My jobber humiliations

Hello. Hope you enjoy my stories and dreams about being a dominated jobber. Would love to hear from wrestling fans who enjoy squash jobs or anyone who wants to dominate me in the ring in the way I write about

About humiliatedjobber

From Southern U.S.. Have always been fascinated with wrestling, specifically jobbers who are embarrased and degraded in the ring in their trunks. Always wanted to have my trunks yanked on as the crowd laughs and the evil heel dominates me, in the WWF or WCW. Contact me at
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12 Responses to My jobber humiliations

  1. Richard Smith says:

    Hi, I loved your story the humiliation was great. If you could e-mail me I have some ideas to add but dont want to post them here. However I am not a creative writer like you are. Please contact me. Richard Smith

  2. Jim Thompson says:

    I’ve been there more than once! I am a competitive bodybuilder and wrestler, age 26, 6’2″, 236 Lbs, good looking, very muscular, ripped, full body bronze tan, smooth/hair-free body and very exhibitionistic and narcissistic. I wrestle in barefeet and a colorful, Nylon/Lycra, G-string. I’ve been doing matches for a number of years now at private wrestling clubs, gyms, home settings, nightclub oil matches, and on various underground pro circuits. The wrestling is generally competitive, pro style/free style, to submissions, erotic in nature, and usually in front of small and large audiences. I’ts usually for the challenge and excitement but I also have made good money doing it. I have some really wild experiences, scary moments, public humiliations and ring embarrassments for sure. However, being a “jobber” often, brings a great deal of erotic excitement too. Most recently I lost a big match at a club when wrestling against a 58 year old, ex-pro and in front of a wild crowd of about 500. I really got worked over and ended up stripped naked, hung up in the ropes, and even “spanked”. The fans sure love it!

    • SissyJobber says:

      Would love to hear more details about this and other humiliating matches you’ve had. What move did he use to finish you off? Do you prefer to get pinned or submit? It seems you like to wrestle older guys, which I think is really great.

    • mike ament says:

      hey muscleboy. heel here who loves workin over bodybuilders. like ruff stuff, choked, knee backbreaker, hangman, where you located?

    • Mark Cordon says:

      I can definitely identify with that Jim, muscular jobber here 28, 6′ 229 lbs. I love getting humiliated in the ring or mats and if there’s an audience all the better

    • John Connell says:

      Golden Adonis, Your email is not working, Hit me up, I have a few matches that I recently did, Very humiliating to say the least, Is Nicole still showing off her hot body? or did she learn her lesson as well? John

  3. Tucano says:

    Im a wrestling in BWF in Brasil and im lost in a ladys club in São Paulo one week ago for a man strong like steel. His pin me one hand press my bone in the pink strunk. He´s have a female manager Sara. when a was on the ground whif is foot in my chest , she entered the ring, trample my chest to stay in his height and their making out over me. in front of 100 women who applauded the act. Could you tell the storie in this site? I just ask that you making this end, because it was verry excitement for me.

  4. tucano says:

    And i forgot to tell. The man pin me in a position that his groin press my noise and mouth. The woman in the crow make a ooooooooooooo and sara was dess like miss hancok whif high heels

  5. tucano says:

    I guy I pick my experience and put some more “FACTS” just for the Fun and de humiliation. I hope you guys enjoy!

    Story of that night.
    My name is Tucano in the ring. I was hired to fight a man named Pantera.A tall black strong capoerista from Bahia in a nightclub in Sao Paulo celebrates the anniversary of the owner of the house. That is going to be a night of girls, but still had men there.
    I was introduced to a hot blonde named Sandra. From Bahia as wel, 1:80 owns a pair of legs Stayc Kleiber style and dressed as Miss hancok. That was hired by the nightclub owner to fix the fight.
    SANDRA: I’ll be very clear. You will be the jobber of the night. The Owner of the club and her friends want to see the Pantera show his strength on you. And She is paying big money for you to be very ashamed. So this is a party for adults, be prepared for surprises.
    TUCANO: What kind of surprises?
    SANDRA: Sexual Surprises.
    Night came and I was already in the ring. My outfit is a traditional mascara black bird a TOUCAN Sterling. Shirtless black pants and boots. My style its striker and highfliyer, although quite strong. Im not joober, but that night I received the skin which was to be JOOBER. And I liked it!
    My clothes on the day was the same thing, only difference was that it was pink. And it drew plenty of laughter and teasing of women and the nightclub owner who was there solely to see a rose clown to receive the beating of his life.
    Pantera and Sandra walked to the ring. Sara that circled the perimeter and sat in a chair in front of the front row next to the hot brunette Patricia Piller, owner of the club. (I forgot to mention, but Patricia has a great body like a Carnival Pagan dancer in Rio, but she was not always a woman. Patricia is a shemale. But the most wild and beautiful shemale from Sao Paulo, queen of the night as it is known.) She was dressed with a perfect green dress that exposes her legs, further defined as Sandra and a neckline that with huge silicone breasts. A translucent sandals with stiletto heels in a perfect foot enameled with red fingernails.
    Sandra and Patricia twist and kiss and ingratiating in conversation.
    PATRICIA: This is my gift?
    SANDRA: Yes Pantera will soften it for you. After it’s all yours. You can eat whole.
    Both laughed, and it kind of made me anxious and with a tremendous erection in my pink trunks. Pantera went in and ring and the Ref ordered to start the fight.
    It lasted a short time. I think in order of Sandra. Pantera and I exchanged some blows, I could even topple him several times with slam, suplex, and Dropkicks. but was hes strong closeline that made me spin in the air and dropped half swoon on the flour, that defined what was already set. Pantera lif me up and put me in a peculiar position to apply the Powerbomb.But made a point of pointing my ass towards Patricia and Sandra. He pulled my trunks curving inwards in order to show my butt and the audience of women did ooooooooo. And lifted me in the air and knocking me to the ground hard over my head and back. There he could have gone for the pin. But chose to show one more thing.
    He lifted me up high in a military press and there i could see the ovation of 100 women mad by what was happening. Sandra smiled and Patricia ran her tongue on the lips, winking at me. Sandra got the thumbs up and Pantera prepared, so she made the sign down giving the opinion of the execution. Pantera dropped me on the shoulder and performed an F5 destroying me. I kept lying on the mat so Pantera came to the pin, but the position is contrary to my body. His groin in my face with the hard bone press against my mouth and nose. His hand on my abdomen. The ref counted with ecstatic women. 1 2 3. Glin glin glin.
    Women applaud Pantera. Before he rise, his hand slid up my trunks and patted my hard Dick for the shemale to see. He gave a strong squeeze and pulled out sighs of women in the audience continue applaud the stand. Sandra entered the ring. She stepped up on top of me with both high heels. One on my abdômen, another in my chest. She and Pantera kiss each other. A deep, wet kiss A French Kiss! Women were screaming and cheering on the attitude of the two over me. The loser. Sandra then kneel over me with your shins on top of my arms in a position that besides pain kept me quiet. She lowered his leopard trunks and grabbed his cock.
    SANDRA: For our champion!
    Sandra sucked Pantera good. I had a vision first class and my humiliation, embarrassment and excitement has never been greater. So Sandra got off o me and lifted in his arms. Pantera with his cock still hard and outside left the ring with her. they both walked to the women on the audience. Some Sandra kiss on the mouth, others knelt in a row for a Milk of Pantera Cock . But what was to happen was more intense than all that. Patricia had entered the ring on her heels and walked up to me. I was very hurt to lift me up because my head and back hurt a lot. I was under the control of the queen of night. Light goes down and a beat of music began. FUNK the name of the song was Creu! (perhaps you guys look on youtube to see how the dance looks like). Women began to scream again. Patricia rolling wildly that huge, imense and perfect butt for me dancing up and down. Then without warning the Shemale jumped up and sat down on my groin, smashing my Dick hard on my hip. I leaned forward and opening my mouth but no air.just a silenc screaming. Patricia opening leg, turned her perfect body and stood up. She then gave me a buttstrike chin knocking me back down. She Sat hard on my face and the world disappeared. Patricia was without panties and I felt her cock and balls on my chin and neck. My face was consumed by the sehmale muscular Ass.My Hard Dick was caught by her hands, taken from the Trunks and placed directly into her sucking hot mouth. Did not need much to climax and cum.
    The music stopped and the women stopped the racket. Patricia stood up in my face and lay on me with eyes staring eye.
    PATRICIA: Girls, to the dance floor I’ll enjoy my present.
    The shemale Kiss me savagely. A strong and passionate kiss extreme and powerful to the point of keep me under her control. To get me out any doubts that I wanted it. The girls went out closing the two huge doors. Who was outside before the door would close, saw only a powerful shemale lying on a loser kissing him and sucking his tongue out of his mouth, dangling her sex feet in the air, like a girl play with dools. Well what did hapening inside I leave it in the reader’s imagination. But the next day, a limo came for the mistress Patricia Miller and the JOOBER for the night was walking home ency as a duck.and his mouth was full of foam.

  6. Gary Wrednal says:

    Thank you for this site, which I’ve much enjoyed looking at.

    I’ve always been hugely turned on by jobbers, and greatly respect what they do. It must take real dedication and commitment to submit to public humiliation night after night. What must it feel like, appearing in front of a crowd in only a pair of trunks, knowing that you’re going to be knocked about and abused, just for their entertainment? Thank God there are enough masochist-exhibitionists out there ready to do the job.

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  8. says:

    How can i do real cruel match like your story? At least 50-60% of these.
    I am big pecs asian jobber, athlete body. Prefer to get work over especially gut punishment like Kenny Kendall vs Kevin Sullivan.
    I love to read this website so much and if i had a chance, i would like to make my dream come true.
    If i can find other wrestler here, please let me know

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