girlfriend (of 2 years) introduced us and said she had started seeing him.
    He said he wanted to wrestle me to humiliate me or was I too much of a coward……..I studied him and my jaw dropped. He was 3 inches taller than me with a fit, muscular build. To avoid her thinking I was a coward, I agreed. Bad mistake.
    After dominating me and toying with me for about 5 minutes, he put me in a very painful hold and I had to submit. But he just put the hold on harder and told me I had to beg for mercy. I did and he then made me tell my girlfriend I accepted she was his girlfriend now which I also did. He eventually let me go, pushed me on my back and put his foot on my chest in a triumphal pose.
    Only then did I look at my girlfriend. She was laughing at me yet rubbing herself in excitement.
    I absolutely hated it and thought it the worst experience in my life. But the funny thing is that, as the years went past, the incident started to excite me and twenty years later thinking about it makes me hard.
    Much more happened but this is my first story as I am a newbie and I’m not sure what more I should say. If anyone is interested I will tell what happened next…>

    • humiliatedjobber says:

      Um yes! Tell us more! And awesome story. Thanks for sharing. So humiliating, but who wouldn’t want to be in the same position? (Well, other than, you know, guys who aren’t jobbers or submissives who like being beat up and humiliated).

  6. Joe says:

    I think it’s very hot when any other gender is watching guys wrestle and one is getting punished by the alpha male. I had a roommate during college and we used to wrestle all the time like two siblings would. I’m 6’1″, but in those days I was just 148 pounds. He weighed 135 and was about 5’7″. He was wiry and tough, and when we’d wrestle he’d usually win. Considering he looked like Sting, I found this erotic. Anyway, one day we were headed back to our apartment with a woman from the same college who was in the same program but a year ahead of us. It was a hot summer night and our apartment was up a steep hill. We settled in with beers while she bitched about the heat and removed her top then laid on the floor, sipping beer in her bra. The other guy (I’ll call him Scott) opened the windows and we sat cross-legged on the floor, peeling our shirts off. She said, “Oooh, check out the macho men.” A moment later when I complained about the heat he poured beer on my head with a devilish grin. That was it – a wrestling match ensued. She was totally attentive, sitting up, cheering, yelling. Scott had me worked over every which way and my adrenaline was going because my pride was at stake. He had me in a lengthy headlock that I refused to submit to, even standing me up at one point, strutting around with me, then back to the hardwood floor. Eventually he was slippery enough that I got out. We went on like this until he got me in some weird leg lock, like a figure 4, and I was too weak to break the hold. He locked it on, grinning broadly. “Get him, Scott!” She kept encouraging him instead of the underdog. After what seemed like an eternity with me not submitting and struggling galore, I finally got out of the hold, but by then I was so spent I just laid flat on the floor. Scott jumped to his feet and with a cocky smirk said, “OK, Thompson, now I’m going to finish you off.” And with that he did a pro wrestling elbow drop across my chest, then grabbed my legs and folded me up in a small package and did a 3 count. I had no strength to fight it. He stood up again and said, “Yeah!” as he did a double bicep pose, and I still shoot my load over that whole scene even though it’s been a decade. “God damn,” she said, “let’s fuck.” They went to his bedroom, his beer in hand, and I could hear him nailing her while I jacked off in the living room. Even more humiliating was when she retold the story of the wrestling match at school and how manly Scott was, laughing when she said things like, “You should have seen poor Ethan squirming on the floor like a fish out of water. It was hilarious!”

    • humiliatedjobber says:

      Very hot! Thanks for leaving the comment. Loved the casual humiliation, the defeat and then the fucking.

  7. Anonymous says:

    when i was 18, working at a sleepaway summer camp, me and my friend got into a debate over who was manlier.

  8. Anonymous says:

    (cont. from above)
    a pretty hot girl agreed to judge us in a manliness contest. she said one point went to me because i was taller, but one point went to my friend aaron because he had armpit hair and i didnt. the tie breaker was a wrestling match. i got destroyed in front of this hot girl, ending with me having to tap out because i was caught in a headlock in his hairy armpit, suffocating. before he let me go he made me admit he was my daddy. then he bully pinned me crotch to face, and the girl asked me how i liked looking at a real man’s bulge. i was so humiliating, and my smaller bulge was exposed for everyone to see. finally, while i was still in the crotch to face pin, the girl walked over, pressed her foot on my package, then kissed aaron on the cheek, then left to go give him a blowjob while i picked the armpit hairs off my face.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hello guys I really loved and got very hot about your stories. I love being humiliated, my ex-g/f once took a well hung guy home after disco, and they both humiliated me, I had to serve them, kiss feet and then wait in front of the closed bedroom door while they fucked. It already made me totally hot but then they ordered me to clean them up – licking all the cum off his cock and out of her dripping pussy….

  10. Phil says:

    And I thought I was the only one who got off thinking of the times I got beat up in front of a girl or girls. The same thing happened to me. I was humiliated in front of a girl when I was young. Then the more I thought of it the more it turned me on. Now I love the thought of being beat up in front of a woman. ………The first time it happened I was quite young. The other guy was with a girl, and I was with a girl. The both girls just looked on and said nothing, but that was enough to embarrass me. And then there was the time on a hot day I was walking with a girl I knew. I had my shirt off and this other guy walking with his girl…he also had his shirt off….was passing us. For some reason he confronted me and asked me if I wanted to fight. I got scared and said “No.” He just kept walking on, but i was left to walk home with a girl who just witnessed my cowardice. And she told me he was younger than me and that I could have taken him. That was very, very embarrassing to hear her say that. And I suppose she told all her friends about the incident. …………..For a long time I would jerk off just thinking about the humiliation of that day.

    • humiliatedjobber says:

      I meant to say this right away but I love this story. It’s nothing outrageously humiliating on its face, but sort of silently devastating, and I can just imagine the look and reaction from the girl as she saw what a pussy you were. And of course she gossiped about it later with her friends and they all laughed. Love it! And no, you’re not alone in liking it!

  11. Sheepguy says:

    hello folks
    reading these stories just really turning me on. I had my share of humiliation. However I want to share my secret desire which has probably been developed from these experiences over the years. Im a relatively big guy 6`3″ and about 200pounds and 43years old. Somehow I`ll meet a very attractive sexy lady and everything is fine for a couple of days until a muscular very massive short black guy shows up. He`ll find out that Im with the lady and he`ll be very aggressive with me and going to be after me. My lady will find it exciting that a small muscular guy takes on a bigger guy. And pretty soon he`ll catch me in front of the lady maybe ladies and beat me. Sitting on my chest after “executing” me and make me suck his huge black cock which I`ll do. The ladies will love this humiliation of course. So this is my idea of humiliating in a nutshell. Knowing how things events etc.. work on this planet like the more I visualize something the more chance I`ll have to happen. So I just keep visualizing this event all the participants

  12. This was an experience I had in Andalucia in the south of Spain in a fight with a big Nigerian.It was not wrestling but a fist fight in front of my girlfriend where she saw me beaten to a pulp out side the house and then brought in.The link is on the Deviantart site.The text is accompanied by photos that my girlfriend took. the link is below.

    • Sheepguy says:

      that’s an arousing story which turns me on. and the ladies watching all of this makes it so exciting. one of the males was destroyed by an alpha male then your lady still stays with you. I love it.

      • A womans touch has a way of soothing the most bruised and battered ego!,,Defeated and destroyed by the tougher man but still she gets turned on.

      • humiliatedjobber says:

        Thanks for the comments Sheepguy and Vic; very very hot stories Vic as always. So degrading and emasculating in front of your girl. And sheep, as a bigger guy as well, I fully empathize and identify with your fantasies and, yeah, hopefully they eventually come true if you picture them long enough! And if they do, you’ll have to let us know here!

  13. Dave says:

    Love when wrestlers after giving me a wedgie toss me out of the ring so teen girls can see my ass and her mom Gus my trunks to see my small dick and pours soda on it.

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