A jobber’s favorite dominant heels

While my readers patiently wait for a new story, I thought I’d put together a list of my all-time favorite heels, the guys who frightened jobbers, destroyed them, and gave this young jobber a boner growing up and years of pleasure as an adult. And, thanks to the magic of youtube, I continue to dream and fantasize about these real men. In no particular order…

Whatever you called him, this muscle-bound freak was master of the power moves. Herc loved grabbing trunks with these power moves and anyone who reads my work knows this moves him up in my book.

He loved doing a military press, the good kind, where he lifts the jobber up by the rear of the trunks and holds them up, giving the jobber boy a good wedgie. He was great at the suplex, yanking those trunks and lifting up. And when he put the guy in the torture rack to finish him off, he almost always pulled him up by the rear of the trunks, sometimes going out of his way to yank on the waistband, before sticking his claw under the jobber’s legs and lifting him to his shoulders. If Hercules was still alive, I think I’d email him and ask if he’d do these things to me for like 500 bucks.

When he joined with Paul Roma for Power and Glory, Hercules added the superplex to his arsenal, another chance to pull a jobber around by his trunks in front of his pretty boy partner.

Johnny, let’s go to the clips.

Three minutes, multiple trunk grabs. Hercules is really in the roid days here, he’s almost grotesquely bulky. Whatever. That beard, the chain, I picture him collaring and leashing a jobber in the backyard, bringing him in every once in awhile for some domination. Here he throws Joe in by the trunks, then a great suplex, and finally the yank up into the torture rack.

This is a weird match, but very hot. At the 5:40 mark, Hercules tosses the horrendous poet – sorry, it’s true – back into the ring, and Poffo crawls around, apparently trying to escape. But there’s no escape and Hercules practically depants’ the poet before pulling him up for the finisher, as Poffo flops around. He also shows off an amazing tan line, one of my big fantasies as a jobber.

As a kid, I seriously feared Tully Blanchard. When I watched him on Saturday nights on TBS, something indescribable inside of me felt nervous. Already I identified with a jobber and Tully seemed to take particular pleasure in embarrassing them. He was so arrogant, that played a role. Also the fact he almost always had a female valet by his side. Even then, being embarrassed in front of a girl seemed embarrassing.

His finishing maneuver always involved grabbing the trunks: the slingshot suplex. How the hell did that finish guys off, I never really understood. What, did it hurt their legs that much to be bounced off a rope that they were down for the 1,2,3? Ouch, my thighs! Whatever, he always did it, usually in front of his woman, and cockily covered them in that tiny studio in Atlanta, the site of so many jobber humiliations. Tully seemed like a bully. As a kid, bullies scared me. As an adult, I fantasize about them. You can see why Tully has been with me for a long time.

He was aggressive, stomping and kicking, and doing it all with a sneer that he probably wore at prep school as he beat the shit out of the scholarship kids.

Here Tully takes on the hapless and trunked Trent Knight, in front of a new slut – Dark Journey. Love when Tully goes outside the ring. The rednecks are right on top of the ring and he’s vicious to Knight, then fires him into the ring, giving the jobber a good wedgie, which Trent proceeds to pick out. He tries to be discrete. But I see you, Trent. So did Dark Journey. How embarrassing for you. I bet Tully talked about that when he fucked Dark Journey later that night in some hotel.

And did Dark Journey like watching her man embarrass a jobber? Not sure, but her obvious nipples give me some clue.

This Soviet son of a bitch (I know he’s not Soviet).

What a perfect villain in the 1980s. When he became a good guy, I was so mad. Who wants to cheer the commie? Also, by the time he became a face, he had stopped doing the greatest finishing maneuver in the history of wrestling – the military wedgie press he fucking perfected. You don’t know how many times I’ve jacked off into a pair of speedos while dreaming of being in Nikolai’s clutches. Literally hundreds. Hundreds. I’d even impersonate it by laying over my couch and lifting up on my panties or trunks, holding myself by the neck, “lifting” myself up into the rafters like Nikolai didd to so many jobbers. As I did it, I’d rub the front of my clit in the trunks until it squirted jobber juice. One time I recorded myself with a tape recorder, doing commentary. “Look at Nikolai holding this kid up by his trunks. Look at that Brain. How humiliating.” Squirt. Later I’d videotape it with same commentary. I had jobber issues.

He exposed asses and gave wedgies and spit on our flag. How fucking hot was that? He still wrestles occasionally and, again, I’d pay 500 bucks for him to do those moves to me. So strong.


A technician. Seemed to know every hold and executed them perfectly. His squashes could last 8 minutes, all the while the Cowboy put on move after move. And he liked grabbing trunks. He wasn’t a steroid freak or muscle-bound madman but he could lift a jobber into any position. He was great at military presses using the trunks. He suplexed. He had one of the two best superplexes around – Windham the other – and he could knee, punch, kick and stomp.

I love this match for the finishing piledriver. As Orton holds them, he gains leverage by yanking on the man’s yellow trunks. For no reason, seemingly, other than to humiliate the man in front of the crowd. So cruel.

How perfect is that superplex. That had to hurt, unlike a slingshot. I dream of being lifted and planted on that top turnbuckle. There’s no escape, no place to hide, you’re perched on it like a good little boy, just waiting for daddy’s punishment. To keep you pliant, the heel often delivered a punch or two, in case you had any ideas of getting up to trouble. Then tumbling from 10 feet down, all the while Orton holds onto your trunks.

Like his buddy Tully, another heel I feared as a kid. He just seemed so intent on beating people up. Working those arms over, slam after slam, arm bar after arm bar. He smirked and snarled. And he loved yanking guys around by their trunks, seemed to be have a bit of an obsession about it, actually. Not that I’m suggesting it was a fetish for Arn. No, no.

A young, handsome Tommy Angel especially suffered at the hands of Arn.

Christ, where to begin. I’ll just quote something I wrote once before about this match:

And this match is a classic. First the fact it takes place in that old TBS studio that was the size of my living room. Very intimate humiliation. At the one minute mark of the first video is the worst drop kick in recorded history. Poor Tommy.
From there, Arn grabs him by the rear waistband and fires him out.
Wedgie Number One. Tommy doesn’t even have time to pick it and Arn is climbing out and mounting the poor jobber, grinding his face into the cement while yelling at the camera. Tommy gets a brief second to pick out the right side of the wedgie, but a second later Arn is firing him back in by the trunks.
Wedgie Number Two.
Arn keeps kicking and working on Tommy’s arm. But it’s good to see a man who enjoys his work.  Now we’re onto the second part of the video. At the 40 second mark, Tommy gets brave and tries delivering a bit of offensive, which seems just to piss Arn off. Arn then takes the back of Tommy’s virgin trunks and pulls up, forcing him into the corner. Hello Wedgie Number 3.
At about the 1:40 mark, Arn pulls up Tommy by his luscious locks. Christ, what I wouldn’t pay to have Arn Anderson controlling me by the hair and grabbing my trunks every 30 seconds. Check out at 1:50, when Tommy’s draped over the ropes and Arn is torturing them there. Tommy is facing the crowd, which in that tiny studio is about three feet away. Some women in the front row are pointing at Tommy. God I’d love that humiliation.
Finally we get to the finisher. And if you haven’t finished yourself off by this point, just wait, you will after this. Arn lifts Tommy up for a face-first suplex, a perfect finishing hold. He again grabs the trunks to lift young Mr. Angel up. And then for the pin, he grabs the side of the trunks to turn him over. Love when the heels do that. Don’t just roll them over by their shoulder; grab those trunks and pull. Wedgies number five and six.

So that’s a few of my favorites. I’ll write some more in another post on some others: Barry Windham, Terry Funk, the Barbarian, Kevin Sullivan.

Please leave your favorite heels in the comments and if you remember some specific matches, please let us know and relive them!


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From Southern U.S.. Have always been fascinated with wrestling, specifically jobbers who are embarrased and degraded in the ring in their trunks. Always wanted to have my trunks yanked on as the crowd laughs and the evil heel dominates me, in the WWF or WCW. Contact me at rookiejobber@yahoo.com
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  1. Mark Lewin (aka the Purple Haze) was a personal favorite of mine. Here is a video of him squashing everyone’s favorite Baby-Face, Brad Armstrong: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9kJ8QFwAGM.

    Lewin was a hairy brute, 100% masculine and sadistic. He played a psychopath under the mind control of Kevin Sullivan (which is hot to think about). When he slapped on his sleeper, he’d get a gooney look on his face, as if the application of the sleeper sent him into ecstasy. And Lewin was over-sized, but his trunks were under-sized, barely able to contain his big masculine physique.

    • humiliatedjobber says:

      I could believe Sullivan can control a man’s mind and make him do terrible, evil things to babyfaces and jobbers. He’s like the Heaven’s Gate leader. I’d never seen this Lewin-Armstrong match. Good god. He was so ripped (did Lewin get fat as he got older, I imagine so) and in those little trunks. I wish he had thrown Armstrong out by the trunks when he kept depositing him onto the floor but I can’t be greedy. And it all taking place in one of those old-school places where the rabid crowd is two feet from the action, the rednecks and hillbillies getting a great look at Armstrong’s tortured body and Lewin’s tortured soul.

      Pass the cigarette.

  2. Anonymous says:

    blk male always wanted to be a jobber. have someone work me over show me who is boss pound away on me two men in trunks old school style

  3. Davi says:

    ok guys, I will create an illustrated story of an experience as joober and put it on deviantart, and when ready put the link here. The story is a woman who is a friend of Miss Hancok and discovers that her teenager son was developing a taste for joobing. To help her Miss Hancok take the atletic highschool boy for a demonstration of what a jobber feels. In the office of the muscular Mr. mcmahon.
    Sorry for my bad english, and if you guys help me whif de text in the history i will be glad

  4. chris says:

    got tired of waiting for a story , so I wrote my own.. By jessica Justice

    Johnny Justice sat nervously awaiting his match this afternoon. A lot had led up to his match. His girlfriend and manager Kimberly Wilson had booked him a tough match today.

    Johnny was one of the most talented young wrestlers working the independdent wrestling foundation. He was undefeated , after 20 matches, and held the gold championship belt.
    Johnny had many adoring fans. He was extremely hansome, tan, and had chisseled good muscle form. Johnny received a ton of fan mail. And most of it was from women, talking about how hot and wet they got when they watched him wrestle.

    Kimberly had booked Johnny to wrestle on fourth of July weekend in a girls cheerleading summer camp. The proceeds raised would be donated for breast cancer awareness. The gymnasium the event was held at sat about 300 girls of 15 different cheerleading ,spirit, and dance squads. The girls ranged in age from 13-18. There were also the women who ran the camp. They were between the ages of 19- 41.

    These women also acted as the referrees, bell ringers, announcers, and camera crew for the matches.
    Since it was the fourth of July, the organizers of the show, decided that a USA vs men of other countries theme would be the hottest and best way to book the matches.
    So, naturally, they booked the matches, as the good guy from the United states, vs the bad guys from mostly carribbean countries.

    The women thought it would add a really hot and hip accent to their show. especially on the fourth of July.
    And all the girls, being cheerleaders, really had a good chance to cheer, and shout their support for the USA mens wrestlers, be patriotic, and celebrate the 4th of July in a very unique way.

    However the plan kinda backfired, because after 6 matches in , the USA wrestlers hadn’t won a match. In fact, they lost all their matches pretty convincingly. Getting pinned in a very dominant fashion. Over and over and over again.

    But with each match, the girls kept cheering and chanting. The U.S guys were really having a tough go at it. And to make matters worse, their skimpy little outfits eventually became too much as the matches progressed, and they all got pinned with very noticable erections.

    What the heck is going on out here the camp coordinator women asked amongst each other. Why are all these guys coming out in such skimpy outfits, and losing? They asked each other? Why are they getting aroused. What effect is it having on all the young girls we have watching? And quite simply the answer was, there were about 300 pairs of panties in the gym, and not a single pair were dry.

    Yet the matches continued on and on. And the already horny crowd of cheerleaders were growing increasingly hornier and hornier, so was the ref, the announcers, the ring girls, and every woman in attendance.

    Johnny Justice sat back in his locker room as his match neared. Kimberly came in, acting as if she were really upset. My gosh” she said, the American guys havent won a single match yet” . These poor girls must be so confused.

    Here , better suit up Johhny , Kimberly sad as she threw him his gym bag. She would always pick out his ring attire, it was part of her job as a manager. Johnny pulled out his white boots, and red knee pads, and then stopped. What the jeck are these he asked as he held up a pair of insanely thin unlined, shiny shimmery satin pair of baby pink speedos.

    Those are your trunks for your match said Kimberly as she held them up. Johnny looked at them in amazement. How can I even slide those things on without getting an errection he thought to himself. Oh my gosh. Then Kimberly says” Look baby, and starts showing them off. Look at the flag on the side, look at the U.S.A on the butt. The girls are gonna love them.

    Theyre the perfect thing to wear, to celebrate fourth of July, and support breast cancer awareness at the same time. I think I did a darn good job on your ring attire, and Im a little offended you dont like it.
    Johnny stood up, and said, ” I love them honey, I will love to wrestle in them, you did a great job.

    Kimberly said, thats good, we better get ready for your match , hurry and get dressed and so will I.

    Johnny slid off his pants, and his shirt. He admired his strong tight tanned hairless body in the full length mirror . He looked so soft, smooth, silky and handsome, and then he looked down at the little pink speedo, and slid it up his smooth muscled legs. As soon as they touched his cock, it started to stir. Oh my gosh he thought. How am I gonna go through with this. Gosh, there are so many young girls there. Within seconds Johnny was half mast, and in real deep doubt. He then pulled on his little red knee pads, and wwhite boots. And by this time he was about 3/4 hard.

    Holy crap, Johnny thought. How am I gonna go through a full match when I can hardly get dressed without popping a full boner.

    Then Kimberly walked out of the bathroom. She was in the most daring sleekest, baby pink spandex dress. It barely covered her sexy round firm ass. Her beautiful legs were long tanned and lean. Her firm breasts stood prominent and proud in their thin silky unlined dress. He nipples looked very stiff , and poked out very noticable.

    Johnny looked at her, and was mesmerized. He was so horny that He could hardly see straight. She looked amazing.

    She thought the same about him. They just looked at each other in total amazement. And both wanted sex right on the spot.
    But they were interrupted by a knock on the door. It was one of the cheerleading coaches, with an odd request.

    She said that a lot of the younger girls were asking if he could wear some body glitter for his match. Kimberly thought it was a great idea. And Johnny being a gentleman agreed to wear it.
    So the lady said, okay, what we gotta do is apply moisturizer and then the glitter sticks to it.
    Luckily she had both.

    As the were watching the last match before Johnnys on the teleprompter in their room, it was pretty apparent that the match wouldnt last long. There was a american guy in a white speedo getting thrown all over the ring by a african, at closer inspection, yep, he had a boner.

    The cheerleading lady shook her head and said, ” Oh man, whats going on with these guys today? It looks like this match is gonna be over quick. We gotta get you ready quick. Its just a matter of time before he gets pinned.

    So both of the beautiful women started rubbing the moisturizer and body glitter all over his body.

    Just as they finished, they heard a loud chorus of boos” out from the ring area. As they looked at the teleprompter. The refferee grabbed the microphone, and said ” Ladies and girls, YOUR winner of the match , The Nigerian Hunk.

    The beautiful ref raised his hand as he flexed for the crowd of booing cheerleaders, as the American wrestler slid out of the ring acting as if he hurt his wrist, in a fruitless attempt to hide his boner.

    Then the cheerlady said. Darn, youre our last hope Johhny. Good thing youre the champ. These girls really need to see at least one american win, this is aweful. Especially on our independence day.

    Then there was a knock at the door. It was another very sexy cheer mother. Her cheeks were totally blushed, and she looked just downright horny. She had exercise wear on, and her nipples were almost as errect as Kimberly’s.

    She said, very seductively as she looked at Johnny, ” Ready to rassle champ”? In a thick souther accent. Johnny shook his head yes. And then he heard the beautiful announcers voice say”
    ” Ladies and girls”, and now for the main event, this next match is a ” NON-TITLE’ match.
    Introducing first from the good old U.S.A , accompanied to the ring by his manager Kimberly, welcome ” JOHNNY JUSTICE”

    Johnny and Kimberly came walking down the aislehand in hand, and kimberly got the girls all riled up by chanting out USA USA USA USA USA USA USA . Every woman in the building was so wet with anticipation, and they were all staring at Johnnys very visible package , wondering if it would get hard. By the looks it was already about 3/4 hard.

    As they entered the ring, Johnny looked around. Hundreds of gorgeous cheerleaders were all desperately cheering for him to win. Then Kimberly grabbed the microphone.
    She told the girls that Johnny was the champ, and that he hadnt lost in 20 mathces. She showed off his gold championship belt. And raised his arm.

    Johnny then grabbed the microphone, and told her he loved her and thanked her for all the help getting him to be champ, and after 2 years, he finally popped the question. He got down on one knee, and asked her to be his wife. She said yes, and they kissed deeply and passionately.
    The girls were all excited to see the makeout session, but still wanted to see the match.

    Kimberly pulled away and grabbed the microphone, and said, ” Whatta ya think girls, do you think the U.S.A can finally win a match.?? And they all cheered a very enthusiastic ” YESSSSS!!!

    And the announcer said over the loudspeakers, ” And his opponent, from Kingston Jamaica, ” The Jaimaican Kid. ”

    The Jamaican was accomanied to the ring by a very sexy blonde woman who was introduced as Cindy. She wore a Jamaican wrestling Singlet, and Kid Jamaica wore a very sleek pair of black shorts. They looked to be made of rubber, and very shiny. He had a big bulge, but it clearly wasnt hard. He was there for business, and his muscular body looked like very serious business for Johnny to tussle with.

    And all the young girls wondered just how in the heck their hero was gonna pin the muscular shoulders of the Jamaican to the mat. For that matter so was Johnny and Kimberly. But he had to figure it out somehow.

    As they made it to the ring , both wrestlers were checked for weapons, and read the rules of the match by the very sexy yet professional lady ref.
    Johnny stayed akwardly 3/4 hard through the whole process. The ring was cleared of all people, and Kimberly whispered in his ear ” Go pin him honey”.

    Then the whole arena was silent, and then all you hear is the lady announcers voice over the loudspeakers say ” Wrestle ” DING DING DING.

    The two wrestlers met at the center of the ring and shook hands, Johnny could tell by the Jamaicans grip that he was in deep deep trouble. and for some strange reason, that excited him.

    Johnny backpeddled, and slid his hands over the smootheness of his silky pink panties.

    They meet in the middle of the ring, and grasp hands,Jamaica drives Johnny all the way back to his corner and onto his knees.

    He clears out and lets Johnny back up to his feet.

    He then backs up to the middle of the ring and calls for a test of strength. Johnny rub the sides of his silky briefs, and foolishly engages in a test of strength.

    He is put on his knees.and johnny to tackle him. He then grabs a handfull of Johnnys tights, and flips him over. Thats it. Now Johnnys cock is rock hard. and he can forget about losing his boner.

    Its pointing straight up, and couldnt be more noticable if he were naked. The girls start cheering USA USA USA USA USA . But its all for no use. they wrestle and roll all over the place, and its obvious Johnny getting handled pretty easily.

    At this point , nearly half the girls have their cellphones out snapping pictures, and videotaping.

    Johnny actually gets out of the ring and try to regain his composure, but Jamaica comes right out after him. They tussle a little bit, and end up right at Kimberly’s high heels and opened legs.

    Jamaica wresles Johnny to the ground and pins him hard right at her feet.she spreads her legs and Johnny looks right up the mini skirt.

    The silky baby pink panties are now drenched.Can you blame her?. Jamaica hooks Johnny’s legs and pins Johnny right at her feet.

    He then yells to the reff, arent you gonna count? How long do I have to pin him for ” a minute?

    The reff says ” I dont care if you pin him there for an hour , I will start counting when you have him properly pinned in the ring.

    At this point it wasn’t “IF Johnny was getting pinned, but When” and apparently everybody knew it, including my Kimberlyand all the young women cheering for him

    What do you think ? Jamaica asked Kimberly, Should I pin him already?? Kristen could have said, he will pin you, or you havent won yet buster, or something like that, but her response was. Dont pin him yet!

    This whole conversation took place while Johnny was pinned to the mats outside of the ring , right at His fiance’s ankles , while looking up into her wet panties, with his boner poking straight up in his silky pink briefs in a leg hook pin.

    Jamaica smiled at Kimberly and said, Well, I gotta toy with him a bit, and besides, I gotta pin him in the ring apparently.

    He then lifted Johnny up by the arm. He gripped a hand on his shoulder, and the waste band of Johnnys briefs, and walked Johnny back firmly to the ring. needless to say. he wedged Johnny’s pink briefs up fully exposing his tanned right buttcheek and a magnificent wedgie.

    Johnny decided to wrestle with the wedgie. Then Jamaica scooped him up into a suplex which caused a full wedgie. Then another suplex , this time from the front.

    He holds Johnny up fully in the air by the front of his bikini which is basically a tiny thin sheet of silk. needless to say his suplex includes grazing Johnny’s cock. and now, Johnny can forget about losing his hardon, he better concentrate on keeping his bikini dry. But, oops. Nope, didnt work. There is a very noticable spot of pre cum seeping through the bikini right at the tip of his cock. And all the girls in the auditorium stare intently at it.

    Next Johnny gets a body slam which means a full warm hand over the legth of his rock hard erection. he holds onto me and leg hook pins me again.

    He is saved by the rope, the reff doesnt count .

    Johnny rolls outside of the ring in attempt to recover, and gain some composure in front of his fans, but his opponent has other plans. He yells out to me ” Come on America, I cant pin you out there.

    Johnny sits next to Kimberly.She is now cross legged, crossed armed. hard nippled, breathing very hard,almost panting. Johnny still has a full wedgie and a full boner. Jamaica comes out of the ring and grabs Johnnys waste band again , incresing my wedgie even deeper.Johnny hears Kimberly actually moan “mmmhhm when comes to get Johnny, and actually moans “oooooohhh” loudly when he grabs him. Johnny rolls into the ring, and plead on my knees with him. Please, please just let me win, Johnny whispers in his ear, while in his headlock.
    Please. My fiance is watching. Its independence day. all these girls really wanna see me win, he begs. Jaamaica releases the headlock and Johnny falls to his knees.

    His hands are grabbing onto the sides of Jamaica’s briefs in a very non threatening manner as I look up and plead with him.
    Please, please, just let me get a quick pin/ Please!!!

    Here Johnnys handsome face is just inches from Jamaica’s leather clad rod. With mall the young white girls still cheering USA USA USA USA . Johnny grab the leather tight shorts on his hips, giving his cock a little extra massage as he pulls on his briefs. he begs him one more time to give him a chance because ” my fiance is watching.

    Jamaica then acts like he is mad with Johnny saying he hates begging, and that beggars must be punished, He then puts Johnny over his knee, and gives him a very stiff spanking,

    Johnny rolls out of the ring, and gets a hold of himself. He sees his precum has spread all over his hard on.
    Oh my gosh what are the girls thinking ?? He cant go out like this. He grabs an American
    hopped out of the ring waving it around chanting USA USA, and getting his fans support. the girls frantically are cheering USA USA USA USA.

    Johnny put the flag back and slid back into the ring. Showing a complete lack of judgement, he put his hands up for another test of strength. this one proved to have the same result. Jamaica put Johnny on his back and held there.He got up and again ran out of the ring . this time Johnny grabbed his title belt raised it over his head and chanted USA USA. Now the crowd was roaring the chant back, knowin their hero Johnny needed all the support he could get, because he was in way over his head with this oily muscular black wrestler.

    Johnny rolled back in the ring just to beat the 10 count , then rolled back out. This time he retied his bootlace. He bent over to tie it, the girls all admired his sleek sexy shiny pink silky clad tanned butt.he finished tying his boot before he could pull the thin spandex wedgie out. he rolled back into the ring and tried to wrestle with Jamaica. he controlled Johnny pretty easy,and grabbed him in a bear hug. he tried all I could to break her bear hug ,but had no chance. Mercifully Jamaica put him back on his feet. he then grabbed a handful of pink spandex on Johnnys hip and suplexed me pretty gently. This caused Johnnys panty to get pulled deep into his tanned buns, and leave his right butt cheek totally visible again. Johnny crawled away into the corner and begged Jamaica in front of everyone on his knees for a little mercy.

    he didnt look like he was going to give any ,Johnny got to his feet and back peddled to the other side of the ring with Jamaica walking after him. Johnny rolled out of the ring and started his USA USA chant again, but this time Jamaica came chasing after him. Johnny ran. he chased him around the ring twice before catching him. But Johnny hid behind the beautiful extremely horny Kimberly. But Kimberly pushed Johnny right to him.

    and when she did, Jamaica threwJohnny back into the ring again using his briefs again. Now both of johnnys buttcheeks were left free to the wind, and his wedgie was deep up his tight tanned round ass, and you know what.. it felt good.

    Still, Johnny took an opportunity to complain to the ref, that Jamaica was pulling his tights. he continued the match with my wedgie and full hard on, although he didnt have much chance to pull it out. From then Jamaica e was all over him.

    Tussling in front of an entire audience of young horny cheerleaders. and getting totally dominated. Being that Johnny was the champ and getting cheered for made it even better . Jamaica out to hurt Johnny, just humiliate and dominate him . he brought him back to his feet. and gave him a belly to belly suplex, and it was very erotic the wayhe held him close.

    he then rolled him over onto his tummy and sat down on his tushy. he took turns pulling his legs back , and contolling his lower body.he then rolled me back over on my buns, and held me in a pin, Kimberly distracted the referee, as Jamaica held Johnny pinned for a good 30 seconds, as he kicked and bucked and squirmed feverishly. He looked as if he was trying desperately to get out of it. The young girls cheered over and over for him. . Then the referree came back, and Jamaica let Johnny up .He wrapped his legs around Johnnys left leg, pulled back his right leg to my chest and pinned him. this time for real. 1,2,3,4,5. he was pinned. It was over. he LOST.
    But Jamaica wasnt done.

    He then brings him back to his feet and grabs the side of his briefs,he pulls them almost to his shoulder,and suplexes him. From this one Johnny doesnt kick out either . He’s pinned squarely to the mat in the middle of the ring, and nothing can save him. Not even all the cheerleaders in the world!!!

    The ref counts ONE , TWO, THREE Four FIVE again . But just as he finishes,Jamaica tells the ref “count to ten” as he keeps Johnny pinned. Then its count to twenty, Johnny remained pinned. he finally gets off Johnny probably after a minute.

    The ref grabs the microphone and raises his hand. she says. while looking straight at Kimberly.

    “Here is “YOUR WINNER “, from Kingston Jamaica. “Kid Jamaica”.

    Johnny acted like he was very upset , and humiliated, and stayed on the mat, slapping the mat with his hand, still rock hard, he looked up to see my beautiful Kimberly approach the ring, and ask for the microphone.

    She said, she was really upset. That Johnny was totally cheated, and that she demanded a rematch.. right here right now. The ref asked her to explain. She said will just look at him, show everybody your trunks honey, making everyone look at them. Jamaica totally used his trunks to pin him. Also look at his opponent. Look how oily he is. It just isnt fair. Hes too oily. If my man were that oily, he would be harder to pin. There is no way he should been pinned this easy, what do you think girls??? Do you think he got pinned too easy?? And they all scream “YES””

    Do you girls think if my man was oiled hed have a better shot?? And they all scream ” YES””

    Would you girls like to see these guys wrestle some more?? And they all scream ” YES””

    So come on girls cheer with me again ‘ BEST OF THREE ” BEST OF THREE ” BEST OF THREE ” BEST OF THREE ” BEST OF THREE ”

    Then Jamaica grabs the microphone. And says. I will pin this wimp any time any place, but what do I get out of it? Kimberly says extremely seductively ” Well what do you want””??

    Jamaica says, I want the belt.. I want his title WHEN I pin him again..

    And Kimberly says .. ” NO, NO NO.. No way.. You arent taking my mans belt on the 4th of July.. No way.. Any other day, I’d be fine with it. But this is our independence day., And our girls need to leave here with an American Champion. You cant have his belt today no matter how many times you pin him!

    But she says if you allow my man to oil up,and wrestle you again,, when,, wait oops'”” IF”” you pin him again. We will have another match right here next week for the title. what do you say? Jamaica shakes her hand and says ,, your’e on..

    But Kimberly says, just one catch.. You have to pin him for a full minute!! And if Johnny pins you for 1 second, you lose. Jamaica laughs and says ” Deal” confidently.

    But Johnny now just wants to leave. Come on Baby, this is silly. And Kimberly asks the crowd, what do you think girs. is it Silly?? They all scream ” NO!!

    Should they wrestle?? Yes

    But Johnny knows he cant do it. and begs kimberly to just leave. But Kimberly gets all the cheerleaders chanting WRESTLE , WRESTLE , WRESTLE , WRESTLE , WRESTLE , WRESTLE , WRESTLE , WRESTLE , WRESTLE , WRESTLE , WRESTLE , WRESTLE , WRESTLE , WRESTLE , WRESTLE , WRESTLE!!

    Then the beautiful blonde manager of the Jamaican wrestler comes over, and says ” here bitch” it wont matter. and tosses Kimberly a bottle of KY warming oil, scented like coconuts.
    She then says, you got 3 minutes to get him ready.

    Kimberly yells out at the girls, I need 5 volunteers, to oil my man up, we gotta do it quick. And instantly 5 ditzy sexy little blonde cheerleaders are in the ring oiling Johnny up EVERYWHERE. And I mean EVERYWHERE..
    One of the young blondes whispers in his ear, IM youre biggest fan, it looks like you really met your match tonight though sugar’ in a sweet little southeern drawl.

    And then just before Johnny cums, Kimberly spins him around, and whispers in his ear, go pin him honey. And on cue, the beautiful reff says ” Wrestle” Ding ding ding..

    Johnnys pink bikini couldnt possibly be any more strained.his cock is rock hard and straight up. he is in a state of euphoria. And then without warning. the women leave at once. Now its just Johnny his silky pink wrestling panties against my muscular ebony opponent..
    The goregous lady fans are all on their feet no, chanting usa usa usa. They have not won a match all day.

    Johnny circled his muscular black opponent cautiously. Then they locked up. Johnny is completely overpowered and wrestled to his back instantly. The oil helps him to keep from getting pinned. Jamaica holds him down for several seconds and then he slithers away.
    he hears all the women cheering as the pace quickens. Thank goodness for the oil, or else he would have been pinned easy. he hears Kimberly yelling encouragement. Come on baby, you could pin him, with desperation in her voice.

    Johnny escapes his cluthches again and rolls away and tries to keep his distance, but he comes after Johnny quickly. Johnny is not quite ready to wrestle and tries to escape. but he catches him, and again they strullgle.

    Jamaica grabs ahold of his silky pink bikini, and has a firm grip on it at the waistband. they wrestle on our knees, and he keeps one hand gripping Johnnys bikini so he dont try to run again.

    Johnnys cock is still rock hard, maybe from getting oiled up, maybe the body contact of our oil match. nobody knows .

    Jamaica is dangerously close to grabbing it. As Jonny Justice struggles in his grip, and slips all over the place, his silky bikini creeps up his butt again . partly natural, and partly from Jamaica pulling on it.

    This guy really likes using his bikini to his advantage, and its working. They wrestle some more, and his strength and speed are just too much for Johnny .He is really relying on the oil to slither out of his holds. He tries to get to his tummy to avoid being pinned. But with a little more struggle, Johnny is rolled onto his back. I slithers and squirms and bucks, trying to avoid being pinned. He hears Kimberly’s excited and desperate voice, yell out” Oh no baby” dont let him pin you. ‘ DONT LET HIM PIN YOU.DONT LET HIM PIN YOU DONT LET HIM PIN YOU DONT LET HIM PIN YOU DONT LET HIM PIN YOU DONT LET HIM PIN YOU DONT LET HIM PIN YOU he slithers out again, and tries to escape. Dont let him pin you honey. Come on baby. dont let him pin you DONT LET HIM PIN YOU DONT LET HIM PIN YOU. Johnny struggles feverishly.

    But then, he feels those strong black arms grab hold of my wrists. his strong black legs wrap around johhnys smooth tanned ones, and black rubber shorts slides into position over my pink bikini.He pinned firmly to the mat, and now, the oil will not help. He is well on his way to getting pinned. Johnny hears all the ladies in the audience chanting usa usa, he hear his fiance, say 1 more pleading ” Come on baby, dont let him pin you, and he hears the beautiful reffs sultry voice in my ear, saying 1,2,3,4,5 , all the way to 60, as she slaps the mat.Johnny was pinned fair and square. And his worthy opponent has earned his title shot.

    The ref then raises the Jamaicans hand again High into the air, and says , Ladies, and girls, YOUR WINNER OF THE MATCH ” KID JAMAICA”

    Kimberly enters the ring, and raises his hand, and tells him congratulations, and that he earned a title shot.

    Then she pulls Johnny up to his feet.

    She asks all the girls ” What do you think young ladies” do you wanna host the rematch. right here? Next week?? And they all scream YESSSSSS!!!!

    Then Johnny apologizes to the girls. Im really sorry girls that I couldnt get the win for you here today.. I really really tried. And Im sorry that none of the Americans were victorious today. I know they all really tried, and were sorry we couldnt get it done for you girls today. But I promise, next week, I will pin him ok??

    And they all yell YESSSS!! But they all know he doesnt have a prayer, and he’s definitely gonna lose the belt in front of them. And they cant wait to see it.

    And then the main cheerleading camp coordinator lady comes to the ring, and says , thank all of you girls for showing such spirit in the matches, even if they didnt go as you wished they had.

  5. davi says:

    chis a love your stories. But i realy love to see the girlfriend be the prize and kissing the black in thr front of the USA hero

  6. Davi says:

    I have a real story I want to share you put in your blog. Soon put an illustrated fictional story about a better man destroying a loser in front of a girl. But before looking so what really happened to me.

    Me and my girlfriend Sandra, we are wrestles. She plays as Valet of heels and I play a face. But we work in two different associations. But one day I was hired to fight in a girls night club. I was hired to serve as Joober. And the guy who would destroy me in front of the girls would be accompanied by a valet named Helena. I was in the ring with yellow trunks and masks. When my heart stopped. Helena was actually Sandra, dressed in a busniess suit using a very short skirt that barely covered her ass. Her beautiful long legs in a black high heels. Hair up and glasses. She came in front of the muscular wrestler, shaking her butt acting like a narcissistic and arrogant bich. They walked around the ring and Sandra sat on the desk of commentators crossing her legs sensually. They aimed both to me and Navalha(The Heel) stroked her legs in front of me. I was jealous, but also strangely excited. When he entered the ring I running over him, but intercepted by a big boot. All previously agreed with him, I just did not know that I will lose in front of her, dressed like that, with that attitude. And apparently she did not recognize me. So I was raised to my feet for Navalha who applying a Wedgie, in my trunks. It prepared me for a PowerBomb. I went up and down.The slaw was devastating tearing screams from the crowd. He put his black boot on my chest and after a count of 3, i lost. Lying on the floor I saw Sandra applauding while enter in the ring, She came stepped over me and continued walking in his direction. They hug and french Kissed eanch other making out by almost two minutes, all the while I was in the floor waching. It was a unique feeling that . Be a loser in the front of your woman and see her kissing another man. We are so happy couple.

  7. Mal Whyte says:

    I love wrestling and being dominated by a stronger wrestler!

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  9. Gerald says:


    After reading the story by Jessica Justice, thought you might like to view this. In particular check out the video around the 8:30 mark.

    • jobr4pla says:

      Can you please tell me which match you had suggested back in 2012. I am always looking for matches stuff like what is described in Jessica Justice’s story. Any video links like this would be so appreciated.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Love this site man the fantasies are amazing. The domination and trunk pulling WOW. I’d like to see some stories about Rene Dupree and Sylvan being dominated with Duprees’ big bulge being grabbed. How about that black stud that wore the tights with one leg out…..umm Hardbody Harrison mmmm Keep up the good work.

  11. jobr4pla says:

    I’ve read a lot of the stories here and have enjoyed them, especially the ones posted by chris/jessica justice. Decided to try writing one myself so please do be kind. If anyone likes it I may continue the story. The characters are mine and any similarity they have to others is just a coincidence.

    By the way, i am actually a fan of jobber squash matches in which a female valet is present. I really prefer it when they are with the jobber instead of the heel but I watch both. If anyone has good video links for these type of matches please do pass them along, it would be appreciated. So enjoy the story.


    Hands-On Management:
    Part 1

    It was around 2 hours until bell time at the county auditorium, and while the crew worked feverishly setting up for the wrestling show that would take place later that night, two women stood chatting in a backstage hallway. One of the women, Alicia Shaw, soon to be known to Prestige Championship Wrestling (PCW) fans simply as ‘Miss Ally’, had just been hired as a valet/manager and was now trying to gather as much advice as possible from her friend and mentor, Melanie Crawford. As her first show grew closer however, Ally found it harder and harder to contain her excitement.
    “Stop worrying girl, your gonna be fine” Melanie said in an attempt to ease her young friends nerves.
    “I know, I know”, Ally replied. “I’m just excited.” She then smiled and let out a playful shriek of excitement, which drew a similarly joyful response from Melanie.
    Meanwhile, a young male wrestler named Ronnie Gunn had just arrived at the auditorium and was now making his way down the long hallway where Ally and Melanie stood conversing. From the other end of the hall Ronnie could not help but notice Ally who was dressed in a extremely low cut top, figure hugging jeans, and high heel black boots. It took a great deal of self-control to avoid staring at the gorgeous brunette. He attempted to pass the two women without disturbing them, however Ally, still in a state of euphoria, did not notice the approaching wrestler. At the moment that Ronnie attempted to pass the two women, Ally took one step backwards, causing the two to unwittingly collide. Ally was startled by the sudden collision, and in the confusion of the moment, she lowered her hand and accidently grazed Ronnie’s crotch. Ally quickly spun herself around and any feelings of fear or awkwardness quickly disappeared when she saw the handsome stud with whom she had collided. His tanned skin, wavy brown hair, and chiseled frame were like something out of many women’s fantasies. And although, Ronnie was wearing jeans at the moment that Ally’s hand came in contact with his crotch, the young girl still found herself to be extremely impressed by size of the package that she had momentarily felt. It all left Ally feeling flustered and searching for what to say.
    “Are you ok?” Ronnie asked with a look of genuine concern. “I am so sorry.”
    Ally stared at Ronnie for a moment, still distracted by the feeling of his massive bulge. “No, no, it was completely my fault” Ally finally replied, still trying her best to compose herself.
    “Well I am sorry if I scared you. Are you sure that your ok?”
    “Yes, I uh, am, um, I am totally good.”
    There was a slight stutter in Ally’s voice. In her head, she hoped that her feelings were not as obvious as she feared they might be. Unbeknownst to her however, was the fact that the feeling she was experiencing was very mutual. Ronnie too also trying his hardest not show the obvious attraction that he had towards the beautiful brunette that had just bumped into him.
    “Are you new here?” Ronnie asked, realizing that he had not met the young woman before.
    “Yes” Ally replied with a smile. “Its my first night. I just got hired to be a valet.”
    “Oh, well welcome to the company then. I’m sure you will be great.” Ronnie then extended his hand while returning a smile. “I’m Ronnie by the way.”
    Ally extended her hand and politely shook Ronnie’s. “Thank you, I definitely hope so, and I am Ally Shaw.”
    “Well I’m sure ill be seeing you around Miss Shaw, take care.” Ronnie then smiled again before continuing down the hall.
    Ally simply smiled as the young wrestler walked away, but the impression that Ronnie had left on the young valet was obvious, especially to Melanie. Ally’s friend had been somewhat was annoyed as she watched the entire encounter.
    “No”, Melanie said firmly as she noticed the lingering expression on Ally’s face. She could tell that Ally was becoming lost in her thoughts of Ronnie and the meeting that had just taken place.
    “What: Ally replied, trying her best to hide her mischievous grin.
    “It is so obvious girl. He had you so smitten.”
    “He did not” Ally then argued, knowing full well that her friend was absolutely correct.
    “Look Ally” Melanie then continued, “ your young and new around her so take it from me, you cant let yourself get distracted by the wrestlers around here, especially since your job is to acquire clients that will actually be successful in the ring I have seen many female managers go nowhere in their career all because they have gotten caught up with some wrestler’s pretty face and good body.”
    “I wont” Ally argued. “I am just getting acquainted with the talent around here. And besides, who says that a talented wrestler cant be good looking too. I think Ronnie looks like he could have a lot of talent.”
    “Are you serious?” replied Melanie in a sarcastic tone. “I don’t think that Ronnie has won a match yet since he got her. He is what we call a jobber.”
    “I know what a jobber is Melanie” replied Ally in a rather snappy tone. She now felt as though she was being scolded like a child.
    “Ok well then you should know that you will never get anywhere if every night your seen walking your man out to the ring, cheering as gets pummeled, and then dragging him to the back after you’ve peeled him off the mat.”
    Ally remained quiet for a moment but then concurred with her friend. “I wont let myself get distracted, honestly”
    Ally’s response put Melanie a bit at ease as she then walked away to in order in begin preparing her own man for match that night.
    Ally was not happy about the lecture that she had just received, but deep down she knew that Melanie was probably right. Melanie, who despite being well into her mid 30’s was still a extremely beautiful woman, had been around the wrestling business for many years and had great success as a valet/manager. Ally was lucky to have such a great mentor to rely on, but what Ally had not expressed to her experience friend, was learning of Ronnie’s “jobber” status had only increased Ally’s interest in the young stud. In fact, the thought of someone as gorgeous as Ronnie being a jobber excited Ally in ways that few could imagine.
    It is often said that in the sport of professional wrestling, people only love winners, but for some, like Ally, the exact opposite was true. For Ally, there was nothing hotter than the thought of ending the night in the losing wrestler’s locker room, especially if it was at the end of one-sided beat down.
    With a beautiful long dark hair and a nearly perfect female figure that included a firm ass and large firm breasts, Ally grabbed the attention of men whenever she went. When she graduated college at 23 with a degree in marketing she could have landed any job she desired. Her intelligence, charm, and tremendous sex appeal would have brought her success in anything she chose, but it was the world of pro wrestling that she chose. Ally had always been a fan, but while she did enjoy seeing the sport’s many greats compete, she took the greatest pleasure in watching the lowly wrestlers referred to as “jobbers” get destroyed night after night by much larger opponents. For as long as she could remember Ally had been infatuated with every aspect of these sorry types of wrestlers. Aside from the fact that jobbers were often among the most attractive of all wrestlers, the sight of them dressed in their skimpy wrestling trunks while being stretched and beaten into submission caused Ally to become hot with desire. The fact that few of these wrestlers ever had valets at ringside was something that was baffling to Ally. She often fantasized about standing ringside as she watched her man get destroyed. Once defeated, Ally then imagined her man lying spread eagle on his back until she gently aided her beaten wrestler back to the locker room. Once in private, she could then peel his trunks off her fallen wrestler before she rubbed his bruised and beaten body. Finally, after she had revived both her man’s body and his ego, Ally would end the night sitting atop her wrestler’s perfect body, his cock deep inside her. As exciting as this scenario was however, Ally had never given any serous consideration to the possibility of her experiencing such an erotic encounter; but that was of course, until she met Ronnie Gunn.


    Alone in one of the many backstage dressing rooms, Ronnie Gunn began preparing for his upcoming match. First, he changed from the street cloths that he had arrived in, into the type of wrestling gear that was more befitting a wrestler of his stature. He slid on his solid dark purple wrestling trunks that more accurately resembled the type of skimpy briefs underwear that are often seen in magazine advertisements. He then tried his best to properly position his cock and balls inside the trunks, something that was no easy task because of the impressive size of his package. The trunks were made of a moderately soft cotton material that did not feel nearly as nice as the more expensive pairs of trunks, but for now they would have to do. He then slid his black kneepads onto his knees before lacing up the solid black boots that completed the outfit. Ronnie then stood in front of the mirror and took a few moments to examine his appearance.
    The feeling of being dressed in such risqué clothing did something to excite Ronnie, and the reflection of his toned physique dressed in the complete outfit only added to Ronnie’s feelings of sexual excitement, mainly because he imagined all of the female fans that would soon be watching him compete. As he examined himself, he ran his hand over his toned abdomen before then moving it down towards his cock. The feeling of his package inside of his purple trunks excited the young jobber to the point that he quickly began forming an erection. As he continued to feel himself and squeeze his now nearly fully erect cock, Ronnie could not help but think of the gorgeous female that he had met less than a hour earlier. Realizing that he had would soon be competing in a very tough match however, he then did his best to redirect his attention to the task at hand. He put on his short sleeved t-shirt, tucking the front end of it inside his trunks, and then began the stretching exercises that he typically did before a match.
    Ronnie let out slight groans of discomfort as he extended his body in various directions. He felt confident that he could get a win on this night and wanted to remain as focused as possible on his upcoming match, but despite his best efforts, Ronnie could still not fully shake the thought of the beautiful Ally’s perfect body pressed up against his and the momentary instance that her hand grazed his crotch. He then took notice of what sounded like clicking of heels in the hallway just outside the dressing room door. His back to the door, Ronnie paid little attention the sound until he eventually sensed the presence of someone standing doorway behind him. As he turned to greet the person at the door, the dark silhouette of sexy female body standing in the doorway immediately intrigued him. Then, as the figure stepped forward and into the light, Ronnie was elated to realize than it was none other than the beautiful Miss Ally Shaw.
    Despite his excitement, Ronnie did his best to maintain his cool and confident demeanor. This became increasingly harder when he realized that Ally was now clothed in a revealing black business suit that resembled the ones that Debra McMichaels had famously worn while working for the WWF during the late 90s. The form fitting suit jacket’s top two buttons were undone so as to show off her voluptuous cleavage and also give slight glimpse of the lace bra that she had on underneath. The matching tight skirt was short enough to show off Ally’s perfectly toned legs, perfect hips and exquisite ass. It made Ronnie wish that he could take her right there where he stood.
    Ally, who was now seeing Ronnie dressed in his wrestling attire for the very first time, was equally intrigued as the sight of him in his trunks was even better that the young valet could have imagined.
    “Hello again” Ronnie finally said as he stood up from the stretching position that he had previously been in.
    “Hi” Ally replied in sultry and playful tone. “I realized that we did not get to properly meet earlier. I hope you don’t mind me just dropping in on you like this.”
    Ronnie had a cocky smirk as Ally continued towards him. She then stopped and stood right in front of him, so close that he could feel the breath coming from her pouty lips.
    “No, I don’t mind at all Miss Shaw.”
    “No need to be formal” Ally then said with a smile, “you can just me Ally.”
    “OK, Ally. I hope you don’t mind me saying this but you look incredible tonight. I know it’s just your first show, but I think that you have already managed to show up ever female in the wrestling company”
    Ronnie’s compliment made Ally blush a little and caused to her to look away for a quick moment before continuing the conversation.
    “Your very sweet Ronnie, but I am actually here to talk about you. I didn’t get to learn hardly enough about you earlier, like for starters, what your full name.
    “Ronnie J. Gunn,” Ronnie confidently responded. “Around here im known as “Hotshot” Ronnie Gunn”.
    “Hot shot Ronnie Gunn huh” Ally repeated in a playful tone. “I like it. But tell me Hotshot, do you live up to your nickname. Are you one f the top wrestlers around her?”
    Not wanting to acknowledge his recent lack of success, Ronnie simply smirked as he said in a flirtatious manner, “I’m still somewhat new around here. I guess that you could say that I am an up and comer.” He made sure to emphasize the term, “Up and Comer”.
    The two quietly gazed mysteriously at each other for the next few moments with neither saying a word. Their mutual attraction was becoming increasingly more impossible to resist. Then, after a few more seconds of lustful staring, Ally slowly stepped to the side and began circling the wrestler with whom she was so intrigued. While doing this, she carefully ran her delicate hands all over Ronnie’s chiseled back and chest.
    “You seem very confident” Ally said. “I like that. I must admit you look like quite the stud to me. You know I am looking for talent that I can help guide to success, and you look to me like you might be the exact type of wrestler I am looking for. So I’m curious, would you have any interest in the managerial services of someone like me?”
    “Its something that I would consider” replied Ronnie. “Going to the ring each night with a woman as gorgeous as you would definitely be a dream come true.”
    “I’m glad to hear that” Ally then said as she stopped circling Ronnie. She once again stood face to face with Ronnie as she seductively placed her hand on the side of Ronnie’s face. “You know one of the things that I think you would enjoy most about my services would be that I believe in taking a very hands on approach with my clients. No matter how big the problem, I’m there for you.”
    “That sounds like something that I could appreciate.”
    “Oh I’m sure you would be very satisfied with my effort, but as such a hand on manager, I do insist on knowing exactly what I will be working with.”
    Without another word, Ally continued with her careful examination of her prospective client’s body, something that got little resistance from Ronnie. She un-tucked the front of Ronnie’s shirt from the front of his trunks and then slowly ran her fingers over every inch of his toned abs and chiseled chest. She the preceded down and began rubbing both hands over the smooth material of Ronnie’s spandex wrestling trunks. Starting with his butt, Ally brought her hands around and grazed his hips before teasingly running her finger tips over Ronnie’s impressive bulge. It was all driving Ronnie crazy with desire, which was evident to Ally by the growing erection inside of Ronnie’s trunks. She then brought her hand to rest at the top of Ronnie’s trunks before slowly sticking part of her hand inside the waistband of Ronnie’s trunks. Ally was now full of excitement as she knew that se was about to see exactly what she had spent the last 2 hours fantasizing about. But just as both were about to get their wish, a loud voice from down the hall interrupted the moment. It was the sound of a technical crew member informing Ally that she was need out at the ring in 2 minutes.
    “What’s going on” Ronnie asked in a confused tone.
    Disappointed, Ally withdrew released her grip of Ronnie’s waistband. “I’m sorry Ronnie, they need me out at the ring. I’m do the ring announcing tonight so that I can get traduced to the fans. Don’t worry though, we’ll finish our discussion later, count on it.”
    Ronnie was irritated that his moment of ecstasy had so suddenly been brought to a hold, but he agreed that the two would definitely continue their discussion later that night.
    “Guess ill see you out at the ring tonight Stud, you know ill be watching.” Ally then kissed Ronnie on the cheek as she turned to leave. But before exiting, she momentarily grasped Ronnie cock which served as just a taste of what he could hope for in the future.
    As Ally left the dressing room, Ronnie could not help but glare at the sight of Ally’s swaying hips and ass. The entire experience had left him mesmerized and wanting nothing more than to impress Ally in his match that night. His only worry however, was being able to focus on his opponent with Ally sitting so clos by.


    It was now time for the third match of the evening and as the music began, Ally (that evenings ring announcer) began the introduction. “Coming to the ring first, weighting 205 pounds, “Hot shot” Ronnie Gunn.”
    The Ally’s sexy voice introducing Ronnie made him feel more motivated than ever. He had a extra swagger in his step as he walked through the curtain and began walking towards the ring. As usual for a jobber, the reception from the crowd moderately enthusiastic, with a great number of whistles from the various female fans in the crowd being directed right at the baby-faced jobber The women sitting closest to the ring also grabbed at every part of Ronnie’s tanned body, which made it even more difficult for him to get to the ring. When he got to the ring, he perched himself atop the middle and top ring ropes and then slowly began to remove his shirt. The sight of Ronnie’s firm body standing above the ring in nothing more than his trunks, kneepad, and boots, again led to a outpouring of appreciation from the female fans in the crowd. It was clear that he had the attention of all the women in the crowd, but more importantly, he had the attention of Ally. The two of them traded flirtatious stares, even as Ronnie went through the routine of having his body checked by the sexy blond female referee that would be officiating that match. Any confidence Ronnie or Ally had however, began to fade quickly when his opponent began making his way to the ring.
    Ronnie’s opponent was a massive heal wrestler that was simply called “Bearclaw”. He towered above Ronnie at 6’’6 and at a muscular 315 pounds, he outweighed Ronnie by more than 100 pounds. The large white male wrestler wore a singlet that looked something like that of a male version of a woman’s 1-piece swimsuit. The singlet showed off every one of Bearclaw’s enormous muscles, and as if the sight of Bearclaw alone were not enough to discourage any challenger, the vicious way that yelled insults toward everyone around was enough to make both Ronnie and the fans tremble in fear.
    “Get ready pretty “ Bearclaw yelled from across the ring. “Your about to get beat so bad your gonna need to get a new drivers license.” He paced intensely as he waited for the sexy blond ref to finish checking Ronnie’s trunks and kneepads for foreign objects. He wanted Ronnie and everyone else in the arena to know that as soon as the bell sounded, Bearclaw had every intention of destroying his baby-faced opponent. Despite all of the commotion however, Ronnie found it surprisingly easy to ignore his enraged opponent.
    It would typically be impossible for Ronnie or anyone to ignore the ravings of someone as intimidating as Bearclaw, especially when that person was only moments away from attempting to tear that him apart. It would probably be even more unlikely that a wrestler would pay so little attention to the sexy blond referee who was running her hands all over Ronnies waist and crotch region, but his thoughts that night were consumed by the beautiful brunette that Ronnie hoped would soon be his devoted valet. He looked down at Ally who was now sitting at ringside near the time keepers table, and for a moment thought he might cum at the mere sight of her seductively crossed legs, short black skirt, and black high heels. He wanted her so badly, but as the bell finally rang, Ronnie’s attention was instantly brought back to the monstrous wrestler that stood across from him.
    The match began with both wrestlers circling each other, each waiting to see who would make the first move. Ronnie though of how he might be able to use his speed to be victorious. They began by locking hands and engaging in a test of strength, the result of which was that Bearclaw shoved Ronnie into the turnbuckle all the way at the other end of the ring. Realizing that that tactic could not be successful, Ronnie quickly changed tactics and then began quickly charging at Bearclaw and throwing his agile body into that of his opponent. It had little effect on Bearclaw and on Ronnie’s third attempt, Bearclaw forcefully shoved the charging Ronnie Gunn with such force that Ronnie was knocked all the way out of the ring and onto the arena floor.
    Ronnie was hit so hard by the massive German that he had take a few moments to collect his thoughts and adjust his now disheveled trunks and kneepads. This was made harder of course by the numerous women seated in the front row who were reaching out and grabbing at the scantly clad young wrestler.
    As he waited for his inferior opponent to get back into the ring, Bearclaw gloated by flexing his enormous muscles and yelling insults at the booing crowd. He then turned his attention to the evening’s beautiful ring announcer sitting ringside and yelled, “YOU WANT TO BE WITH A REAL MAN TONIGHT HONEY? COME ON BABY, WHY DON’T YOU COME HOME WITH ME TONIGHT. I GUARENTEE IT WILL BE THE BEST NIGHT OF YOUR LIFE.
    Ally paid little attention to the raging Heel but inside, she was feeling very conflicted. On one hand she wanted to see Ronnie do well in his match, but on the other hand she was enjoying seeing Bearclaw manhandle the man that she had become so passionately infatuated with. The sight of Ronnie nearly naked body being thrown all around the ring was already beginning to make Ally we inside of the sexy lace thong that she was wearing underneath her short black dress. Despite her excitement over what she was watching however, she did hope that Bearclaw would not be too rough on Ronnie since she had big plans later that night her the man that Ally hoped would soon become her client.
    As the match continued, Ronnie surprised everyone by actually gaining control of the match. He used his speed and several dropkicks to Bearclaw’s massive thighs and knees to knock the Heel off his feet. He then covered his opponent but before the ref could even count to two, Bearclaw kicked out with such force that Ronnie was sent flying halfway across the ring. Ronnie quickly got up and continued his attack as he kicked the downed giant before quickly climbing to the top rope. When Bearclaw got back up on his feet, Ronnie leaped from the top rope with the intent of having his body crash down sideways across the massive chest of his opponent. As he made contact with Bearclaw however, Ronnie felt a sense of terror run through his body as he realized that his Heel opponent had not been knocked back to the floor. Instead, Bearclaw had caught the soaring wrestler and was now holding Ronnie in the slam position, waiting for the ideal moment to slam his overpowered opponent onto the mat.
    With one arm clinched around Ronnie’s shoulder and the other positioned between Ronnies thigh, his hand grasping the back of Ronnie’s trunks, Bearclaw carried his opponent around the ring with the kind of ease that someone would carry a small child. He also laughed and yelled at the crowd while doing so. “COME ON EVERYBODY, CHEER FOR THE PRETTYBOY. COME ON, CHEER HIS NAME!”
    Ronnie tried desperately to escape Bearclaw’s hold until suddenly, Bearclaw violently slammed him to the mat, allowing all of his weight to come crashing down on the chest and abdomen of the much smaller jobber. The move left Ronnie flat on his back, trying to regain his breath and get back to his feet. Bearclaw then hit Ronnie with a splash, which once again brought his huge body crashing down on his opponent chest. He then spent more time playing to crowd, which gave Ronnie some time to drag himself to the edge of the ring where was able to slide under the bottom ring rope. Again finding himself on the ringside floor, Ronnie soon realized that he was laying right at the feet of the beautiful Ally.
    “Come on Ronnie, you can do it. He’s not that tuff” Ally whispered to the struggling wrestler that now laid in front of her.
    Ronnie continued to crawl in her direction but he soon felt a stern grip around his right foot. Bearclaw easily pulled Ronnie back towards him and forced his Ronnie back up to his feet. Then, with one hand positioned on Ronnie’s chest and the other firmly grasping the bulge of his crotch, Bearclaw hoisted Ronnie up above his head in order to give him the dreaded powerslam. Bearclaw held him there for several seconds in order to show the crowd, and especially Ally, just how dominant Bearclaw truly was. The dominant Heel then effortlessly launched Ronnie’s body completely over the top and back into the ring, causing Ronnie’s body landed on the mat with a crashing thud. And as he lay there, unable to escape, everyone knew that the winner had already been decided. It was now just a matter of longer Bearclaw wished to toy with his inferior opponent.
    Ally was concerned for Ronnie as she watched the action from her seat at ringside, but she could also not deny that watching Ronnie get destroyed was by far the most erotic thing that she had ever witnessed. The sight of Ronnie’s toned body being held in the air, his purple trunks riding up the crack of his smooth behind, brought Ally near the point of orgasm. She felt as if it was a hundred degrees in the building but she did all she could to maintain a composed appearance.
    For several more minutes, Ally watched in a state of erotic bliss as Ronnie continued to be punished. She felt as if she never wanted the match to end, but when Ronnie was eventually hoisted into the air and put into a powerful bear hug, Ally knew that end was near. With his massive arms wrapped firmly around Ronnie’s waste, Bearclaw violently moved his opponent from side to side causing Ronnie’s arms and body to trash helplessly through the air. Ronnie endured the pain for only a few seconds before he yelled out in pain and submitted the contest, which then forced the ref to call for the bell and finally bring the one sided contest to its end. After holding Ronnie in the painful hold for a few moments longer, Bearclaw finally threw Ronnie’s beaten body to the mat and raised his arms in victory.
    Ally could barely breath by the time that the mat came to an end, but she composed herself enough to climb back into the ring and announce Bearclaw as the winner. She then turned her attention to the corner of the ring where Ronnie laid writing in pain while he was tended to by the referee. Her intention was to go console the defeated wrestler, but before she could walk over Ronnie’s side, Ally suddenly felt herself being scooped up by the massive arm of the victorious Bearclaw. She tried to resist the Heel wrestler’s firm grasp, but it was of little use. With one arm wrapped firmly around the waist the beautiful young ring announcer, Bearclaw used the other to flex as he laughed maniacally and yelled at the booing crowd. He then arrogantly planted a kiss directly on the lips of a reluctant Ally. Ronnie was unable to do anything but watch it all from the flat of his back, which only added insult to injury. By the time that Ally was finally released from Bearclaw’s inescapable grasp, Ronnie had already been helped out of the ring by two of the PCW’s female officials and was now being aided back to the locker room.


    Alone in the same dimly lit locker-room where he had earlier prepared for his one sided defeat, Ronnie Gunn now laid motionless across a massage table. He was still dressed entirely in his wrestling gear but it was only because he was still in far too much pain to even attempt to change back into his regular cloths. All he could think of was the beating that he had endured earlier that evening, a beating that had been made even worse by the fact that it had happened right in front of Miss Ally Shaw. It was then at that moment that Ronnie heard the sound of another individual enter the room, but believing it to be just another one of the PCW’s many wrestlers, Ronnie paid no attention. He did not realize that the individual had locking the door behind them, and it wasn’t until he heard the familiar clicking sound of high heels moving towards him that Ronnie finally mustered the strength to lift his shoulders and head just enough to t see if the approaching individual was the person that he desperately hoped it was.
    As he propped himself up on his wobbly forearms, Ronnie felt a burst of excitement when he noticed the sexy silhouette before him was again that of Miss Ally’s perfect body. But as if the sight of Ally alone was not enough to excite Ronnie, his realization that the beautiful temptress was now clothed in little more than heels and a dangerously short black silk robe soon caused the ailing young wrestler to become filled with desire and anticipation. The feeling quickly spread throughout Ronnie’s body, especially when Ally began running her delicate hand all over his bruised body.
    “How you feeling Stud?” asked Ally.
    “Better now” replied Ronnie.
    Ally smiled at Ronnie as she gently rubbed his forehead. She then noticed the gradual rise that began occurring inside the Ronnie’s trunks, and in her usual tempting manner, she slowly worked her fingers down Ronnie’s body until she finally brought them to rest directly on the bulge of Ronnie’s growing cock.
    “You know Ronnie”, Ally then continued, “ I still think that we could really work well together. I thin that you would really benefit from the…. MOTIVATION that I could provide.” She then stepped back and untied the string which caused her robe to fall to the floor and reveal her sexy black lace bra and thong. “So what do you say Stud? Do we have an agreement?”
    Ronnie took a moment to enjoy the beautiful site of Ally’s nearly naked body standing before him, and then simply replied by saying, “Miss Ally, nothing would gibe me greater pleasure.”
    With a satisfied grin on her beautiful face, Ally then leaned over Ronnie’s relaxed body and reached her hand inside of his purple wrestling trunks. She then carefully gripped his now fully effect cock and began passionately kissing his lips while stroked the his massive cock for several minutes. When she finally brought him point of climax, Ronnie cummed with an intensity that he had never come close to experiencing before. It was enough to finally make Ronnie forget the pain that had previously been inflicted upon him, and as he now laid there paralyzed by feelings of content, he realized that his purple trunks were now in the hand of his gorgeous new valet. And with a tone that was sexier than any that Ronnie had ever heard before, Ally leaned forward and whispered into his ear, “You know Stud, I think that this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship…. and by the way, I’m keeping this pair of trunks.”

  12. Davi says:

    Hello jobr4pla. I love your literotica jobber tale, pleas continue. I write a comment there. Here the comment
    Hello man I’m here to pay my promise. I love your valets jobber stories, but i have a suggestion. Put the Valet kissing the heel over the defeat jobber, but she need to be the jobber girlfriend valet.

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