New story coming by March 15

A quick update. I’ll have a new story up here by March 15. Figure if I set a deadline that should motivate me to do it. It’s called “Diary of a Heel.”

Basically, it’s written in diary form by an unnamed heel. An unnamed heel who will have a lot in common with guys like Bob Orton, Arn Anderson, Barry Windham and Terry Funk. In other words, an old school heel who loved delivering punishment and humiliation to little jobber boys. It’ll be written from a heel’s perspective but believe me, will be alllllll about jobber domination. But for those who like things from the heel’s point of view and their psychology (and feel like maybe some of my recent stories didn’t have enough of that), I think you’ll like it. For those who like their jobbers being humiliated in front of women, you’ll like it, I think. For those who love their jobbers being trotted out in front of crowds in small trunks to be used and jeered at, I think you’ll like it.

And there will be just enough locker room and out of the ring scenes as well, for those who like seeing their jobbers dominated outside the squared circle.

Also, if you haven’t read it, bookmark this site:

No one understands the psychology of old-school squash wrestling like the awesome keeper of that site, who, I’m very proud to say, has said I helped inspire some of his lines and posts. He’s definitely inspired many of mine.

About humiliatedjobber

From Southern U.S.. Have always been fascinated with wrestling, specifically jobbers who are embarrased and degraded in the ring in their trunks. Always wanted to have my trunks yanked on as the crowd laughs and the evil heel dominates me, in the WWF or WCW. Contact me at
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8 Responses to New story coming by March 15

  1. Mark says:

    Can’t wait! And love the idea of reading about this from the heel’s perspective (in your great style). Just what does he think about facing all these muscleboy pussies in skimpy spandex? Does he know how they’ve come to be in their humiliating careers? Did he always support the idea of trapping young men into a life of domination and submission? What does he think about their unwilling displays of their arousal, and even occasionally shooting their loads in the ring?

  2. Chris says:

    This sounds like it will be very hot. I can imagine the heel backstage, yanking a jobber’s trunks off and handing him a much skimpier pair of trunks to be demolished and degraded in for their match. Looking forward to it! Thanks for sharing your work.

  3. Tucano says:

    valets(jobbers girlfriends or wife) for the master heel. I cant wait

  4. JP says:

    Can’t wait!

    I’d like to know if the heel who tells the story started out as a jobber himself, and now takes revenge on other jobbers and make them go through the same -or bigger- humiliations he had to endure.

  5. Mark says:

    I really like JP’s comment. A heel having flashbacks and memories to his own spirit-crushing experiences as a jobber in revealing trunks being forced to endure daily punishment, humiliation, and objectification in front of an audience for years.

  6. chris says:

    USA BY Jessica Justice

    USA USA USA. tHE CROWD CHEERED louder and louder as their favorite wrestler walked down the aisle.
    He was Johnny Liberty.He had a solid muscled bronze body, and a handsome good guy look to him.He was
    also the champion wrestler, and hadnt been defeated in many years. He was the federation champ.
    He was accompanied to the ring by his longtime girlfriend and Valet, the lovely Vanessa.
    She wore the tightest black leather pants imaginable, and a white spandex tee with no bra.
    and looked very sexy. As Johnny entered the ring, he disrobed to reveal
    a shiny powder blue wrestling singlet. It was the old british style and looked very skimpy,
    resembling a high cut womans one piece swimsuit. He had on white knee pads and white boots.
    His singlet was very shiny and extremely thin. It had little white stars on it and said USA on
    the chest and back. Johnny started pulling against the ropes to loosen up as Vanessa looked on
    as did the rest of the women in the audience. Johnny had a tough match tonight, and he knew it.
    He liked a good challenge. it excited him alot. He liked knowing that he had to wrestle really
    hard, and be in top form, and he liked knowing that the if he made the slightest mistake ,he
    would be pinned. Vanessa was really excited by all of that too. She would pick Johnny real hard
    matches, and love to see him tested thouroughly. It was exciting for her to watch. She also
    designed all of Johnnys wrestling wardrobe, and chose some really risque wrestling attire
    for him to compete in. And tonight she had out done herself. The little singlet Johnny was in
    left very little to the imagination. And Johnnys huge audience of mostly female fans were quite
    aware of that fact.
    Vanessa loved to see Johnny vulnerable, and it really excited her to see when he came close
    to losing. She would secretly get very aroused at watching his matches especially when he had
    a hard time. And tonight, she made quite certain he was going to have a “hard time”. About an
    hour before the match, she made him a protein shake. But his shake, unknown to him was laced
    with two Viagras, 2 tablespoons of horny goat weed, and an ounce of siberian Ginsing.
    As Johnny stretched in his suit, and awaited his opponent, Vanessa rubbed on him, massaing his
    shoulders, and his chest. It looked innocent enough, but johnny had a strong sensation starting
    to emerge under his thin silky singlet. Johnnys heart raced, and he tried to think of other thoughts.
    But Vanessas touch, her sultry soft voice in his ear, and sweet perfume in his nose was too much.
    Johnnys dick started to grow, totally against his will. It shot straight up and was full, and
    hard as a rock. Johnny panicked. He looked down at his singlet, and he saw a very clear outline
    of his errect dick pointing straight up, hidden only by the thinnest layer of shiny powder
    blue spandex.He pulled and stretched and adjusted his suit in a futile attempt to hide it.
    Then the announcer called his opponent “razz”. He was a very muscular black man from Jamaica. He was
    dressed in only a thin pair of tiger striped Gold colored silky speedos. He was barefoot.
    He walked straight toward
    the ring, with a look of serious concentration on his face. The crowd booed him out loud, and
    made gestures at him, but inside, most of the women in the audience were really quite interested
    to see ho this match would go.Knowing Johnny might have met his match.
    Johnny sat with his hands on his kneepads as Vanessa rubbed his back and looked on. She said,
    to him. ” You are gonna have to wrestle really hard tonight honey, if you wanna win. The smallest
    mistake, and he will pin you. He looks awefully strong. You dont wanna lose in front of all your
    fans and your girlfriend do you?Johnny was very intimidated. He stood there with his hands on his knees
    hiding his erection as his opponent entered the ring. How in the world, am I going to pin those muscular
    shoulders to the mat Johnny thought.Johhny also noticed the gold speedo. He saw that his opponent had some
    serious equiptment down there. He then looked down at his own rock hard cock, and tried desperately to hide it
    . The ref called the wrestlers out to the center of the ring. As Johnny walked out, he
    left his kneeling position revealig his big boner clearly seen by all the audience. There was
    no hiding it. It looked like a thick 8 inch flashlight.Clearly outlined
    The ref read the instructions and Johnny shook his opponents hand.Then He knew he was in for
    it. He felt just in his handshake that he was in hot hot water.Wow, this rookie is strong.
    As they went back to their corners, Vanessa exited the ring. She intentionally brushed her
    tight sweet leather pantsed ass against his cock, barely grazing it, and send shocks up his
    stomach. He was very close to coming. She then pulled him close and gave him a big kiss,
    and Told him.Im wearing some pink silky panties, they are damp,and they are all yours
    after you win this match.Now. “Go get em sweetie.
    She exited the ring and started up the chant, USA USA USA. The crowd all caught on and cheered
    as loud as their lungs would allow. Johnny was left alone in the ring with the
    muscled oiled black man. He looked strong and confident. Johnny didnt look so confident. He
    looked worried. He was in big big trouble and he knew it. He ran his hands over his hips
    rubbing and feeling the smooth silky fabric as he thought how he would approach this wrestling
    match. As the two wrestlers circled, Johnny was very intimidated, He called out for a test of
    strength. BIG MISTAKE. He was quickly put on his knees, as Razz poured the pressure on. Then Razz
    showed his quickness by quickly grabbing johnny into a full nelson, both wrestlers on their knees.
    Then wrapped his strong arms around Johnnys stomach. Johnny couldnt do anything. He tried desperately
    to raise the muscular black arms up before the grazed his hard on.They struggled with each other
    all over the mats. Razz always wound up on top.He gave no respect to Johnny. He used his singlet
    to pull on, giving Johnny a full wedgie. Johnny had 3 fights going on. 1. hIS wrestling match. 2.maintaining
    his arousal and hiding his boner. 3. Keeping his singlet out of his butt, and he was losing all
    3 quite handedly. Vanessa was wet and hot as hell watching outside the ring apron. Johnny was
    getting tossed all over the mats. She loved cheering for him as he struggled with the big Jamaican futily.
    Every woman in the audience was getting horny as hell. JOHNNY WAS getting toyed with so bad it was ridiculous.
    But each woman kept cheering in desperation ” Go Johnny Go. It was useless, and they all knew it, but
    it was fun none the less. Then Razz went for a pin attempt on Johnny. Vanessa distracted the ref as
    Razz hooked Johnnys Leg and Pinned him thouroughly. Vanessa managed to distracted the ref for a good 30
    seconds as Johnny kicked frantically. Razz got mad, and let Johnny up as he went to confront the
    ref. Johnny rolled out of the ring,and was immediately in the arms and care of Vanessa.He pulled
    the silky spandex wedgie out of his toned tanned butt,and tried to pull the silky fabric away
    from his ,hard as steel cock.As he walked passed the crowd of horny women, a couple of them
    grabbed at him intentionally grabbing and grazing his manhood. Johnny came darn near orgasm again
    He had never been this horny in his life. Vanessas nipples
    now jutted proudly through her spandex top, and her little slinky panties were drenched. She asked
    Johnny, what is going on out there? Do you wanna get pinned or something? You are going to have to
    wrestle harder if you wanna stay champ. Razz grew impatient and came out of the ring after Johnny. Johnny
    ran from him and Vanessa blocked Razz off. He easily picked her up and gently put her aside.
    This brought Vanessa close to orgasm. Razz continued to chase Johnny, as the crowd cheered. USA USA USA.
    Johnny rolled into the ring and out the other side beating the 10 count. Then he finaly got caught on
    the other side of the ring. Razz rolled him into the ring uusing his singlet, giving johnny an almost obscene
    wedgie.Then he got Johnny in hold after hold and powered him down.Johnny kicked and bucked and squirmed, and
    fought as hard as he could, but experience didnt pay off. He got pinned again, and this time, Vanessa
    gave the ref a french kiss to keep him distracted from counting Johnny out.
    Johnny kicked and squirmed feverishly trying to escape the pin, but the Jamaican was way too strong for him.
    He knew he had to rely on Vanessa. And again, Razz got off of him. He went after the ref, but told Johnny
    to stay there in the ring this time. Johnny did as he was told. Vanessa grabbed an American flag, and
    started the chant again usa usa usa. While waving the flag through the air. All of the audience was on its
    feet. They cheered along and clapped their hands , and stomped their feet. They knew their golden boy
    was going to need alot of help from them tonight.
    Johnny again took out his wedgie, and tried to adjust his erection. But it was just not going to go away.
    He stayed in his corner as ordered, with hands on his knee pads, trying to hide his hard shaft. And shortly
    after, the Jamaican came back after him. Johnny wasnt ready, and he begged for a timeout. But it was not
    granted to him. The Jamaican pulled him up, and grabbed him into a suplex . grabbing Dangerously close to his
    stiff dick,pulling his tights. Johnny knew he was in for it. He then got his right leg pulled back and
    the jamaicans Black muscled legs wrapped around Johnnys tanned left leg,
    and his shoulders were pinned squarely to the
    mat. Johnny fought frantically, and this time Vanessa came into the ring to distract the ref. And she did for
    about 15 seconds, but then he saw Johnny was pinned. This time, Razz was not going to get off Johnny,The ref
    finally got into position, and did a really slow , but steady 3 count. Johnny was pinned. He lost.
    This sent several women in the dimly lit audience to pleasure themselves. Johnny rolled out of the ring
    back to the locker room accompanied by vanessa. She had 1 arm wrapped around his waist and one hand firmly
    resting on his ass.As he walked through the narrow aisles, Johnny was groped several times again by the
    horny female spectators.And even though there were several matches left that evening, the crowd of excited women
    rushed home. They all needed to be alone, and thanked their lucky stars that their vcrs were recording this
    live event. so they could relive it again and again.
    When Johnny made it back to his dressing room, Johnny was massaged by Vanessa
    all over his body. She stopped near his midsection where she outlined his thick long erection with her finger.
    She then said, do you want me to take care of this too champ. Johnny nodded his head, and then was caressed
    through the silky spandex for a good five minutes. Vanessa peeled off her skintight leather pants to reveal
    a soaked pair of silky baby pink thin french cut panties. She said, you werent the only one who enjoyed the
    match sweetie. And if you want some of this, You will have to agree to a rematch with Razz, and this time put
    your title on the line. Johnny went against his better judgement, and agreed to her request. He didnt have a
    choice really. Her sexual control over him was undeniable.Just as they got going , Razz walked into the
    locker room, and locked the door.

  7. Davi says:

    chris I LOVE your STORIES LOVE the black man heel the white boy ass and the hot valet. Please continue or send me a email

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