A jobber’s humiliation: The destruction of Danny Rogers

*This is a fictional story I wrote. This captures all the jobber fantasies I’ve had over the years. I’ve always wanted to be a dominated, beaten in front of a TV audience and a live crowd in my pink trunks.

Danny Rogers stretched excitedly in the locker room. Finally, after
years of dreaming about it, he was going to make his television
wrestling debut on WWF’s Wrestling Superstars TV show. The 21-year-
old had been the star, three-sport athlete at his high school. At 6-
1, 210 pounds with brown hair, he was an athletic god in football,
basketball and baseball. He was muscular, but not a muscle-bound
freak. He had great leaping ability, which had helped him become an
all-state basketball player, and earned him a college scholarship.
He’d graduated a few months ago, finally giving him a chance to
follow a dream.

He didn’t know why, but he’d always wanted to be a pro wrestler. He
didn’t wrestle in high school, but he watched every Saturday as his
wrestling heroes were in action. After graduation, he went to a
wrestling school and quickly earned a reputation as an up and comer,
a potential future star. He had all the moves, and great leaping
ability, off the mat or the ropes.

Toward the end of his time in wrestling school, veteran promoter
Steven Watson had come to the school and asked specifically to talk
with Danny. The instructors told Danny this was his big break, that
Watson had made dozens of stars over the years.

Now, a few weeks later, Danny was prepared to make his debut as
Flying Danny Rogers. He was standing in the locker room in the
outfit that he had designed and Watson had approved. It was blue
tights, and a blue top, the same type of outfit worn by the Blue
Blazer, minus the mask. He was scheduled to face jobber Steve
Lombardi, and he was going to make a stunning debut. The crowd would
love his moves, his looks, his body, and his persona. To top it off,
his girlfriend of nine months, Katie, was in the crowd with two of
her girlfriends to watch his first match. He couldn’t wait to
impress her, then take her to his hotel that Watson had provided and
fuck her brains out.

Watson came into the lockeroom and told Danny to sit down.

“Got a little change of plans, Danny,” Watson said.

“What do you mean,” Danny wondered, and he thought that he must be
facing a different jobber tonight.

“Here are your real trunks, boy,” Watson said, and with that he
reached into a bag and pulled out a skimpy pair of wrestling trunks.
But these weren’t normal trunks. They were pink! What the hell was
Watson talking about?

“What are those?” Danny said.

“Danny, you’re not going to be Flying Danny. You’re going to be a
jobber. Don’t worry, it’s just for this match, so you can prove
yourself. But if you want to be Flying Danny, you’ll do this. And
you’ll wear these.”

Danny stared at the garment in horror. He’d seen jobbers growing up
who had to wear trunks like this – guys like Tommy Angel, Red Tyler,
Reno Riggins, and Bob Emery. Guys who got beat up and embarrassed
every week for the real talent. Guys who had to wear jobber gear
that told the crowd they were pansies. Danny always wondered how
those guys did it, how they put themselves through that.

“I can’t,” he finally said.

“You will, if you want any career in this sport, boy. Your match is
in 20 minutes. You’re going against Cowboy Bob Orton. Get ready.”

Danny was in shock as Watson exited. But what choice did he have? If
he wanted to be Flying Danny, he had to do this. He supposed every
wrestler had to pay his dues. He took off his blue tights, and
slowly climbed into the humiliating pink trunks. He couldn’t believe
what he was wearing. He saw himself in the mirror wearing them. His
body still looked good of course, but it now looked ridiculous as
well. Every time he moved they rode up slightly in his ass and he
had to reach back and adjust the pending wedgie. He saw another
wrestler watching him from the bench, and the guy was smirking.

A short time later, Danny was standing in the ring. The walk to the
ring was more embarrassing than he was anticipating. Almost
immediately, he heard a man yell, “Nice panties, tough guy.” Every
time he walked by a woman, he noticed them checking out his package
or his ass in the embarrassing trunks. Some even wolf whistled. As
he climbed into the ring he made eye contact with his girlfriend
Katie, who was in the front row. Her eyes were wide, and she put her
hands up as if to say, “What the hell?” He just shook his head and
concentrated on the ring and Orton’s entrance. He’d seen Orton
wrestle over the years and knew he was tough. This would be a long

As soon as the bell sounded Orton attacked Danny, surprising the
rookie with the speed he was on top of him. He pummeled him in the
corner with kicks to the stomach and punches to the head. He then
grabbed the startled rookie jobber by the hair and pounded his head
into the turnbuckle. He took a hold of the hair and ran toward the
far turnbuckle, again slamming the jobber’s head into the
turnbuckle. By the time he was done with all four corners of the
ring, Danny’s head was spinning and he was writhing on the mat.

Orton bent down and slapped a reverse headlock on the youngster.
This is a good move to wear down a jobber, Orton thought. Take some
of the life out of him before the true pain and humiliation began.
Orton ground his arm under Danny’s chin. Danny couldn’t believe how
much pain was involved with this simple move. He struggled to
breathe, and he kicked his legs out a few times, but Orton simply
pressed his weight on his back and took the fight out of Danny.

With Danny weakened, Orton released the jobber and laid him flat on
the mat before dropping a padded knee on the kid’s forehead. The kid
looks so good in his pink trunks, Orton can no longer contain
himself. It’s time to start humiliating this kid.

Orton stood Danny up and hooked his head under his arm. With his
right hand, he grabbed a firm hold of Danny’s pink trunks and lifts
him high into the sky. Danny is frightened as he dangles seemingly
up in the lights. He hears the crowd oohing and aching at the
strength of Cowboy Bob. Danny is being held perfectly straight,
while Orton’s hands hold onto the skimpy pink trunks. How long can
he keep me up here, Danny wonders. The blood is rushing to his head
and he feels himself getting dizzy. Please take me down, he thinks.
But Orton just walks around a bit more with him, before eventually
falling backward in a devastating suplex. He goes for a half-hearted
pin but Danny kicks out of it. Later Danny would think to himself
that he should have just let himself be pinned.

There’s no way, though, that Danny can be prepared for what happens

Orton drags Danny to his feet and reaches to his crotch. Danny feels
himself being grabbed by the rear of his trunks in a possible
bodyslam. But instead, Orton lifts Danny above his head, in a
military press. The crowd gives a huge pop as the jobber in pink is
now seven or eight feet above the ring, his trunks being held a good
five or six inches above his ass, sending the pink material into his
rear as Danny is humiliated beyond belief.

Not content to simply hold Danny up, Orton begins pressing him like
a barbell. Each time Orton pressed him, like the proverbial “sack of
flour,” the crowd cheered or murmured. Each time he pressed Danny,
the pink trunks went in his ass, then out as he was held above
Orton’s head, displayed like some type of prize won at a carnival.

At first, Danny tried kicking his legs, not wanting to be hoisted up
like this in such a humiliating fashion. But as he started kicking,
Orton lifted the trunks even further above his ass, giving him all
the leverage and leaving Danny helpless. Unbenownst to Danny, on the
TV broadcast, the color commentator was saying, “Look at how Orton
is holding the rookie’s trunks. In a military press, the higher the
trunks are above the man’s buttocks, the more leverage you have. And
those trunks are way above Danny and Orton has all the leverage.”

Realizing the futility of his actions, Danny accepted his fate,
eight feet above the mat as Orton toured the ring with his body
above his head, pressing him again and again. All the while he was
also holding Danny by the chin, forcing him to look at the crowd,
forcing him to see the faces of the people. In the first row, he saw
a family of four. The two kids were giggling like crazy, the wife
was staring in wonder and the husband was taking a picture of the

Finally Orton brought Danny down, delivering a devastating
backbreaker while still clutching the rear of his degraded foe’s
pink trunks. But he wasn’t done with this pathetic opponent. No,
after delivering the backbreaker he brought Danny back up above his
head, again displaying him, his trunks, and his now completely
wedgied ass. Again he brought him down for a backbreaker, and again
he brought him up for a press position. Finally, mercifully, he
delivered one final crushing backbreaker and released the jobber boy
from his clutches.

Danny was in pain, but was still aware of the pink trunks lodged up
his butt. While laying on his stomach he reached back and picked the
wedgie out of both sides, although it still left them slightly
riding up. He heard a murmur of laughter as this happened but was in
too much pain, and too humiliated to care. Orton covered him for the
pin and Danny was at least thankful that the ordeal was about to
end. He’d be pinned, and he could go back to the lockeroom.

The ref slapped the mat once, twice…but No! Orton yanks his young
foe up from the ground by the hair and yells to the crowd, “I’m not
done with him yet.”

Danny sits there, still struggling to breathe as his back and ribs
ache. Orton climbs on top of him, straddling him and starts
delivering punches to the top of his head. One, two, three, four of
them. Orton stands up. Danny looks up and sees Orton preparing to
deliver another knee drop to his head. Everything in him wants to
move out of the way. Screw the promoter. But he knows he can’t. He’s
stuck in this position. Besides that, he’s physically in no position
to move, having been beaten up.

Orton now drags Danny up to his feet and puts his hand on the back
waistband of Danny’s pink trunks. Before Danny knows what’s
happening, he’s being thrown between the top and second ropes out
onto the concrete floor, which is covered only by a small mat. But
worse, Orton has deposited him on the side of the ring that Katie is
sitting on. There he lies, four feet away from her and her friends,
and directly in front of the rest of the crowd. As he lays there
rubbing the small of his back, he sees two college aged girls
laughing and smirking at him and hears the one yell, “Cute trunks
pretty boy.” This causes everyone around to laugh, but as he catches
a glimpse of Katie, she’s just shaking her head. Her friends have
small grins on their faces, as if they’re still amazed that their
friend’s tough boyfriend, this stud, this hunk, is prone in front of
them in a pair of small pink wrestling trunks that look like a
slightly larger pair of girls panties.

Orton climbs out of the ring and is now approaching Danny. “Can’t
this guy just leave me alone,” Danny wonders. Orton picks him and
like he did in the ring, hooks Danny’s arm around his neck in
obvious preparation for a suplex. God, not on the concrete, Danny
thinks, as he feels Orton’s right hand take a firm grasp on the left
side of his pink trunks. Orton has positioned him so Danny’s ass is
facing his girlfriend. Danny can only wonder what Katie’s thinking
about now.

After Orton fiddles with his hold on the trunks for a few seconds,
making sure he has a good hold on the silky material, he hoists
Danny up in an apparent vertical suplex. But this time, instead of
crashing backward down to the concrete, Orton goes into a front face
drop. But instead of delivering a brainbuster, he drops Danny
stomach first on the ringside railing. Danny can’t believe the pain
as he goes abdomen first into the steel barrier. The wind is sucked
out of him, he struggles to breathe. Worse, he’s now draped
humiliatingly over the railing, his ass in the air. But not for
long. His momentum carries him down to the floor, but he comes to a
heap on the fan-side of the barrier. He’s now at the feet of an
obese woman, her ugly husband and their kid, not to mention the
pretty college girls and just a few feet away, his girlfriend. Danny
feels his back getting wet and sticky as he apparently landed in
some spilled soda. Then, the fat lady’s kid dumps her cup of popcorn
on Danny’s back. They’re treating him like a farm animal and are
obviously enjoying seeing him destroyed by the cocky heel.

As he makes his way to his feet, Orton reaches over and grabs Danny
by his brown locks, taking ahold on each side of his head. “Come on
over boy,” he yells. With that he walks backward and pulls Danny
over the railing. Danny lets out a yelp as he’s dragged over the
railing and again put on the floor. With his stomach, back, and now
hair all aching, Danny is powerless as Orton grabs ahold of the back
of his pink trunks and yanks upward, again giving him a huge wedgie
as he hears the crowd erupting in more laughter.
“WEDGIE” yells a girl in the crowd.

But instead of throwing his carcass back into the ring, Orton takes
grab of the trunks, and the back of Danny’s hair and begins marching
him around the ring, again displaying him like a prisoner being led
out of a courtroom, forcing the jobber boy to confront the reality,
that he’s a humiliated punk in pink trunks being paraded in front of
thousands of people. To Danny’s horror, Orton marches him right past
his girlfriend. He makes brief eye contact with Katie who again just
shakes her head. Her girlfriends have put their hands up to their
faces, in shocked silence, their eyes wide as they watch the
destruction of DAnny.

Orton frogmarches Orton completely around the ring. Danny is
helpless to stop it, being controlled as he is by his wedgied ass
and his hair. All four sides of the ring see him in this
embarrassing state. At each turn, he can see cameras flashing, as
the fans take pictures that will preserve his humiliation for
eternity. He yells as Orton gives an occasional tug up on the
trunks, further accentuating the wedgie, or gives an extra pull to
the hair, just because he can.

To Danny’s utter horror, there was something going on inside his
trunks as well. Whether it was because of how smooth the trunks
felt, or just the general jostling of the match, he’d gotten hard in
the trunks, and was now sporting a fairly obvious Hardon in the pink
material, which was helpfully pointed out by a fan who yelled “He’s
got a boner. Oh my god.”

AFter completing the circle around the ring, Orton fired Danny’s now
thonged ass back into the ring. As Danny rolled back into the center
of the ring, he instinctively again reached back to remove the
wedgie. However, he could only get one side out before Orton was on
top of him, kicking him in the midsection.

Orton took him and delivered a swinging neckbreaker. Now he was
having fun, the veteran said to himself. Danny was helpless as Orton
lifted him up and took him to a corner. Orton climbed to the second
rope as he turned Danny around so Orton was clinging to the back of
Danny’s head. Orton put his knee to the youngster’s head and fell
forward, putting Danny on his face and delivering all of his weight
on the back of his skull. Danny cried out in pain but couldn’t move.
The pain was so intense, the humiliation of the entire night so
great, that he felt paralyzed.

It ws time for Orton to finish this guy. He pulled Danny up and
again hooked him for a suplex. He gave a good yank on the trunks,
but instead of going for a suplex, he planted him on the top
turnbuckle, then gave Danny a couple of punches to soften him up.
Danny knew what was coming. He’d seen Orton’s superplex over the
years. As Cowboy Bob prepared to finish off the pink-trunked pussy
now securely lodged on the top turnbuckle, he again thought of how
much he loved what he did. Nothing like dismantling and humiliating
a cocky kid who thinks he’s going to take over the wrestling world.
Now here is in a pair of pink trunks in front of a capacity crowd,
helpless, hopeless. Watson had pointed out the kid’s girlfriend
beforehand and Orton made sure that many of Danny’s humiliations
took place right in front of her pretty face. Now the kid sat
obediently in the corner, his body aching, his ass probably sore
from the constant trunks abuse he’d undergone, his spirit utterly
shattered. Orton could do anything he wanted at this moment, and the
power was intoxicating. Orton climbed up to the rope and again
hooked Danny’s head and took a firm hold of the kid’s trunks. The
crowd stood as one as they waited for this jobber to be finished
off. They wanted their blood.

Danny felt helpless as Orton clutched his trunks. Suddenly, before
he was really prepared for it, he was being flipped backward and to
the mat, landing with a blow that crushed his back and robbed him of
breath. Orton climbed on top, his crotch over Danny’s face, and
hooked his leg for the inevitable pin. As Danny’s leg was lifted for
the pin, Orton hooked Danny’s other leg so that his ass was now
completely exposed for the pin.

The bell rang and the announcer named Orton the winner. Danny laid
there for a few minutes, adjusted his trunks, and with head bowed to
avoid the stares of the crowd, returned to the locker room.

He peeled his trunks off and got dressed, happy that he’d never have
to go through that again. He hadn’t seen Watson yet, but the
promoter had to have been impressed with his efforts and his abilit
to take punishment.

An hour after the match, Danny met Katie in the hallway. It was good
to see her. He needed a friendly face after what he’d been through.
He wanted to explain to her what had happened, and why, and how
everything was going to work out. He walked up to her and went to
give her a kiss on the cheek, but Katie stepped back a bit and shook
her head. Katie looked down at the floor, trying to gather her

“Danny, listen. You’re a great guy, but I don’t think this is going
to work out.”

This is not what Danny was expecting. “What the hell are you talking

“Danny, do you know what I just saw out there? I just watched as my
boyfriend got the crap beat out of him in front of 5,000 people and
god knows how many on television. And not only did he get the crap
beat out of him, he was wearing a pair of trunks that looked like a
large pair of pink panties. Do you know how humiliating it was for
me to have to sit there and hear the crowd taunting you? Do you know
how embarrassed I was to be sitting by Jessica and Julie as they
watached my boyfriend get treated like a sissy? What the hell are my
brothers going to say about this? I’m sorry. I can’t go out with
someone I don’t respect.”

“Katie, please, don’t,” Danny said, but she walked away, and toward
Jessica and Julie, who were standing about 30 feet away, also
shaking their heads.

Around the corner, Watson watched and listened to this scene with a
giant smile. He figured Danny’s girlfriend would eventually leave
him after she saw what he had turned him into, but even he didn’t
think it’d only take one match. He’d have to thank Orton for doing
his part, humiliating Danny right in front of the girl.

Watson went up to Danny who was now standing by himself in silence
and put an arm around him. Danny recoiled. “Get your hands off me,”
he said, and Watson could see the rookie was starting to tear up. “I
did what you wanted, now I want my old uniform back and Flying Danny
to premiere.”

“There is no Flying Danny, boy,” Watson said. “You’re Danny Rogers,

“But you said…”

“I lied,” Watson said, smiling broadly.

“Welcome to your new reality, Danny,” Watson told him. “Whatever
wrestling career you thought you were going to have ended the moment
you stepped into that ring in those pink trunks and proceeded to be
humiliated in front of a TV audience. No one will ever see you and
take you seriously again. From now on, you are a jobber. You will be
my jobber boy. You’ll usually wear these pink trunks, but sometimes
I’ll switch it. Maybe give you a yellow pair, perhaps a floral
pattern that will add to your humiliation. You can be sure of one
thing: every match you wrestle, you will be decked out in
humiliating trunks and those trunks will be grabbed, yanked, and
pulled up your ass, and you will get the crap beaten out of you in
every match. I’ve got a whole horde of heels lined up to take you
down. Guys like Kevin Sullivan, Barry Windham, Arn Anderson, the
Barbarian, Terry Funk, Nikolai Volkoff. I might even whore you out
to some other promoter friends who are always looking for new jobber
boys to get destroyed and get their talent over. I’ll probably send
you to some independent promotions as well. You think it’s
humiliating being destroyed in front of a large audience? Well, it’s
just as bad when there’s only 50 people in some rinky dink high
school gymnasium and every man, woman and child in that place can
see you being embarrassed and prancing around in your trunks. This
will be your life, Danny. Until I’m done with you.”

“I’ll just quit,” Danny blurted out. “You can’t make me do this.”

Watson again chuckled to himself. So naive, he thought.

“Danny, you have to read your contract better. It says that I have
complete power over your career and your character, I can do
whatever I want with you and you have to do it. I know you sunk your
life savings into going to our wrestling school. You have nothing
left. And the contract also says that if you quit before your five-
year stint is up, or if you don’t follow my ideas for your
character, you will owe me the money on your contract. Think about
that. You quit, you’ll be paying me off for the next 25 years.
You’re a jobber now Danny. That’s it.”

Watson left Danny standing there. The youngster didn’t know what to
do. He thought about calling his parents, but they’d been against
him becoming a pro wrestler from the beginning. What would they say
if they found out he’ quit and now actually owed money to the
promoters? He couldn’t believe he hadn’t read the contract better.
It’s just that he was so damn excited when Watson wandered into the
wrestling school and offered it to him on the spot.

He needed a drink. Danny eventually found himself at a small bar, a
place he knew the other wrestlers wouldn’t go to. He was nursing his
fifth beer of the night when he noticed two women about 30 years of
age at the other end of the bar staring at him. They were
attractive, and were whispering to each other and occasionally
giggling. In another life – a pre jobber life – Danny would have
tried to make a move. But not now. He just went back to his beer.
But a few minutes later the ladies were standing next to him,, still
giggling slightly to each other.

“Are you Danny Rogers?” the brunette asked.


They laughed again, and the brunette said, “We thought so. We were
at your match tonight.”

Oh god, Danny thought to himself. Why now. Where were they sitting?
It didn’t matter, they’d obviously seen him crushed and embarrassed
and wedgied in the ring.

“I thought you looked kind of cute in your pink trunks,” the lady
continued, “but my friend said you looked like a fag.”

With that the brunette and her blonde friend burst into laughter.
They were obviously drunk, and were enjoying themselves. Danny said
nothing, hoping they’d go away.

“Why do you wear those skimpy trunks,” the blonde finally asked.

Danny still said nothing. How could he explain what he’d been
through, what his life was going to be like. “I don’t know, the
promoter liked them on me.”

“He is a fag,” he heard the blonde whisper to the brunette, who
responded, “Shh, be nice. Well, listen Danny, all I can say is that
I can’t wait to see you in some more matches. Just be careful of
those wedgies, pantyboy.”

And with that both women burst into laughter and walked away from
him. Humiliated, Danny paid for his beer and hustled out of the bar.
He went back to his hotel and contemplated his future. His future as
a jobber boy.

A week later Danny was at the WCW wrestling studios in Atlanta,
which Watson also ran. The wrestling area was much smaller, the
crowd closer to the action. In the lockerroom, Danny sat nervously
on a bench. Some other wrestlers wandered by, but he was alone when
Watson, his tormentor, walked in.

“Got a good match for you today, boy. Kevin Sullivan.”

Danny recoiled inside a bit. He’d heard the stories about how mean
Sullivan really was in the ring. It wasn’t an act for this guy.

“Oooh, Kevin loves destroying jobbers like you,” Watson said, as if
he could read Danny’s mind. “Something about seeing a hot, well-
built young jobber in small trunks gets his ire up and he can’t wait
to make an example of you. But I’ll give you a little chance to show
something other than your ability to take humiliation. The match is
going to start with you on the offensive. I want you to put together
about two or three minutes of offensive wrestling. Show the crowd
those skills you thought you were going to use your whole career.
They’ll love it. They hate Sullivan. They’ll even be cheering for
the kid in pink. But then it’s going to go downhill for you and I’m
afraid it’ll be pretty painful. But here’s the best part. I’m not
going to tell Sullivan you’re going to take the initiative at the
start of the match. Your offense is going to take him completely by
surprise. Oh boy, is he going to be pissed. And you will pay for it.
And Kevin’s got a new manager, not sure if you know. Jacqueline. A
gorgeous, strong, black former bodybuilder. And she likes destroying
jobbers nearly as much as Kevin.”

Danny sat there in silence. He could already see his fate. There was
no way out of this.

“Now let’s get you into your trunks, boy,” Watson said.

Danny opened his gym bag and pulled out the clothing that had come
to define him. Every time he looked at them he recoiled, not quite
believing that thosuands of people were going to see him outfitted
in this. Watson watched as Danny took off his clothes and stepped
into the trunks, pulling them up his leg and fitting them over his
crotch and ass. Already they were riding up a bit in the back and he
reached back to adjust them, bringing an audible moan of pleasure
from Watson.

“We do have to address one more thing,” Watson said as Danny stood
in front of him in his fairy pink attire. “We can’t have you
sprouting hardons on national tv every time you’re out there getting
your ass kicked.”

Again Danny was silent. He didn’t think anyone had noticed. Well,
except for the girl in the crowd. And his girlfriend. Jesus, had
people on TV seen it too? His life couldn’t get any worse. “It was
an accident,” he blurted out, and Watson laughed.

“I don’t think so,” he replied. “And your life is going to have a
lot more humiliation and ass kickings and trunk pullings and exposed
asses in the very near future, and it obviusly gets you going.”

Danny stared at him as Watson told him to follow him back to his
office. He had no idea what the promoter could be planning. They
stepped into Watson’s tiny office and the promoter went and sat down
behind his desk. He thought about all the good times he’d had in
this office. How many young punks like this he’d humiliated and
degraded over the years. He’d dressed up many jobbers in this very
office, put them into tiny trunks, or larger trunks depending on his
mood and the jobber’s look. He’d slapped around a few rookies in
here after they screwed up a match. He’d made a few of his jobbers
wear white panties underneath their trunks, panties that were of
course exposed the second one of his heels pulled their trunks. He
told the jobbers they were “athletic underwear,” but they knew. They
knew Watson ran their life. He’d made some of the jobbers sport butt
plugs during matches, the better to train their jobber pussies for
when he bent them over his desk after the matches. And many a jobber
had found himself on his knees in front of Watson, sucking him off
as they wore their skimpy gear before being sent out for another
round of debilitating humiliation.

But Danny Rogers might be his greatest creation. He’d taken an All-
American boy, a college basketball player, a stud who women wanted,
a kid who really could have been a star in wrestling, and turned him
into the pathetic jobber that stood nervously in front of him now,
decked out in white boots and pink trunks. He had only made a very
select few of his jobbers wear the pink trunks, as they were the
ultimate humiliation for the wrestlers, and the ultimate sign that
Watson himself truly wanted to see their total emasculation and

“Pull down your trunks, boy. To your knees.”

Danny hesitated, before slowly pulling them down and standing in
front of Watson, who now had a perfect look at Danny’s small, but
suddenly hardening dick.

“Come here.”

With the pink trunks at his knees restricting his walking, Danny
hobbled over and around the desk. Watson felt his own cock growing
hard as he watched this sissy struggle to wander over to him.

“Now Danny. This is a part of wrestling you probably haven’t heard
about, but a lot of guys do it. They don’t wanna get hardons during
the match so they’ll jerk off before the match. But you’re lucky,
I’m going to be the one to drain you.”

With that Watson grabbed Danny and pulled him onto his lap so
Danny’s back was to him. Watson told Danny to lift his legs and rest
his feet on the desk. He then grabbed the jobber dick and began
pumping him, all the while telling him about the destruction he was
going to be facing in a short while at the hands of Sullivan and

The destroyed Danny tried to keep from getting hard, but it was
useless. He thought back to all the times he’d had a chick in a
similar position, on his lap, her panties at her knees, him playing
with her wet pussy. The image crushed him, as he knew he was now the
one being used and abused. After just a few minutes. Watson could
tell Danny was about to erupt. The jobber juice squirted out into
Watson’s hand as Danny moaned and writhed on the promoter’s lap.
Watson wiped his hand off and told Danny to stand up.

Danny looked down as Watson slowly pulled the pink trunks back up,
over his now flimsy cock. He snapped them with a flourish at the
waist and had Danny turn around so he could adjust the trunks on the
jobber’s butt cheeks.

“There we go,” Watson said. “These trunks are going to get quite the
workout tonight.”

With that he lightly patted Danny on the rump and sent him on his
way, telling him “Showtime’s in 60 minutes.”

Danny wandered out of the office in a haze, stunned by what had just
happened, and fearful of what was next.

An hour later, Danny stood in the squared circle, jumping up and
down nervously. Here came Sullivan, led to the ring by the muscular,
black Jacqueline, a woman who truly did put fear into men’s hearts.
Danny had seen her in action during one match and couldn’t believe
how she’d crushed an opponent of Sullivan’s who ended up outside the
ring. And look what she was wearing. Tight dark pants, a tight black
shirt. A hot, even masculine outfit, while he was sporting his
degrading pink trunks. But Danny had a plan. Since Watson gave him
the go ahead to put on some offensive moves, he was hoping, praying
even, that he could surprise Sullivan in the first minute and maybe
get a surprising pin. If he could just hit a dropkick, and then a
patented cross bodyblock from the top rope – the move that was going
to be his signature when he was going to be Flying Danny – he could
maybe get a quick one-two-three and get out of the ring. He knew
Watson would be pissed. But maybe it’d get the crowd behind him and
they’d see that he wasn’t just a sissy in pink trunks who was only
there to be beaten up and humiliated by stronger men. He could show
Watson that he could still be a big name in wrestling, that he
didn’t have to be sentenced to a lifetime of jobber hell. He only
hoped he’d get an opening.

As Sullivan climbed into the ring in his black trunks, Danny again
reached back to pick out the gradual wedgie. He did it almost
without thinking about it now, so engrained were the trunks in his

He knew Sullivan was expecting them to lock up in the center of the
ring – Watson had told Sullivan that, wanting Danny to surprise him –
and now Danny struck. Sprinting across the ring he delivered an
elbow to Sullivan’s face, landing it squarely. Sullivan fell back
into the corner and Danny pounced, kicking him in the gut three
times. With Sullivan obviously staggered, Danny stood on the rope
and climbed above Sullivan, who was trapped in the turnbuckle. He
punched him. Then again. Now the crowd was in it, and was on his
side, just as he knew they would if he got some offense going. They
picked up the chant now, one, two three, four, five, six punches.
Danny climbed down and flung Sullivan into the opposite corner. As
the short, powerful heel wandered back to the center of the ring,
Danny picked him up in a bodyslam. It felt good to finally be in
control. Sullivan let out a groan as his body came down on the

Now it was time to go for the kill. He dragged Sullivan up and flung
him into the ropes. Sullivan came in and Danny delivered his
devastating drop kick, the one that had so impressed his instructors
at wrestling school, before Watson came into his life, before the
pink trunks, before the destruction, before the wedgies. With
Sullivan grabbing at his mouth – maybe I knocked a tooth out, Danny
thought – Danny climbed to the top rope. This was it. Flying body
drop and it would be a one, two, three. He waited for Sullivan’s fat
ass to rise, and then flew. He hammered Sullivan flush and he
crumbled to the mat. Danny was on him. One, two…but before the ref
could hit the mat a third time, Sullivan threw Danny off him.

Undeterred, Danny picked Sullivan up. He needed a few more moves,
then it would be over. He again threw Sullivan into a ring corner.
He went racing in him after him hoping to deliver a body block that
would soften Sullivan up again. But a moment before hitting
Sullivan, the heel’s boot rose up and kicked out, hitting Danny
right in the mouth. He crumbled, and let out a yell. His whole face
felt like it’d been blown up. The next words he heard let him know
it was all over, and that it had probably been a mistake to go after
Sullivan. As Sullivan yanked him up by the hair, he leaned in close
and whispered, “You’re going to pay now you little fucker.”

Danny could taste blood in his mouth. Sullivan walked him over the
ropes and acted like he was going to throw him to the other side of
the ropes, but he held on to Danny and as the jobber bounced off,
Sullivan caught him with a knee directly to the abdomen. But he held
him up. He walked over to the other ropes and did the same move,
completely robbing Danny of breath. He now threw him into the
turnbuckle and followed right behind, not waiting like Danny had
done, his crucial mistake. Sullivan gave him a crushing clothesline
that he made sure hit right on the jobber’s throat.

Sullivan was enraged. But he liked being enraged. This little pink
fairy had thought he could surprise the veteran, and now it was time
to make an example of him, in case a future jobber boy was watching.
As his prey flailed on the mat like a fish out of water, he picked
him up and clutched on to the back of the silky pink trunks.

It felt good to grab a jobber’s trunks, Sullivan thought to himself.
There was nothing quite as humbling as being controlled by your
trunks. He knew what kind of power he held being able to manipulate
a man like this, how embarrassing it was, and how it destroyed any
thoughts of a comeback in a jobber. And now he had Jacqueline to aid
him in his madness. She was almost the female equal of him. She
enjoyed humiliating jobbers as much as he did. And now she’d get her

With his hands full of trunks and hair, Sullivan took Danny and
prepared to throw him over the top rope. But right when he got
there, he pulled back and held Danny up.

“No, no, no,” Sullivan said. He then went to the other side and
prepared to throw him out. But again he held him up, forcing Danny’s
trunks further up his ass.

“No, no, no,” he repeated.

And by now the crowd knew what was coming. Sullivan was going to
throw him at Jacqueline’s feet, on her side of the ring.

Sullivan finally tossed Danny over the top rope and the youngster
landed with a thud on the floor, with Jacqueline standing about six
feet away. As Danny struggled to his feet – he didn’t want to spend
anymore time this close to the crowd as necessary – he turned and
was greeted by a running clothesline from Jacqueline, which sent him
crashing back to the floor. The crowd went nuts as Jacqueline looked
at her work with a satisfied smile.

“That bitch,” Danny thought to himself.

As Jacqueline pulled him up, Danny went to punch her. He wasn’t
going to take this from her, no matter what the promoter wanted, no
matter if she was a woman. But somehow Jacquline blocked the blow,
and delivered a right punch herself to his forehead, followed by a
kick to the stomach. With Danny bent over, Jacqueline hooked danny’s
head and arm and grabbed hold of the side of his pink trunks.

“Oh god no,” Danny thought, a split second before Jacquline snapped
him up and delivered a back-crushing suplex on the thin mat covering
the concrete.

“Kick his ass, Jacquline,” yelled a guy in the crowd.

“Yeah, kill him,” followed a woman’s voice, and it was now obvious
that any thought Danny had that he’d won over the crowd with his
early offense was foolish.

Sullivan climbed down to the floor and now took over the destruction
from Jacqueline. Standing behind Danny, who was sitting on his pink-
trunked ass, Sullivan put both hands into Danny’s mouth, grabbing a
side with each hand. He then walked backward, dragging the howling
jober on his back as the crowd watched in amazement. Sullivan
dragged his foe like a hunter pulling a deer out of the woods,
finally stopping after pulling him 15 feet on the mat. Danny kicked
his legs helplessly, wondering what could happen next.

Sullivan pulled him up, again by danny’s mouth, grabbed him by the
back of the head, and rammed him face first into the steel ring
corner. Danny didn’t get his hands up in time to properly cushion
the blow like he was taught, and the full force of the blow drilled
him, instantly causing him to go a bit blurry-eyed. Sullivan noticed
that the hapless boy hadn’t gotten his arms up in time, and he
couldn’t be happier. Now he was delivering real pain and
humiliation. Danny was rolling on his stomach, trying to regain his
bearings, as Sullivan climbed back into the ring. Jacqueline
wandered back over to Danny and slowly picked him up by clutching
the back of his pink trunks. The kid had a nice ass, she had to
admit, but nothing got her off like dominating men like this. She
loved the looks on the faces of the women in the crowd as she gave
an extra tug to Danny’s trunks and put them up his ass. She saw that
several pretty girls were wearing University of Georgia gymnastics
sweatsuits, and they especially seemed to be enjoying seeing this
guy their age get destroyed. They probably wanted Jacqueline to do
the same thing to their boyfriends.

She slowly walked him about five feet and then fired him back under
the bottom ring rope.

Both sides of the pink trunks were now lodged up Danny’s ass and a
buzz went through the crowd. Danny was vaguely aware of this, but
the blow to the head had done some damage. He still couldn’t really
see straight and the world was spinning. He had to get a second to
breathe, to clear his head, but Sullivan was immediately on him.
Sullivan sat on Danny’s chest and delivered punch after punch after
punch. Danny could feel the drool from Sullivvan spilling onto his
chest as well as each punch, which just added to his fuzzy head. In
that state, Danny didn’t even hear the eruptions of laughter that
went up from the crowd as Sullivan stood him up and Danny’s wedgied
ass was now on full display for the first time since he got tossed
back into the ring.

Sullivan felt a hardon growing in his own trunks as he held the
battered and bruised youngster up by the hair in the center of the
ring, debating whether to finish him off now or prolong the jobber
boy’s misery. The power he felt at this moment was unlike anything
else in life. Even fucking a woman wasn’t quite the same as this.
Then he remembered the sneak attack beginning, and the hatred for
this punk again filled him. There would be no quick finish for this
kid. He held him up by his hair for a few more seconds, giving the
stunned crowd a chance to hoot and holler and laugh a bit more. Now
moving back into action, Sullivan bent Danny over and stuck his head
between his legs in preparation for a piledriver. Instead of simply
locking his arms on Danny’s stomach and lifting him up for the
devastating manuever, Sullivan first took a hold of Danny’s trunks
and gave them a yank. The jobber boy was now completely humiliated,
bent over in front of the crowd and Jacqueline, trunks up his ass,
head lodged between Sullivan’s sweaty, disgusting legs. The pull on
the trunks seemed to wake Danny from his fog, and he regained a bit
of his senses. He was now fully aware of his position of servitude
in between Sullivan’s thighs. All he could hope for was that the
piledriver would be the end of the match and Sullivan would
mercifully cover him.

Sullivan pulled the kid up and held him vertically for a few
seconds, the jobber’s ass inches from his face. Instead of simply
falling to the ground, Sullivan leapt up before coming down, further
hurting Danny’s head and leaving him sprawled on the canvas. But
Sullivan had no interest in the pin. He wanted Jacqueline to have a
bit more fun. This time he spared the kid a trunk grabbing and
instead just flung him over the top rope with his hair, again
sending Danny to Jacqueline’s feet. The crowd in the first few rows
stood up to watch the destruction they knew was coming.

Jacquline gave a leather boot to Danny’s head, then another. She
then proceeded to bring her boot down all around his body, making a
circle, starting with his head, going to his shoulders, to his
stomach, to his legs, and then to the other side, ending back at the
jobber’s head.

Danny heard a girl yell out “pick your wedgie,” and laughter.

Sullivan again descended from the ring side. He grabbed Danny and
walked him over to the small podium that the television announcers
stood behind.

“What is this madman doing now,” the play by play man wondered as
Sullivan and his quarry came near the podium. One of the cameraman
was two feet away from Danny’s ass and panned down for a shot of it.
Watson had told him that the audience loved seeing shots like that
of humiliated jobbers.

Sullivan scooped up Danny’s helpless body in a bodyslam position. He
held him for a few extra seconds and gave an extra squeeze to
Danny’s balls, just to remind him who was in charge. With that he
slammed Danny onto the podium, crushing the flimsy structure as the
crowd cheered and the announcers yelled “What in the hell does
Sullivan think he’s doing?”

Danny was again out of it, the dizziness returning as he laid on the
pile of wood that used to be the TV stand. Briefly, in a flash
thought, he wished he had never entered the world of professional
wrestling. But that thought was eliminated as Sullivan took a piece
of the podium and slammed it onto Danny’s chest. Jacqueline wandered
over to the destruction and Sullivan motioned her to come near him.
They each used one hand to grab a piece of Danny’s hair and, like
Sullivan did earlier by his mouth, they dragged Danny back toward
the ring, like a caveman dragging his wife. They left him for dead
as Sullivan climbed into the ring. It was left to Jacqueline to get
the battered Danny back into the ring. Danny was still sprawled on
his back, unable, or unwilling to move or try and get up.

Impatiently, Jacqueline reached down and grabbed Danny by the front
waistband of his trunks and yanked up. Again the crowd ooohed. The
pressure of the trunks on danny’s balls was painful, but the
humiliation of being manhandled like a doll was worse. As Jacqueline
had yanked him up, she’d gotten a peak at his tiny dick and smiled.
Turning Danny around and grabbing now onto the back of his trunks,
Jacqueline leaned into his ear and said, “You’re a small-dicked
little faggot ain’t ya?” and threw him back into the ring. She’d
briefly thought of spanking the cute jobber’s white ass, but thought
better of it. That’d be too much even for her and Sullivan.

There Danny laid. Motionless. Powerless. Trunks lodged up his ass,
unable to do anything about it.

Sullivan was again on top of him, sitting on his chest, this time
clawing at Danny’s bare chest, again and again, leaving scratch
marks that would take days to heal. Danny cried, real tears this
time, as the announcers yelled, “The referee has to stop this.
Sullivan is maiming this young rookie.”

Danny’s body hurt everywhere. His head was still ringing and his
vision was still going out from the knock on the skull earlier. His
stomach was bruised from the punches, knees and kicks. His back had
absorbed punishment from Jacqueline’s humiliating suplex and
Sullivan dumping him on the TV podium. He could taste the blood that
had come after Sullivan kicked him. It still felt like he had all
his teeth, but who knows. Even his hair – his hair! – hurt from
being yanked and pulled inside and outside the ring.

As Sullivan pulled Danny to his feet again, Danny’s world was
spinning, but he managed to say to his tormentor, “Please stop,

Sullivan smiled and replied, “Not yet boy.”

The heel again reached down to Danny’s crotch and lifted him into a
bodyslam position. With Danny’s pink trunks residing permanently in
his ass, there wasn’t much material for Sullivan to hold onto so he
took ahold of the top of the waistband to gain leverage over the
rookie. He pulled the band down slightly, revealing just a bit of
the top of Danny’s crack and getting another good pop from the
crowd. Sullivan carried him around the ring like that for a good 30
seconds, making sure the crowd saw his complete domination of this
fool. He’d reduced a hot young guy to a quivering mass of pain, his
trunks used as a weapon against him, publicly humiliating him a way
that few people have ever experienced. As he was carried around the
ring like a child, Danny actually felt a few seconds of peace. For a
brief few seconds, the pain went away and he felt comfortable being
hauled around.

That ended as Sullivan sprinted with Danny’s body and drilled his
back into the corner turnbuckle, turned him upside down, and latched
his boots under the rope, trapping Danny upside down, like a
prisoner strung up by his feet, his wedgied, pink trunks and ass
facing the crowd, which knew, as well as Danny did, that Sullivan’s
famed and feared Tree of Woe was coming.

Perched upside down in his turnbuckle prison, Danny fought a bit
before discovering his locked feet kept him from going anywhere. The
blood rushed to his aching head and he again felt dizzy. He watched
with wide eyes as Sullivan sprinted from the opposite turnbuckle and
delivered a stomach busting knee. Danny felt like puking. Sullivan
went back to the corner and again sprinted toward Danny’s splayed
out body. This time he altered the knee slightly, bringing it
directly into Danny’s balls. The pain rippled up into Danny’s
stomach and he let out a cry. Again Sullivan backed up, and again he
crashed into Danny’s stomach. He did it a fourth time, which led the
ref to plead with the madman, “Come on Kevin, he’s had enough.”

The plea fell on deaf ears. As Sullivan went back for a fifth, body
crushing blow.

Danny was now sliding in and out of consciousness. He was completely
out of it by the time Sullivan delivered a sixth blow. He drifted
back to the land of the living in time to feel Sullivan finally
removing his leg from the corner and his body plummeting back to the
mat. He landed on his stomach, and wasn’t even aware of what
happened next until he saw it later on the TV replay. Sullivan
grabbed the side of Danny’s trunks and his leg and somersaulted him
onto his back, briefly exposing danny’s ass.

He was now centered in the ring, utterly hepless and defeated, his
labored breathing proof of the abuse he’d taken. He knew his trunks
were a mockery now, but he had no power to adjust them, no power to
fend off anything Sullivan wanted to do to him. He was at Sullivan’s

Sullivan did one final run against the ropes and then jumped on
Danny’s stomach with both feet, staying there for a few seconds
before leaping off. He covered Danny with a boot as the ref slapped
the three-count.

The crowd and announcers were stunned by Sullivan’s brutality, and
the humiliation the young jobber had to endure. Danny laid
motionless on the mat for several minutes as the referee attended to
him, lightly slapping his cheek until Danny came to.

“Come on son, let’s get you out of here,” the veteran official said.
The ref had seen a lot of rookie destruction in his time, but he
didn’t know if he’d ever seen something like this. And the best
part: this jobber was incredibly hot. Good god, where did Watson
keep finding these boys to trout out in front of a huge crowd in
small trunks? This one might have been the best yet. He had half a
mind to take the youngster back to the lockerroom and rip these pink
panties off him and finish him off. Maybe someday, after Watson was
done with him.

For now he helped danny roll toward the edge of the mat and then
helped him climb out of the ring and get to his feet. He put his
neck under danny’s arm to help him back to the lockerroom. He
thought about telling the kid to reach back and pick the trunks out
of his ass but then decided to leave them. Let the pretty girls and
redneck guys get one more look at what happens to hot jobbers.

One guy in the crowd taunted Danny as he walked out “Nice match,
pantyfag,” but danny barely heard it.
The ref got him into the lockeroom and walked him past the other
wrestlers, who were smirking and shaking their heads at this piece
of rookie meat. Watson appeared, smiling, and told the ref to leave
the youngster on the bench to rest.

He was going to need it. His jobber career was just getting started.

About a month later, Watson waited for Danny to arrive to another TV
taping at their small Atlanta studio. Danny came into the locker
room and cringed a bit when he saw Watson waiting for him on a
bench. That could never be good.

Danny’s life had changed in such a way in 30 days that he hardly
remembered his previous existence, his life before Watson, before he
became a dominated, used wrestling jobber boy. His prematch
drainings of his jobber juice continued. Watson would do it while
forcing Danny to watch old jobber-heel squash matches on videotape.
He wanted to train the boy to understand that his only pleasure was
going to come from being a dominated, degraded jobber. Danny would
be mentally conditioned in a way that meant he’d eventually only get
sexually excited if he was being humiliated as a jobber. Watson
halfjokingly contemplated making Danny wear a chastity cage when he
was away from the arena so that his only release would be in a
jobber-heel context. What he didn’t know was that Danny was already
taking to the training. When he jerked off at home, Danny still
usually thought about women – thought about what it was like being
inside them, what it was like having his ex Katie go down on him –
but more and more, images of him being destroyed as a jobber and
memories of his matches in his pink trunks were invading his
thoughts, usually around the time he was climaxing. He dismissed
this as a fluke thing.

He’d suffered many more humiliations in the last few weeks, but he
tried to forget about them as soon as they happened and move on. But
last week’s TV taping was still sticking in his head. He’d gone
against Adorable Adrian Adonis, a completely out of shape,
borderline morbidly obese heel whose routine was that he was now a
flaming gay guy. He’d remembered Adrian as a tough wrestler when he
was a kid, and it was sort of sad to see him reduced to this role.
But at least he was still a heel. At least he still got to win. At
least he still got to kick some ass.
Against Adonis, Danny escaped having his trunks pulled or yanked.
The only time they were really clutched was when Adonis scooped him
up for a bodyslam and held onto the rear of the pink trunks for a
few seconds. But as the match was ending, Danny was grateful that
he’d escaped too much humiliation in the match. Unfortunately for
him, he didn’t know what Watson had dreamed up for Adonis to do to
him at the end of the match.

For his closer, Adonis got Danny into his patented sleeper move. All
of the 350-pounder’ s weight was on Danny’s back, and his chubby arms
were around his neck and top of his head. Danny could feel the
circulation being cut and he briefly tried fighting the effeminate
heel off. But it was no use. He felt himself drifting off as he
landed on his ass, but Adonis kept the pressure on. The ref lifted
Danny’s arm three times, and three times it fell, forcing the ref to
call the match

Adonis though kept the pressure on a few more seconds, not enough to
do any permanent damage to this simpering jobber, but enough to put
him out for a short time. He finally released him as his manager
climbed into the ring with a large mirror and a pink purse.

Adonis couldn’t stand how he’d been forced to become this prancing
character, but at least he was still able to degrade some young
jobber boys like this. It wasn’t the kid’s fault for what Adrian’s
career had turned into, but he was going to pay. With the rookie out
cold and flat on his back, Adonis dug into the large bag and pulled
out a pink, frilly dress. The crowd, which had been fairly bored up
to that point, went nuts as they realized what was about to happen.
Adonis’s manager picked Danny up from his prone position so he was
sitting. Adrian took the dress and put it over Danny’s head and
worked it down over his body. With his manager sitll holding onto
Danny, Adrian removed some lipstick from the purse and began
smearing it all over the jobber’s lips, not carefully, but smearing
it on, so Danny looked like some two-dollar she-male whore in Times
Square. Adrian grabbed Danny as the manager went to lift up the
mirror. Adrian slapped the boy a few times to get him to start
stirring. When he saw Danny finally coming to, he went behind him,
reached under his armpits and lifted the now feminized jobber to his

With Danny’s eyes fluttering open, Adrian held up the weakened
jobber by the back of his hair, while also reaching his hand under
the dress to hold onto the back of Danny’s pink trunks, which in his
current garb, certainly looked like a pair of panties. Adrian yanked
up on the trunks to make sure Danny didn’t fall down from the
effects of the sleeper, and the wedgie, coupled with the previous
slaps, brought him to total consciousness. When Danny opened his
eyes, his whole body jolted. He saw himself in the mirror. He saw
Danny Rogers in the mirror. He saw what the crowd and TV audience
saw. He saw his lips smeared with lipstick, he saw a pink dress
covering his body, ending at about his thighs. He felt himself being
held by Adonis and forced to look into the mirror, forced to
confront again what he had been turned into. Adonis and the manager
was cackling, as was the capacity crowd. What the crowd couldn’t
hear was Adonis whispering into danny’s ear, “look at yourself you
little fairy. Look at the little sissy you really are.” Danny
violently shook his head back and forth, but he couldn’t escape the
fatty’s clutches. He was forced to stand there for a good 30 seconds
as the mirror showed him what he’d become. When Adonis was done
showing him off, he turned Danny around, kicked him in the stomach
and delivered a post-match DDT, adding further pain to DAnny’s
incredible insult.

After that match Watson had of course been delighted. He told Danny
he’d jerked off while watching it.

Now, a week later in the locker room, Watson was telling him he was
going to let Danny atone for the previous humiliation. Somehow Danny
didn’t believe him.
“Danny, you ever meet Missy Hyatt?”

Danny said no, which was the truth, but he’d often thought about
Missy Hyatt. He’d had a crush on her since first seeing her on TV as
a teenager. She was such a beautiful woman. Great body, amazing
tits, flirtatious nature, Danny used to dream about maybe having
Missy as his manager one day. Maybe she’d even go out with him
sometime. He’d heard that she didn’t mind dating wrestlers. He’d
jerked off to the image of Missy’s blonde bombshell body many times
as a teenager.
“Well,” Watson continued, “today’s your lucky day.”

Watson laughed, and Danny knew that meant bad news for him. As Danny
sat on the bench next to Watson and listened to the promoter’s plan
for that day’s show, he felt a wave of nausea building up in his

A few nights before, at one of the big-event, primetime shows the
promotion ran every few months, Missy’s wrestler, Jeff Jarrett, had
wrestled the veteran heel Terry Funk in a no-holds barred brawl.
Jarrett won the match, but after it was over, Funk viciously
attacked Jeff and Missy. Missy got knocked to the floor, but Jarrett
suffered more. Funk piledrived him into a steel chair, causing a
neck injury that was going to sideline Jarrett for about a month.

Danny had watched all of that from Watson’s office. He didn’t
wrestle at that event – this was a nonjobber event, only big stars –
but Watson had Danny watch it while decked out in his pink trunks,
tied to his office chair, a small butt plug securely lodged in his
bottom. Watson wanted Danny to see what it was he was never going to
get, while wearing the pink trunks that reinforced his jobber state
and wearing a plug that reinforced his submissiveness.

Watson’s plan was this: At the beginning of the regular weekend
taping today, Missy was going to come out to the television
announcers, and rant about Terry Funk. She was then going to offer a
sort of “bounty.” If any wrestler could challenge Terry Funk that
day, at that taping, and beat him, she would agree to go on a date
with that wrestler. And who would take her up on this? Danny, of
course. Danny would come out, say he was going ot take on Funk, and
he would then battle the rugged and mean cowboy. He would lose of

That was the jist of the plan. Watson didn’t want to get into the
particulars about what he’d told funk and Missy about the plan. He
liked surprising Danny with many of the humiliations he dreamed up
for him.

Danny was nervous, and not just because he knew there would be
unanticipated beatings and embarrassments that would surely come his
way. No, he was nervous because he was going to finally meet Missy
Hyatt. Even though he knew he was going to lose, he thought that
maybe he’d impress her enough that she might want to talk to him
outside of the tv tapings, and who knows, maybe he could get a real
date sometime with her. His self-confidence with the ladies had been
severely damaged by his life as a jobber, not to mention the
debasing milkings Watson forced him to endure, but he still thought
there was a shred of his old charm left.

What Danny didn’t know was that Watson’s plan involved Danny finally
being stripped of all his self-esteem, of all his confidence.

“Oh, there won’t be any draining today, Danny, so you don’t have to
come back to the office,” Watson said as he stood up. He slapped him
on the back and told him to be ready in 20 minutes.

No draining? Danny was happy he wouldn’t have to endure that
humiliation, but he also knew it meant he was going to be horny as
hell when he first got to be up close and personal with Missy. Danny
got dressed in his white boots and pink trunks and waited for the
A few minutes into the taping at the small TV studio – where there
were only about 6 rows of seating, leaving the fans able to see and
hear everything up close – Missy interrupted the announcers’
blathering. Danny was watching from behind a curtain, waiting for
his cue.

“Jim, Tony, I want to make an announcement to everyone,” Missy said
while wearing a tight white shirt that accentuated her tits, and
tight white pants. Danny thought she looked absolutely gorgeous and
felt a stirring in his groin that he prayed would stay down.

“You know how much I hate Terry Funk. And I will never forgive him
for hurting Jeff. But don’t you worry, Jeff will be back. But I have
an offer for all the wrestlers here today. If any of you can come
out today, and beat Terry Funk, I will go out on a date with you!”

The crowd erupted at this, and the announcers said, “A date? Really
Missy? All they have to do is beat Terry Funk?”

“That’s right, Jim. All they have to do is beat that old, fat, slow,
over the hill cowboy Terry Funk, and they can take me to a movie, to
dinner, to dessert, and maybe…well, who knows where the night will
end.” She giggled after that and the crowd cheered again.

“So if anyone can do this, they should come out right now.”

That was Danny’s cue. Taking a deep breath, he emerged from behind
the curtain and walked into the camera’s view. The crowd cheered,
though many of these people had been there in previous weeks as
Danny was tortured and destroyed. Danny walked up to the announcer’s
podium – a new podium since Sullivan had destroyed the old one with
Danny’s body – and addressed Missy and the broadcast crew.

“I’d like to take that challenge, Miss Hyatt,” Danny said.
“Well, well, well, who we got here,” Missy asked. “What’s your name,

“Danny Rogers, ma’am.”

“Well Danny Rogers. You’re certainly a very, very cute guy.”

Danny felt himself blushing despite himself. God damn Watson. He
really could have had a shot at Missy, but instead his life was
controlled by that maniac.

“Thank you, ma’am.”

“Call me Missy, Danny. Well, Danny, I think I could have a lot of
fun with you on a date.” With that Missy stepped back a bit and took
a long look at Danny’s body, gazing from top to bottom, and taking
an extra long look at Danny’s package. Poor, confused, boy, Missy
thought to herself. He actually is kind of cute. She sort of felt
sorry for the kid, knowing what was about to happen. But this was
wrestling, the strong survived. And this kid was obviously not
strong enough for Watson’s liking. Now she was back in character:

“Okay, Danny. I want you to take the microphone and challenge that
bastard Terry Funk.”

Danny walked over to the P.A. guy who was seated near ringside and
took the microphone. “Terry Funk, get your butt out here. I got a
whoopin to give you.”
The crowd cheered. They hated FUnk and would love to see someone
beat him – even this pretty boy in pink.

The crowd started chanting, “We want Funk. We want Funk. We want
Funk.” Danny led the cheers. Finally, after a few minutes, the man
himself came out. Terry Funk. Veteran tough guy, mean old SOB,
wearing his cowboy hat, chaps, and carrying his long lasso and
branding iron. Danny felt a twinge of fear when he first set eyes on
Funk. He’d been getting into his role as Missy’s savior, but now he
saw the heel and knew the fun was not going to last. And that
branding iron. Funk had started using it on his opponents at the end
of matches, labeling them on the chest with it after he’d disposed
of them. Danny was pretty sure he’d feel the sting of the iron at
the end of this match.

Funk stared at the crowd with contempt, looked at Danny with
disgust, and then walked to the announcers.

“Missy Hyatt. You saw what I did to your man Jeff. I want you to see
what I’m going to do to this kid now. This is on your hands.”

“He’s going to kick your ass, Terry,” Missy squealed.

Terry walked toward the ring and motioned for Danny to get in. “Get
in the ring, boy.” Danny said, “After you.”

As Funk climbed the steps to the ring, Danny pounced. He drilled him
in the back, forcing Funk to stagger to the concrete floor and
knocking off his ridiculous cowboy hat. Danny delivered a series of
punches to his jaw, and with Funk’s back against the canvas, three
swift chops to the chest that could be heard throughout the studio
and brought oohs and aahs from the audience. He then stuffed Funk
back in the ring under the ropes, but didn’t follow him, instead
racing to the corner and climbing to the top rope. As Funk stood up
and looked around for his opponent, he turned right in time to be
hit in the mouth by a flying dropkick off the top rope. He got a two-
count, and nearly three, before Funk threw him off.

Danny picked Funk up and threw him into the ropes. The young jobber
boy ducked his head in preparation for a back body drop. But as Funk
came off the ropes, he stopped in front of Danny and delivered a
swift kick up that caught Danny right in the chest, flooring the
jobber, turning the momentum of the match, and sealing Danny’s fate.

As Danny kicked around on the mat, in a way that Funk had seen a
thousand jobbers do in his time in the ring, Funk cleared the
cobwebs out of his head. The kid could deliver a dropkick, he
thought to himself. Too bad it was a usless skill for this punk.
Funk slowed Danny’s squirming by delivering a well-placed kneedrop
to Danny’s forhead. He hoisted Danny to his feet and gouged his
eyes, a favorite Funk trick. DAnny staggered backward toward the
turnbuckle, his eyes burning. Funk caught up with him and hooked him
in a headlock. But instead of holding onto it, he sprinted toward
the other corner with Danny in tow and delivered a crushing bulldog.
He turned Danny onto his back and could have got the pin, but
instead pulled him up by his cute brown hair and stopped the count.

He then looked toward Missy at the announcer’s podium and again
pointed at her and mouthed an obscenity. Funk took a hold of the
waistband of Danny’s trunks and fired him out the ring in the
direction of Missy and the other broadcasters. Danny went flying
through the ropes and landed only about five feet from the lovely
Missy. He knew the trunks had ridden up his ass and he knew he was
now facing his dream woman with a wedgie dominating her view of him.
On the air, Missy was saying, “Maybe this kid isn’t as tough as I
thought. I mean, if he can’t beat this old man.”

Funk slowly descended from the ring and picked Danny up by his hair.
Facing Missy, Funk locked Danny’s head between his legs and yelled
at Missy, “How do you like your boy now.” Danny felt himself being
lifted upward as Funk took ahold of each side of his trunks and
pulled up into a piledriver position. Funk landed on his ass while
Danny crashed down on his head onto the concrete. The crowd booed as
Danny flailed on the cement. Funk yelled at the crowd and spit on
Danny’s chest. As he lay there, Danny managed to discretely pick the
left side of his wedgie, but was unable to get the other side. Funk
picked him up, and flung him back into the ring by the side that was
already wedgied, further debasing the pussy jobber.

In the ring again, Funk dragged Danny over to the ropes that were
facing Missy and put the jobber’s head on the bottom rope. The
camera came in real close to Danny’s face, as Funk stood behind him
and held his hair, putting his face right into the camera.

“Take a look Hyatt. This is for you. You did this. This kid’s blood
is on your head.”
Funk then mashed Danny’s throat into the rope and left him with his
head dangling on the rope. Funk took off running against the
opposite ropes and came flying in, landing directly on the back of
Danny’s neck and forcing his throat again into the rope. With Danny
still stuck in that position, Funk repeated the move, robbing Danny
of all his breath. Finally releasing Danny’s head from the rope,
Funk picked up the ragdoll and locked a full nelson on him, swinging
Danny back and forth a bit and further robbing him of any will to
fight. With Danny slumping in his arms, Funk walked toward the rope
and held Danny’s displayed front part of his body up for Missy to

“Take a look at him now, Hyatt. Look at your boy. Anyone else you
wanna send up here after me?”

Missy just shook her head and on air said, “Someone will beat Terry
Funk someday. I didn’t think a wimp would come out and try and do

Danny felt utterly humiliated being paraded around like this in
front of Missy. He could still see her tits from here, and he felt
his cock rising in his pink trunks. Damn it, he thought, why didn’t
Watson drain him?

Funk could ahve got a submission victory out of the move, but he
didn’t want that. He wanted to hurt this kid. He dropped Danny’s
crumpled body to the canvas and delivered a big boot to the head. He
again raised danny up and stuck his head between his legs. Securing
the jobber between his knees, and ensuring that Danny’s pink-trunked
ass was on full display for Missy, he again scooped up the pansy and
delivered a devastating piledriver. He heard Danny whimper, and knew
the kid really was suffering. No matter. He had to teach him a
lesson, and all the other wrestlers a lesson. For a third time, he
put danny between his legs and lifted him up, this time jumping up
and dropping Danny right on his head. With Danny nearly out of it,
Funk covered him, one hand on danny’s stomach, the other right on
Danny’s groin, pressing down on the jobber’s semihard cock, which
was encased in the pink spandex prison.

But he wasn’t done yet. Funk went and retrieved his rope and brand.
He turned Danny over onto his stomach, who by now, while in a lot of
pain, was completely aware of his surroundings. He suddenly felt
Funk tying his legs together with the rope.

WHAT IS GOING ON? he wondered. With Danny’s legs strung together,
Funk grabbed Danny’s arms and put them behind his back and then
laced them up with the same rope. he had hog tied the youngster like
a common calf. Danny’s half wedgied ass was on full display, and
with his arms stuck on the bottom of his back, Danny was unable to
reach back and pick it. He kicked and squirmed but could not release
himself of his roped shackles. He didn’t know what he had done to
deserve this. Why did everyone seem to make it their life goal to
humiliate him? He looked up into the crowd and saw many smiling
faces as they watched the veteran heel make a fool out of the
jobber. He was trussed up and there was nothing he could do about
it. he next felt Funk’s boot on the small of his back, limiting his
movement and holding him in place.

The next thing he felt was a burning sensation. To the shock of the
crowd, Funk had taken his branding iron and branded Danny on his
ass, on the side where the pink trunks had been forced up his ass,
exposing his right butt cheek. Funk laid the hot iron into Danny’s
flesh as the jobber screamed in real pain. He kept it there for five
seconds, ensuring a deep mark. The crowd was laughing now. Finally,
Funk walked out of the ring, but he left Danny there. Untie me,
Danny thought. Someone, untie me. He again fought to release his
hands but it was hopeless. Funk was an expert and had strung him up
in a way that meant any resistance was futile. Danny couldn’t even
roll over on his back, meaning he had to lay there with his wedgied,
branded butt in full display.

As Danny waited to be released from his shameful condition, the
crowd started cheering and Danny saw Missy climbing into the ring,
holding the PA microphone. Oh god no, he thought. The next thing he
knew Missy’s gorgeous body was circling around him. Missy stopped
while behind him and took a good long look at his ass. “Definitely a
cute ass,” she thought to herself. “Too bad he’s a jobber boy.”
She then spoke to the crowd, and to the fallen pussy in front of her.
“Danny Rogers. You are pathetic! Pathetic!”
Danny looked up like a wounded puppy, straining his neck to see up
to Missy. She continued, “Well, Ladies, what’s the moral of this
story? Never trust a man dressed in pink to do a man’s job.”
The crowd laughed. Danny made eye contact with some women in the
front row and saw them nodding their head in agreemtn. He put his
face down on the mat, not wanting to see the crowd agreeing with
Missy as she tore him apart for losing to Funk. But Missy bent down
and grabbed Danny by the hair so their faces were inches away. Danny
could smell her wonderful perfume, and it agqain reminded him how
much he adored Missy Hyatt. The feelings weren’t mutual. She
screamed now into the microphone, “You arre so disappointing Danny
Rogers. I should have known you were just a little wimp. Look at
you, tied up and nowhere to go. As far as I’m concerned, you deserve
this.” She sounded like a petulant teenager who had been told she
couldn’t have the car for the weekend. With that she threw the
microphone onto Danny’s head, and delivered a hard kick to his ribs,
a final degradation for the jobber.

She stormed out of the ring, and finally a few minutes later an
official came up and untied Danny. The first thing Danny did was
reach back to adjust his trunks on his ass, and this go tanother pop
from the crowd. He went back to the locker room, with his head
bowed, wondering what Watson could possibly have planned next.
Watson was proud of himself for what he’d dreamed of for the next
step in Danny’s total destruction, emasculation and humiliation. On
one of the promotion’s off days, he called Danny at his apartment
and told him he had to get on a plane for a match that would be
coming in a few days.

“It’s not a TV taping,” Watson explained, “but we’re going to do a
show at Lakeland High School in Ohio. We like to go to the smaller
towns and do cards to keep the wrestlers in the eyes of our true
fans. The people really appreciate it.”

“Lakeland?” Danny inquired. “Lakeland High School?”

“That’s right boy. Your hometown and former high school. What, you
don’t sound excited?” Watson laughed to himself, wishing he could be
there to see Danny’s defeated face as he learned the news. The
promotion was doing a card in Danny’s old hometown, and Watson
couldn’t wait to see his jobber boy humiliated and degraded in front
of the people he grew up with, in front of his ex girlfriends,
former teachers, old coaches, family, teammates, shopkeepers,
everyone. It would be Danny’s worst night ever. And that was saying

Danny couldn’t believe the news. He’d hardly been home the last few
years because of his college basketball schedule. And since telling
his parents he was entering the world of professional wrestling,
they’d hardly talked to him. He still got occasional emails and
calls from his older sisters who still lived in Lakeland, but he
knew his folks were very disappointed in his decision and didn’t
understand. He couldn’t fathom that he would now have to wrestle in
his pink trunks at Lakeland High, in the gym where he had earned
recognition as an all-state basketball player. But he knew he didn’t
have a choice. Watson had him by the balls, literally and

“Who am I going to wrestle?”

“A good old heel,” Watson said. “Buzz Sawyer.”

Danny remembered watching Sawyer growing up. Like Sullivan, Sawyer
seemed to take special pleasure in destroying jobbers. He made them
hurt, yanked their trunks, tormented them, punished them, without
remorse. Danny never thought he’d have to be jobbing to the madman,
but now he knew his fate.
A week later Danny found himself sitting in his hotel room in his
hometown of Lakeland. His parents had heard he was going to be
there, and put out an olive branch and told him he should stay with
them. He hemmed and hawed and came up with an excuse that he needed
to prepare so he got the hotle room. Thankfully, no one in his
family really watched much wrestling so he knew they hadn’t seen any
of his televised humiliations. He also thought his parents wouldn’t
show up to the event at the school. But he knew so many others from
his past would be there.

Around town, he saw that Watson had printed promotional posters with
Danny’s face, reading, “Watch hometown hero Danny Rogers battle Buzz
Sawyer.” The promotional picture of Danny just pictured him from the
waist up. he was barechested, but the photo didn’t show what was
below: Danny in his sissy pink trunks. He guessed that Watson wanted
it to be a surprise for people when they showed up at the gym and
saw their prodigal son in the humiliating gear.

The day of the match, Danny went to the town’s Wal-Mart to pick up
some toiletries. He went unrecognized until the checkout. The pretty
girl looked at him and said, “Danny? Danny, it’s me, Jennifer
Woods.” Danny looked again at the girl and couldn’t believe his
eyes. The brown-haired beauty standing before him was one of the
best looking girls he’d seen in a long time. This was Jennifer

More than four years ago, when Danny was a senior, Jennifer had a
huge crush on him, when she was a sophomore. At the time, she was a
bit chubby, though cute, but Danny didn’t have much time for chubby
sophomore girls, not when he could have any girl he wanted. He
brushed her off at a New Year’s party, but remained friendly with
her. But he hadn’t seen her since his high school graduation.
Jennifer must now be a sophomore or junior in college. And wow, had
she matured nicely.

“Hey Jennifer,” Danny finally said. “Great to see you.”

The two made small talk for a few minutes as no one else was in
line, and finally Jennifer said, “Me and my friends can’t wait for
your match tonight.” Danny felt sick.

“You guys are going?”

“Yeah, we can’t wait. It’s going to be fun watching you kick some
ass, Danny. A lot of people in town can’t wait to see you.”

“Yeah, should be fun,” Danny said, and finally excused himself to
leave the store. Great, another person who was going to see him
humiliated and disgraced. He wanted to tell her not to come, but
that would be idiotic.

Hours later, Danny sat in the locker room at his old high school.
The same locker room he’d dressed in all those years as the top jock
in the school, in the entire town. Now he sat there looking at his
gym bag, dreading pulling out the pink trunks. A few minutes
earlier, he’d snuck up for a peek at the crowd. The LAkeland gym
wasn’t real big; about 12 rows of bleachers on both sides of the
basketball court – where the wrestling ring was set up – and then
they had added chairs around the ring. Almost everyone who walked
into the entrance, DAnny knew. He saw his old basketball coach, his
old football coach, he saw five of his old football teammates come
in together, he saw two of his ex girlfriends come in, he saw
Jennifer, the girl from Wal-Mart, come in with three of her very
cute friends, she saw people who ran businesses in town. And then he
saw…his parents! What are they doing here? He couldn’t believe it.
They were with his sisters. They looked pissed to be there, but
Danny figured they thought it was the right thing to do, to support
their son in his new endeavor.

There was one person Danny didn’t see who was now sitting in the
front row of chairs. Chris Smith. He was Danny’s age, but he knew
Danny probably hardly remembered him. Chris had been the biggest
nerd in his graduating class. Everyone always picked on him and his
slight frame, geeky glasses, and uncombed hair. In 11th grade, a
bunch of classmates had held him down after gym class and subjected
him to wedgies. Danny Rogers was one of the ones who gave a tug to
Chris’ tighty whities, as he begged them not to. Danny hadn’t
treated him as badly as many of his classmates, but that was a day
and an event he never forgot. So imagine his surprise years later
when he was watching a television taping of his favorite wrestling
promotion and he saw Danny Rogers introduced. At first he didn’t
think it was the same Danny, but it obviously was. And look what he
was wearing! Chris was stunned as he watched Danny, in skimpy pink
trunks, get destroyed and humiliated by Bob ORton. He’d then seen
his destruction at the hands of Kevin Sullivan. Chris had always had
something of a crush on Danny growing up, but he of course could
never acknowledge it or do anything about it. But he always snuck
peeks in the locker room and loved seeing Danny strutting around.
But seeing him decimated and degraded in those pink trunks was the
biggest turn on Chris had ever seen. His tormentor, on TV, now
receiving the type of wedgies and humiliation he had subjected Chris
to. When he heard Danny was going to be performing in Lakeland, he
knew he had to be there. He knew hardly anyone else in the town
would have watched those wrestling shows, so they didn’t know what
Danny had been turned into: a pink trunks wearing fairy. But they
would all see tonight.And Chris would have a perfect view of it.

Back in the lockerroom, Danny was approached by fellow jobber Kenny
Kendall, a veteran of the wrestling wars. Danny remembered watching
Kenny growing up, and remembered him losing often in tiny blue
trunks. These days Kenny wore long tights, and while still a jobber,
occasionally won a match, and never suffered the type of
humiliations that Danny had to endure. He was sort of a mentor to
Danny. A mentor in the world of jobbing. Kenny sat down next to
Danny and asked who he was wrestling.

“Buzz Sawyer.”

Kenny let out a little whistle.

“Buzz. It’s going to be a tough night, Danny. Just be prepared.”
Danny already knew that but he asked for details.

“Buzz likes hurting guys,” Kendall said. “He doesn’t care at all
about his own body, and even less about his opponents. He especially
likes high-impact moves: suplexes, slams, throwing himself off
ropes, throwing opponents off turnbuckles, action outside the ring,
that sort of thing. And he likes to grab the trunks.”

Danny knew that everyone who faced him couldn’t keep their hands off
his pink trunks so that didn’t surprise him, but it did reaffirm
that this night, in front of friends and fmily, was going to be
utterly humiliating. Kendall lingered on the bench as Danny stepped
into the pink trunks and situated them on his ass and hips.

“Danny, have you ever thought of wearing the athletic briefs that a
lot of guys wear under trunks? They can help with the rideup issues
I know you have with yours.”

Of course Danny had thought about it. He’d begged Watson to let him
wear something under them but the promoter just laughed.

“Watson likes me like this,” he said, and Kendall immediately

“Well, good luck against Buzz,” he said, walking away to get ready
for his own match.

Shortly after that, Watson appeared and told Danny he was up next.
Danny looked down at the floor as Watson did his inspection of Danny
from head to toe. He grabbed Danny’s balls through the spandex,
turned him around, felt his ass, grabbed his nipples, gave a tug up
on the back of his trunks, and delivered a final slap on the ass
before telling him he was ready to go. Buzz had already been
introduced as Danny heard the announcer – who had been his PA guy
when he was a basketball player at the school – tell the crowd, “And
his opponent. From Lakeland, ladies and gentlemen, your very
own…Danny Rogers!”

With that Danny came walking out of the locker room, and the first
thing he saw was the stunned looks on the faces of the first group
of people to see him. They applauded softly, but eveyrone was
staring at Danny’s pink trunks. Danny caught a glimpse of his old
basketball teammates, and saw that they were doubled over in
laughter, as if it was a complete joke. He saw an ex girlfriend, who
was hitting her friend in the shoulder, in shock. He saw Jennifer
from Wal-Mart and she was staring with her mouth slightly open, but
she continued cheering loudly. He saw his parents, sitting,
motionless, expressionless. Much of the crowd was cheering,
apparently not caring that their hometown hero was outfitted in pink

Danny played the role of babyface to perfection though and kept
smiling as he climbed into the ring. He leaped over the ropes and
gave a double thumbs up to the crowd. The second he turned his back
to Buzz, though, the beefy heel came sprinting across the ring to
deliver an elbow Danny’s back, sending Danny to the turnbuckle.
Sawyer didn’t like wasting time with jobber boys, especially pansies
like this one. He wanted to humiliate and hurt them and the faster
he could get to the action, the better. He knew this was the kid’s
hometown, and he wanted to make sure it was a match no one would
forget. He took Danny and delivered a hip toss that threw the 210-
pound jobber halfway across the mat. Danny landed awkwardly on his
tailbone and he could feel the pain reverberating up his back.
Sawyer took a second to taunt the crowd before walking back over to

He went behind him and scooped him up for an atomic drop, which
further damaged Danny’s aching ass and tailbone. The crowd oohed and
aahed as the destruction of their hometown hero began. Buzz walked
over and with danny prone on his stomach, rubbing his bottom, picked
him up to his feet by his brown hair. Buzz loved controlling a boy
by his hair. It wasn’t quite as satsifying as humiliating a man
through his trunks – which Danny was going to experience in a very
short time – but he loved the sounds of pain a jobber delivered
whenever his hair was pulled. Buzz loved working all parts of a man,
from head to toe. To that end, he reached between Danny’s legs,
grabbed on to part of his balls and part of the kid’s inner thigh
and scooped him up. He held him in that position, with Danny
dangling above the mat, face down, for about five seconds and
dropoped the kid onto his knee for a devastating stomach buster.
Danny felt like puking as he rolled around on the mat. He heard
someone from the crowd yell, “YOU CAN DO IT DANNY,” the same type of
cheer he heard on the basketball court all those years. But now he
knew he couldn’t do it.

Buzz liked the feel of Danny’s balls so much he decided to deliver
another emasculating stomach drop. This time he stood Danny up and
made sure the crowd saw what he was doing, as he slowly reached
between the jobber boy’s legs, grabbed him this time fully by the
balls, and hoisted him up. He heard Danny let out a primal moan as
he was being manhandled by his balls. Buzz delivered another stomach
buster and Danny yelped in agony, clutching onto his stomach, adn
discretely trying to grab his balls.

Jennifer from Wal-Mart watched the action with wide eyes. How she
had once longed to grab Danny’s balls, but now she couldn’t believe
what she was witnessing. Part of it made her happy though. Danny had
hurt her with the rejection years ago, and she knew it was just
because she was a bit chubby. Now he was paying for whatever other
sins he had committed in the past. Buzz now thought it was time to
take the fun outside the ring.

He settled the writing jobber down by picking him up and grasping
firmly to the back of his hair and the back of his trunks, a
position Danny had grown all too familiar with. Buzz fired the kid
over the top rope and onto the basketball court below, where Danny
landed with a thud at the feet of Chris Smith. Danny was on his
stomach, his ass jsut feet from Chris, who stared at his now-wedgied
tormentor with a growing hardon. God, this was even better than he
expected. Watching his strong heel destroy Danny Rogers was the
greatest sexual experience of his life.

And he knew it was only going to get better. He leaned over to Danny
and said, “Hi Danny, it’s Chris.” In his pain, Danny managed to lok
up and see Chris Smith. He instantly recognized the kid and a second
later remembered the wedgie him and his friends had delivered to him
after that gym class. He knew Chris was now enjoying watching him
get this punishment.

Buzz was perched on the ring, waiting for Danny to get to his feet.
The second he did, he leaped from the canvas and came down on
Danny’s head with both hands clenched together, sending Danny
crashing. Buzz looked at the crowd and again yelled at them while
spitting on Danny’s heaving, hairless chest. Danny tried getting to
his feet but as he got to his knees, he found his face right in
Buzz’s hairy crotch, which was encased in his traditional black
trunks. Buzz grinned. He wouldn’t mind having the kid down there
after the match too, but now there was business to do. He picked up
the helpless boy and lifted him up for another apparent atomic drop.
But instead of dropping Danny on Buzz’s knee, the heel dropped him,
crotch first, right on the ringside railing! The crowd groaned with
Danny, whose balls had now received three straight punishments.

He was stuck there, nearly impaled on the ring, until Buzz grabbed
his hair and Danny plummeted back to the court. Sawyer picked Danny
up again and held him up horizontally, his hand pulling down the
back of Danny’s trunks, revealing to the crowd Danny’s crack. Chris
gasped slightly in the crowd. He had seen Danny’s ass plenty of
times in the locker room, but never shamefully displayed in this
manner. Sawyer held his captive like that for several seconds,
spinning around with him so all could see the jobber’s crack. Many
were pointing and laughing at their former hero. Buzz then sprinted
toward a ring post and rammed the bottom of Danny’s back into it,
before releasing him as he slumped to the floor in agony.

Danny’s pink trunks were mildly wedgied up his ass, but that changed
as Buzz grabbed ahold and marched him back to the ring. Danny saw
one of his ex girlfriends who started outright laughing as Buzz
pulled up on the back, forcing Danny to go to his tip toes as he was
paraded back to the ring. Buzz threw him under and danny was again
sporting a pink thong. There was a murmur going through the crowd,
sort of nervous, sort of giggling, sort of still cheering their
hero, who was being degraded and dominated in a way none of them
could have ever imagined.

Danny stood up and readjusted the trunks, though they still looked
ridiculous, they weren’t quite lodged up his ass anymore. Buzz came
running in and met Danny with a flying body block. He went for a pin
but Danny easily kicked out, as Buzz knew he would. He brought Danny
to his feet and hooked his arm over his head, preparing the
youngster for a suplex. Instead of grabbing the side of the trunks,
as most wrestlers did in a traditional vertical suplex, he took a
hold of the front and lifted up. Not only did this put some more
pressure on DAnny’s balls, but it gave Buzz a great look at the
jobber’s tiny cock as he held him up in the air. Cameras were again
flashing in the crowd as Danny was held high in the air. Buzz lost a
bit of control of Danny’s body, but by clutching the trunks a bit
more, gained control of him.

He finally dropped backward, completing the painful move. It was
time to work this kid’s back now. Buzz walked danny over to a
turnbuckle and lifted him up, again in the position of an atomic
drop. But this time he sat him down on the turnbuckle, so danny was
sitting on it, but facing the crowd. Danny had no idea what was
going to happen. He’d been perched up like this facing the opposite
way for Orton’s superplex, but who knew what Sawyer had planned.
Sawyer climbed to the second rope and took ahold of Danny, putting
his arm over his neck and grabbing onto his stomach. He fell
backward, dropping Danny from the top turnbuckle in a belly to back
suplex from six feet up. The force of the landing led Danny to
propel over and he ended up on his stomach. Buzz walked over and
delivered a pair of devastating kicks to danny’s head and back.

Ready to finish him off, Buzz picked him up and again reached in for
a slam, but this time he carried him over to the turnbuckle. Gently,
he laid danny down on the turnbuckle and the rope, so that his body
was laying on his side in the corner. Buzz climbed to the second
rope, and reached under danny’s ass to feel the silky pink material.
Danny suddenly felt himself being picked up and again military
pressed, this time above Sawyer’s head on the ropes. The crowd
couldn’t believe its eyes as Danny was displayed in the corner for
everyone to see, the pink trunks completely ldoging up his ass
again. Sawyer held him like that for five seconds, then leaped
backward, flinging Danny’s body across the way. Danny landed in a
heap and on his stomach, unable to move. Buzz went over, grabbed him
by the side of the trunks to pull him over and covered him for the
humiliating pin.

But he wasn’t done with this hometown stud. Buzz picked him up by
the hair and again threw him back over the ropes. Some of Danny’s
old teammates yelled at him, “Come on Rogers, you’re a pussy now.”
But Danny ignored them, just wishing that Buzz would leave him alone
so he could make the walk back to the locker room, and out of the
gym, and out of Lakeland. He looked up where his parents had been
sitting, but their seats were vacated. He couldn’t imagine what they
were thinking. Sawyer made his way down, and grabbed a chair from
someone sitting down, tossing them off it. He came over and as Danny
stood up, hammered him in the head with it. Danny went down like
he’d been shot, and he went dizzy. He tried reaching back to pick
out the massive wedgie in his ass, but before he could Buzz had
picked him up. Again Buzz reached down and scooped him up for a
military press, this time only feet from the crowd. Buzz held him up
like that for what seemed like an eternity, the crowd getting
perfect look at Danny’s pink trunks and the wedgie that had become a
permananent part of his life. Buzz dropped Danny down and delivered
a powerslam out of that position, and Danny wondered if his ribs had
been broken.

Sawyer started barking like a dog at the crowd as Danny laid there,
nearly unconscious. This wasn’t supposed to happen, he thought.

“Fight back, Danny,” some pathetic fan yelled, apparently not
realizing how out of it Danny was. But Danny summoned something deep
in his soul and managed to stand up as Buzz continued to taunt the
crowd. His back was now to Danny and Danny went to punch it. Buzz
turned around and Danny swung feebly…completely missing. His
momentum carried him forward and he fell over Buzz’s shoulder, who
scooped him up like a child. And there Danny was, all the power
drained out of him, trunks lodged up his ass, hanging over Buzz’s
soldier as Sawyer’s’s hand held Danny’s ass in place. Danny had no
more power and laid there limp. Buzz walked around the ring one more
time, giving the fans one final look at Danny. That would be the
final image Lakeland would have of their hometown hero on this
night, as Sawyer slowly walked back with Danny’s carcass to the
locker room.

Back in the locker room, Sawyer dumped him on the floor in front of
some other wrestlers, including Kendall. They all looked as the
madman just walked away and into his locker room. The wrestlers
cleared out, leaving Danny to lay there on the locker room floor,
his old floor. Beaten, destroyed, wedgied, humiliated, emasculated.
He knew he could never return home after this night. And he knew
that was exactly what Watson had planned all along. He was now
Watson’s jobber boy. Forever.

About humiliatedjobber

From Southern U.S.. Have always been fascinated with wrestling, specifically jobbers who are embarrased and degraded in the ring in their trunks. Always wanted to have my trunks yanked on as the crowd laughs and the evil heel dominates me, in the WWF or WCW. Contact me at rookiejobber@yahoo.com
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13 Responses to A jobber’s humiliation: The destruction of Danny Rogers

  1. Dominotorious says:

    What an awesome story! Thanks for sharing! I liked the humiliation of the pink spandex trunks and how all his opponents abused his trunk. Great psychological play to have his friends and family all turn their backs. And loved the backstage scenarios in the office… Watson truly owns him… hot! Would love to see more or your fantasies. (Would be great to see some heel force him to submit–but not release him for awhile, as the great ones did in the 80s and 90s.)

  2. Gabe says:

    Dude, this was amazing!!!!!

    Even though I am not super familiar with all of those heels your writing was vivid enough to let me see it all in my imagination. I agree with Dominotorious about the backstage psychology.

    The trunks are sweet… love the look and feel of myself or another dude in thin spandex where you can see the contours and easily cause a wedgie!

    Can’t wait for more!

  3. Corboablelype says:

    🙂 The natural photo of the new arrival, taken by Emma Tallulah’s dad,

  4. Keith Diemler says:

    I am a total jobber in the kansas city, mo area (lees Summit) and am having trouble finding the right kind of heels that are into long drawen out squash/punishment/humiliation type matches with this total jobber. Any suggestions? Definately like being punished long and hard.

    Also love your jobber humiliation story, would love to go to your website and other jobber squash/humiliation story websites if you have some suggestions for me.

    Also would love to see pics of you in matches.

  5. Richard says:

    Keep it going GREAT::::::

  6. Jim Thompson says:

    Nice report. I have lived such wrestling experiences myself. I’m a young, competition bodybuilder and pro wrestler. I found out I could make some great money as well as living out my wrestling jobber fantasies by signing on to pro wrestle on some Mexican and Caribbean wrestling circuits. I have a terrific physique, beautifully muscled and ripped, bronze tanned, and smooth/hair-free. I enjoy showing off when I wrestle and and being “daring”so, I was wrestling these arena matches before thousands of adult fans in barefeet and wearing very tiny, gold lame, Nylon/Lycra, thongs briefs. Very sexy for sure. One night, in a big match in Jamaica, I was up against this much older, Negro, local champion and things got way out of control. The crowd of about 3,000 watched me getting my ass really whipped badly and being totally humiliated. I ended up with my thong briefs ripped off of me and finishing up the last 20 minues of the match totally naked and very embarrassed. The crowd sure loved the show but I was beet red in the face and scared as hell. That was one night of “jobbing” I was not quite ready to experience! The local fans sure loved seeing a very young, White, muscleboy like me getting his ass kicked, stripped naked, and being totally humiliated by a much older, Black, local star. The action down there is strictly for the adut fans that’s for sure!

  7. Tucano says:

    Im a wrestling in BWF in Brasil and im lost in a ladys club in São Paulo one week ago for a man strong like steel. His pin me one hand press my bone in the pink strunk. He´s have a female manager Sara. when a was on the ground whif is foot in my chest , she entered the ring, trample my chest to stay in his height and their making out over me. in front of 100 women who applauded the act. Could you tell the storie in this site? I just ask that you making this end, because it was verry excitement for me.

  8. SissyJobber says:

    Great stories! Can’t wait for the next one.

  9. chris says:

    The arrangement

    I knew my girlfriend and soon to be wife kristen was really fascinated by wrestling. When I say fascinated, I mean,aroused.

    We sometimeswatched wrestling matches together, and I tried toplay it off as purely a competitive sport, but Kristen became very turned on by it.

    I told her, Iwould really like to give it a try.It looks fun I said. This really got her going, and she kept asking me more and more about it, and then told me she was wet.

    I told her I wrestled in high school,and was quite good. She was really intrigued, and quite interested. And as Itold her of the stories, it led to sex.

    I remember one night we were about to go to bed, and were watching an old AWA wrestling match. There was a black man, in shiny trunks vs a young handsome white man, also is shiny trunks.

    The black man was giving the white guy a real wrestling lesson, and was all over him. Kristen actually started breathing hard. When the black guy pinned the white guy, I actually heard her moan lightly.

    I then sensed she was horny, and said, yeah,Id like to try that. She said, it would be awesome to see me wresle. She really was interested.

    Then the next match came on, and one of the wrestlers was wearing a really skimpy speedo. He too was wrestling against a black man. and he was pinned as well.

    I told Kristen that if I were to wrestle, Id like some ‘ trunks” like the white guy had on. They were so thin , and silky and shiny.they were snow white.

    Ithen told herthat I think Icould doreally well out there. Then she started asking many questions,and was super interested. Oh my GAWWWWWWD, I would LOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVEEEE TO WATCH YOU WRESTLE!!!! She said.

    You would really wear those trunks? that would be sooooooooo hot!!!
    we made some small talk, and then made love. I found her to be hotter and wetter than ever before.

    So I researched it on the internet, and found Commando sports, and I found they were really nearby in San Antonio. A whole whopping 20miles away.

    It was a group of black wrestlers that did private matches. And their gimmick was their trademark, thin silky unlined shiny speedos they wrestled in.

    They actually let you script amatch and practice forit.

    They give you a pair of ” trunks”as they call them, and I borrowed some wrestling boots, and knee pads, for my match.

    My character was called ” the all american. Iguess because of my tan skin, good looks, and wavy brown hair.

    The opponent I picked out stood before me in an insanely thin pair of goldbriefs, with a huge, but not hard outline under his briefs.

    We worked hard to set up my match to surprise kristen, who thought I was just working late.

    Myopponent would enter the match just in his thin golden briefs. I dried and ironed my briefs many of times to make them dangerously thin.

    I told Kristen that I had a private match scheduled, and that I wanted her to see it. I told her that I did the preliminary match and got a chance to wrestle around with my opponent to get ready for our match at 12 noon.

    She asked me what he was like. I told her that he was very strong , fast and skilled. I also told her I was nervous, and I really wanted her there cheering for me. I failed to mention that he was black.

    I told her I had got my costume and was ready for battle. She asked me to pose in it, and said ” Oh my Gawd ” youre gonna wrestle in those, thats so hot, Oh my gosh, Im so excited.

    That night I told her I wanted to wash my briefs, and purposely accidently threw them in the wash with a brand new red shirt. On super hot.

    When I got them out, they were 2 or 3 sizes too small. and baby pink, by now, they were literally the thinnest briefs id ever seen.

    I swore the wife off sex, and I knew she was super horny, as was I.

    That evening, I told her that cameras recorded the action, and I shaved my legs, armpits etc..

    I was so smooth.

    The next morning I was even smoother. I loaded Kristens Fruit smoothie with Spanish fly, and 4 different tabs of medicine to get women in the mood, as well as some extra help from the sex shop.

    Not to leave myself out, I ate a Cialis, a Viagra, a healthy helping of horny goat weed, a Stiff Nights, and a Male power.

    One thing was for sure, it was too late too turn back now, If I had even the slightest of sexual thoughts, instant erection.and I knew the wife was gonna be wet, very wet.

    I then worked out, and went to a tanning bed. I oiled my body, and by now, I was fully errect for any reason.

    I came back home, and shared with Kristen what had happened to my briefs. She laughed and said, oh my, thats sooo sexy. wow.

    I told her I was gonna still wrestle in them.

    She got ready, and came down the stairs wearing the shortest sexiest business suit I ever saw her in. She then lifted up her skirt to reveal a sexy pair ofpink silk panties, and said, look we will match.

    I loaded upmy gym back with my silk robe, knee pads, wrestling boots, and a small bottleof moisturizing oil.

    I looked good.tanned, buffed, sexy,and wasfeeling so incredibly turned on. Wow, I was on my way to wrestle a black man, and my wife was gonna watch the whole thing. Little did she know I was gonna be totally dominated and pinned.

    So we got therejust as expected,and I met up with Koko the acting referree,to my surprise she was a woman, a white woman, a very attractive white woman, in a very sexy referree outfit. and my opponent Kwame.

    My wife by then had taken off the blazer of her business suit, and when she saw Kwame,her nipples grew instantly hard.

    There he was just as planned in the very same ultra thin golden briefs. He was muscular, and verysexy, and right on cue he asked me, so youre ready to get pinned again white boy? I will pin you again in front of your wife this time!

    He then turned to Kristen and said. ” He’s an easy pin, but since you came all this way, I wont pin him right away.”she actually thanked him

    So there we were. the 4 of us. My wife,the referee and my opponent.
    The refferee led us to a room, and opened the door. inside was the regulation size ring. she told me and my opponent to go to our locker rooms. and get ready.

    sHe then turned on all the lighs, microphone, and cameras.He locked the door. to my surprise, the time keeper aka bell ringer, and announcer were women. all white, and sexy. also there were two other white ladies there taping the match. oh my gawd, five hot white ladies would watch this match including my very sexy wife.

    I walked into my locker room, and got maked. I slipped into my thin silky pink shiny briefs. Oh my god, my bulge looked huge in them. I laced up my boots while looking in the full length mirror.

    God, my body looked so sexy, and my cock was starting to stir in my thin briefs.

    I tried desperately to talk it down, it settled about two thirds mast, but thats where it drew the line. But it was ready to shoot into rock hard for any reason.

    I then oiled up my sexy hairless golden bronzed body, trying to avoind getting the briefs oily.

    Then the reff yelled in ” 2 minutes” I slid into my silk robe. I heard her calling in my opponent.

    From Jamaica, standing 6 foot even and weighin in at 185 pounds” Kwame”
    Then he put on the chorus of boos, and a crowd. I had to peak out my curtain, it sounded so real.

    He walked ot of his dressing room, and my wife was staring at him intently. Her legs were crossed. her arms were crossed, and for lack of a better word, she looked downright horny.

    And his opponent coming from United States. standing 6 foot even and weighin in at 185 pounds” ” Captain America”Johnny .
    Thats my cue, I walk out there, and The audio is now chanting USA USA USA USA USA USA . My wife looks like she is about to orgasm.

    I take off my robe, and I can actually feel my hardening cock sliding through the thin fabric of my pink silky speedos.

    By the time my opponent and wife look at me its about 3 quarters hard.It stays akwardly that way through the rules reading, and the very unneccesary weapons check.


    We haveour script timed out perfectly. We meet in the middle of the ring, and grasp hands, he drives me all the way back to my corner and onto my knees.

    He clears out and lets meget back up to my feet.

    He then backs up to the middle of the ring and calls for a test of strength. I rub the sides of my silky briefs, and foolishly engage in a test of strength.

    I am put on my knees.and I try to tackle him. He then grabs a handfull of my tights, and flips me over. Thats it. Now my cock is rock hard. and I can forget about losing this boner.

    Its pointing straight up, and couldnt be more noticable if I were naked. Then the audio starts its USA USA USA USA USA Cheer. But its all for no use. we wrestle and roll all over the place, and its obvious I getting handled pretty easily.

    I actually get out of the ring and try to regain my composure, but he comes right out after me. We tussle a little bit, and end up right at my wifes high heels and crossed legs.

    My opponent wresles me to the ground and pins me hard right at her feet.she has to uncross her legs and I look right up the mini skirt.

    The silky baby pink panties are now drenched.Can you blame her. Kwame hooks my legs and pins me right at her feet.

    He then yells to the reff, arent you gonna count? How long do I have to pin him for ” a minute?

    The reff says ” I dont care if you pin him there for an hour Kwame, I will start counting when you have him pinned in the ring.

    At this point it wasn’t if I was getting pinned, but when and apparently everybody knew it, including my wife, who thought the match was real.

    What do you think Kwame asked Kristen, Should I pin him already?? Kristen could have said, he will pin you, or you havent won yet buster, or something like that, but her response was. Dont pin him yet!

    This whole conversation took place while I was pinned to the mats outside of the ring , right at my wifes ankles , while looking up into her wet panties, and my boner was poking straight out of my silky pink briefs in a leg hook pin. My opponent appeared to be half mast, and his giant schlong was bouncing all over the place in its gold silky bikini. My guess 10 inches soft.

    He smiled at Kristen and said, Well, I gotta toy with him a bit, and besides, I gotta pin himin the ring apparently.

    He then liftedmeupby the arm. He gripped a hand on my shoulder, and the waste band of my briefs, and walked me back firmly to the ring. needless to say. he wedged my pink briefs up fully exposing my full right buttcheek and a magnificent wedgie.

    I decided to wrestle with the wedgie. The right on cue. I get scooped up into a suplex which causes a full wedgie. Then another suplex , this time from the front.

    He holds me up fully in the air by the front of my bikini which is basically a tiny thin sheet of silk. needless to say his suplex includes grazing my cock. and now, I can forget about losing my hardon, I better concentrate on keeping my bikini dry.

    Next I get a body slam which means a full warm hand over the legth of my rock hard erection. he holds onto me and leg hook pins me again.

    Im saved by the rope, the reff doesnt count .

    I roll outside of the ring in attempt to recover, and gain some composure in front of my wife, but my opponent has other plans. He yells out to me ” Come on America, I cant pin you out there.

    I sit next to my wife.She is now cross legged, crossed armed. hard nippled, breathing very hard,almost panting. I still have a full wedgie and a full boner. But for some reason now, my opponents dick looks stiff as well. He comes out of the ring and grabs my waste band again , incresing my wedgie even deeper.I hear my wife actually moan mmmhhm when comes to get me, and actually moan “oooooohhh” loudly when he grabs me. I roll into the ring, and plead on my knees with him.

    My hands are grabbing onto the sides of his briefs in a very non threatening manner as I look up and plead with him.
    It was all planned this way.

    But what I hadnt planned on was now his cock was rock hard. Yet in the pamphlet it stated the wrestlers were straight, and this was just a fantasy for the client. The fact that his enormmous rod was standing erect in his golden briefs was shocking to me.

    Here it was just inches from my face.With my wife watching. And I grab the soft silky shiny golden fabric on his hips, giving his cock a little extra massage as I pull on his briefs. I beg him to give me a chance because ” my wife is watching.

    He then acts like he is mad with me saying he hates begging, and that beggars must be punished, He then puts me over his knee, and gives me a very stiff spanking,

    He then brings me back to my feet and grabs the side of my briefs, and pulls them almost to my shoulder,and suplexes me. From this one I dont kick out. Im pinned squarely to the mat in the middle of the ring, and the rope wont save me.

    The ref counts ONE , TWO, THREE. But just as he finishes, Kwame tells the ref “count to ten” he keeps me pinned. Then its count to twenty, I remain pinned. he finally gets off me probably after a minute.

    The ref grabs the microphone and raises his hand. He says. while looking at my wife.

    “Here is your winner, from Kingston Jamaica. “Kwame Jackson”.

    I acted like I was very upset , and humiliated, and stayed on the mat, slapping the mat with my hand, still rock hard, I looked up to see my beautiful wife Kristen applauding Kwame on his victory.

    He left the ring, and she went to give him a congratulatory hug. I almost came in my pink bikini.

    The ref told me that my tape from all four angles would be ready in 20 minutes, as soon as I got dressed.

    I walked back to my dressing room, and looked at myself in the mirror. Oh My fucking Gawd.. My cock was outlined, the full eight inches. you could actually see the shape of the head, and even the wet spot which was the size of a fifty cent piece.

    As I was admiring my reflection, the door opened. It was my wife. I said nothing, she said nothing. She walked over, and instantly stroked my cock through its bikini. I almost came.

    She took me out to the ring by the hand. the lights were out and the doors were locked,

    as we got to the ring my wife pulled her soaking wet silky panties off, and hinked up her super short skirt.she then slid my bikini off, and jumped right on.

    She jumped up on me and slid right down ontto my length.

    Fuck her pussy was hot. It was like boiling hot, and super wet. I never felt it like that. The first thrust inside of her, she was orgasming all over my cock.

    I never seen her like that. She was sooo fucking wet. I was so horny, and shot a volcano up in her.

    She was still super wet. and begging for more. I asked, should I go get Kwame. She said gawd no, hes wayyyyyy too big for me, did you see that thing??

    Besides Im not into black guys, I just like watching them wrestle. furthermore, I am a happily married woman. very happy.

    We cleaned up in the locker room, and checked out. I got my tapes of the match. it actually lasted 31 minutes from intro to closing.

    We drove straight home. The wife demaded I stay in my pink bikini, knee pads and wrestling boots. We watched the matches over and over, and had sex probably 15 times that day, and night. To this day, the wife didnt know the match was scripted.

  10. chris says:

    The tag team of the US Express was atop their game. They recently won the light heavy tag team crown of the AWA. They were young and energetic and very good looking, and had light muscular builds that the women loved. They also wrestled wearing only satin trunks that were tight and tiny, and the women absoloutly loved it. They were both 27 years old 6 feet even, and 200 lbs a piece. Striking similarities. They did contrast however. Bobby Jackson was black and Kerry Martel was white. They always wrestle in trunks that were the same color.Usually lighter colors like, white, powder blue, and even light pink. Bobby had some success as a singles competitor, and thats the only time they werent dressed identically.
    They had a manager named Kimberly Fox, and was she ever a fox. She was always scantilly clad, and looked extremely sexy in her daring spandex dresses and skirts. Quite often her nipples drilled through her dress, very noticably in the warm stuffy arena at the tapings. I believe she got a little horny watching the matches. She had been dating Kerry ever since he got to the AWA, And took up as his manager, and shortly later decided that Jackson was the tag partner she wanted for him.
    Kerry was a very sexy and handsome man. He looked like a romance novel guy,tanned, muscular. All the women loved him. And Bobby had his fair share of fan admiration. He was handsome, and muscular, and had a serious bulge in his wrestling briefs.
    Any way, they were definately the sure sale for AWA, and thats why they decided to have them become tag team champs.
    It was hard to say who was the better wrestler. They both were good. And they were good friends too. Like I said, Bobby was proven in singles matches as well, but Kerry only had wrestled in a tag team.
    There were some tight matches down the stretch, and not to mention the match between the US express and the Soul brothers, where, for some reason, Kerry got an errection before the match started, and was practically useless in the match while Bobby pulled off an upset. Nobody ever said anything,but he had a very clear outline of what looked to be a fairly good sized boner pointing straight up and clearly outlined against his powder pink satin wrestling trunks. He only got in for a few minutes to give Bobby a break, and damn near got pinned four times before limping to his corner, and putting his hands on his knees in a fruitless attempt to hide himself. As a woman, I can honestly say, I was absoloutly soaked watching that match.
    A few more close calls for Kerry, and he became known as the weak link of the team. So Kerry tried harder, He hit the weights harder, ate better, ran further, and did all he could wrestling, but the teasing still continued. During interviews, other wrestlers picked on him, saying he couldnt make it in singles competition, and also that he was only riding Jacksons coat tails.
    The pressure finally got to him, and he went out ring side , and put his reputation on the line. He issued a singles match challenge to any wrestle in his weight class who doubted his abilities. His Partner Bobby Jackscon, vouched for him as a wrestler and showed his support. The AWA promotor came up with a brilliant idea, He said that he will put the names of all 24 light heavy weights into a bowl, and the next week, live for the opening bout, Kerry would draw an opponent, and prove himself. Kerry was really excited, and agreed to it. After all he was strong, and lean,and could wrestle, and these slobs had some nerve to challenge him. The promoter made an added adjustment that suited Kerry. I guess he got tired of seeing quick roll ups,a fluke victories, so he mad it a match with 5 second pins, best of three falls. This was a real way for Kerry to prove himself as a established wrestler.
    Kerry trained hard all week, Harder than normal. He ate on a strict diet, and came out as lean and muscular as ever. He even swore off sex that week with Kimberly, which was no easy task. But athletes do whatever they think will help them. Even if it means refraining from sex.
    Finally Saturday arrived, and Kerry and Kimberly went to the Arena. Kerry had first match, with a twenty minute time limit. As he first got there, Kerry was approached, by the promotor. Hey Kerry, he said, I need you to wrestle twenty minutes, can you do it? Most pins wins. Kerry was up for it. He could do it. bUT, WE HAVE NOTHING CHOREOGRAPHED, He said. Well, youll just have to ad lib it, do it real. Technical wrestling, you did that in high school right? The promoter had a bad thing, two of his matches were cancelled, because one wrestler broke his arm, and the other had a flu. If Kerry could wrestle the mystery opponent for twenty minutes, they could make this week work. Kerry agreed, after all , he was a good technical wrestler, and a company man.
    So Kerry agreed, and got ready back stage. He went to his locker room, and stripped off his street clothes, he put lotion on his smooth body, and slid into his jock strap. He then took it off, what the heck , he thought, I know that the audience is 80 percent women,and the wanna see a show, feeling good about his endowment. He looked in his bag, and pulled out his sexiest pair of briefs. They were dangerously thin and were a light pink shiny fabric, and very small for wrestling trunks. He often got letters from women saying how hot it gets them to see him wrestle a close match in his pink satin briefs, begging him to wear them again. These are by far his sexiest briefs, and Kimberly’s faves, and after his match, Kerry is gonna want Kimberly to be hot and bothered if you know what I mean. Kerry straps up his white boots, and takes a glance in the mirror. Hes having second thoughts about the pink briefs, he remembers his last match in them with the soul brothers, and how he got stiff, and didnt know why. But, after a minute of debate, he decided to keep them on. He felt good about giving the ladies a show.Kerry put his tag belt on, and over it, he put a white satin ring jacked that had his team us express on it. He went out to the hallway, and saw Kimberly waiting on him. she looke at him and her beautiful mouth opened. she looked surprised to see him in the pink trunks. Instantly she saw he had no cup on either. She said, “oh my gosh babe, you are so fucking sexy, Im so turned on right now. Kerry felt a rush of lust shoot through his blood. Kimberly went over and sqeezed his tight buns, and ran her other hand down the fornt of his trunks. God, I love these speedos baby,she said out loud just try not to get hard out there this time hun.She said, and then, just kidding, so Kerry wouldnt feel bad.But inside, Kimberly actually got quite turned on watching Kerry get outwrestled by those black men while he had a hard on. It got her really wet, actually, and it was exhillarating and exciting watching him escape pinning four times. Her heart beat fast knowing she might get the chance to see him wrestle one of them again, 1 on 1, wearing his pink briefs again. knowing if he got hard, hed just have to deal with it.
    Kerry was having second thoughts about this, he was just about to go in and pull on some more conservative trunks, and a jockstrap, but, he was stopped.
    His partner , Bobby came walking down the hall, and came out to support Kerry in his singles bid. Bobby, every bit , the team player, came out in uniform, to show his support. He had the white jacket, and boots, but his trunks were lavender. He came t support Kerry and make sure no interference happened.
    Just then, Kerry heard his name over the loudspeaker, and made his entrance. Kerry walked cooly and confidently to the ring, and Kimberly escorted him, looking very sexy in a very thin silver spandex dress, that left very little to the imaginaton. It barely covered her ass, and accentuated her firm breasts and extremely hard nipples. Bobby Jackson accompanied them to the ring.
    The announcer explained the rules of kerrys match. It was the most pins in a 15 minute match. The first of its kind. The promoter decided they could do a fiftenn minute match, and kill 5 minutes talking about it, and picking the name out of the fish bowl. The women in the crowd were probably on sexual edge, both Bobby and Kerry looked amazing in their little pink and lavender briefs, that accentuated every curve and bulge. these men were way sexier than strippers.
    Then as all the tension mounted, Kerry reached into the bowl to pick his opponent. After a few seconds, he picked his paper,and handed it to the announcer, who called out his opponent. “Ladiea and Gentlemen”, His opponent ” Bobby Jackson. Whoa, this was a shock, his own teammate. Everyone started thinking about it. Kimberly got an istant shot of excitement, and became even wetter, she often fantasized about Kerry wrestling Bobby, but thought it could never happen, now that it was going to happen, her heart was beating out of her chest, her pussy was on fire, and wet with anticipation.
    Pretty much every woman in attendance between the ages of 10 and 80 had to be wet, I know I was. Kerry laughed it off, and told the announcer to pick again. But the announcer said, No. Its as fair as it can be. Youre the same size,and height, and weight. Theres no reason to pick again. But were partners, Kerry pleaded. But the announcer siad, theres no partners in singles. Kerry looked at Bobby, he said this is ridiculous. The announcer put the mic in fornt of Bobby, and said, No, come on Kerry, it will be fun, lets just wrestle. Kerry looked at kimberly, and said, I dont want anything hurting my team, were champions, we cant feud. But Kimberly looked and said, Bobbys right, its just in fun, just wrestle him honey. kerry tried futily to stop the match, but bobby took off his jacket, and went to his corner showning off his chiseled ebony body off to all the screaming white women, and the very horny kimberly. She was all over Kerry asking him to wrestle. Then the crowd all started chanting , WRESTLE , WRESTLE, WRESTLE.
    Kerry had no choice, he took off his jacket. Then the announcer said, Ladies and gentlemen, we have a 20 minute, match , whoever scores the most pinfalls wins. Then with that, the bell rang.
    The match was under way. The each circled each other carefully, and then Bobby pounced. He got Kerry in a headlock, and moved him down to the mat. they grappled, and Bobby got a hold of his pink trunks and suplexed him. he put him in a bow and arrow, and wrestled him down to the mat. 1,2,3, the referee smacked the mat. They were brought to their feet and Bobby got the first fall. They locked up again, bobby walked Kerry back to the corner where kimberly watched. She didnt know who to cheer for , so she just cheered USA USA USA, like she did when they wrestled as a team. Bobby slung him into the rope, and down to the mat, they squirmed around on the mats a little while, and Bobby got another pin on Kerry. And for the third fall, you guessed it, kerry got up, put his hands on his knees, and he had a full boner. Just 3 minutes into the match, down two pins, in the thin pink, briefs, and Kerry was stiff as could be.
    Kimberly noticed right away, and so did everyone else. Kerry limped around the ring getting more or less chased by Bobby. Again he caught him , outwrestled him, and pinned him down to the mats for the three count. Kerry got out of the ring, I guess it was too late to hide his boner. Bobby was pretty mad about it too. And deep inside, he always wanted to beat the pretty boy up, in fornt of al these white women, including his beautiful girlfriend made it all the more enjoyable. He saw Kerry was exiting the ring and wet right out after him. Kerry actually tried to hide behind kimberly which was really quite arousing to see. But Bobby came after him, and he ran. Bobby caught him and threw him into the ring using a handful of tights. This gave Kerry a wedgie, which the female attendants fully enjoyed, and before he had time to pull it out, Bobby was all over him, he held him and squeezed, him, and pretty much toyed with him before pinning him a fourth time. It was pretty evident that Bobby wanted to prove that he was the real success behind the team, also he ALWAYS wanted to give the arrogant Kerry a stiff wrestling lesson. He did just that too. He pinned Kerry in his pink boner clad briefs eleven times in twenty minutes, and as a woman, I believe mother theresa would have masturbated after had witnessing it.
    After the final pinfall, Kimberly came in and raised Bobbys hand as the champion, and walked her sexy beaten boyfriend back to the dressing room where she rubbed down his beaten body and caressed him back to feeling well. She then peeled off his thin pantylike briefs displaying his thick 8 inch shaft.without word, she slid her panties off and straddled him, with her hot wet tight pussy, she gave him what he needed. Or more like what she needed.

  11. James says:

    I am a jobber why do so many of you wanna crush me?

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