The disappearance of Rookie Jobber

April 22, 2015

I’m sure some of you are wondering what happened to the guy who runs this site, Rookie Jobber. He hasn’t posted in a year and a half. You probably wondered if he tired of jobbers or purged his jobber desires or died or was arrested or what. Don’t worry, he’s still alive. But the jobber boy isn’t running things anymore. I’ve taken over this account and will be periodically posting here and there. So what happened to that jobber fag?

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Real-life humiliation: Jobber on the beach

December 24, 2013

A Christmas treat! I noted a long time ago I’d tell this story of a time I was a jobber on the beach and in the spirit of Christmas, here it is. This is actually taken from an email I wrote to a reader of the site, and an inspiration, so I’m pasting it in here.

This took place years ago and I never did met up with the guy again, much to my regret. Hope you enjoy.

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New story: The Lady and Her Heels

August 7, 2013

Time for a new story. Inspired by communication with a female fan, who came up with the idea of this story. Note: It involves Ted Dibiase and Lex Lugar dominating Red Tyler in front of a woman, whose affections they’re trying to win. That’s the idea, and storyline. Might not be for everyone but the woman who requested it liked it and that’s all I needed to hear. But I think others will like it too.

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Looking to email with female who’s into jobbers — and some site news

June 6, 2013

Anyone who’s read my stories knows I have a definite thing for a jobber being humiliated in front of girls. I know not everyone’s into that, but this is for the women who might have read any of my stuff and want to email. Would love to chat with you so here’s an open invite to email me at Would love to talk jobbers with you, what you like about it (the humiliation, seeing guys get beat up, what?), maybe some role-playing and also if I could bounce some ideas off you for possible future stories. So please, ladies, shoot me an email (or if you’re a guy who wants to pretend to be a woman just to mess with me, sure, although I’d prefer you pick up some other hobby. You’re more than welcome to email me; I chat with many fans, male fans. But if you write, just write as a dude).

Other site news plans: A post on Wrestling Jobber Trunks Hall of Fame. If there was a jobber hall of fame, and why isn’t there, whose trunks would be inducted (Red Tyler’s green ones, Tommy Angel’s white ones, etc.).

Another fictional story planned to. A shorter story. Something along the lines of Apt Pupil, the old Stephen King tale about a kid who stumbles upon an old Nazi who’s now his neighbor. Apt Jobber — kid obsessed with jobbers of the past thinks his neighbor was an old one (maybe Tommy Angel, Bob Emory, Trent Knight, etc.). The guy has tried to disavow his jobber past and denies, denies, denies. He’s lost some hair, gotten a bit fat. Says he’s a born again Christian, all that. But the kid’s persistent and eventually pisses off the old jobber…who shows the boy what it really means to be a piece of jobber meat. Like I said, probably a short story, maybe sort of dark too. But has potential, I think.



New story: The jobber and the geek

April 20, 2013
Hey all. New story. Hope you enjoy. (apologies for the formatting and lack of paragraphs. Cut and pasted and it got all messed up. Hope it doesn’t distract from enjoyment of the tale).
Todd Johnson came up with his brilliant blackmail plot while masturbating to a squash match involving Arn Anderson and Trent Knight. He was on his couch, pants at his ankles, staring at the screen as the “Enforcer” dismantled the blonde hunk in red trunks. Arn yanked his arm, stomped his legs, rubbed his face into the cement floor and yanked him around by his tights. Todd couldn’t imagine how embarrassing it was for Knight to be in that situation in front of the studio audience and the nationwide crowd.
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Jobber-centric emails with another jobber-heel lover

April 7, 2013

Hey all. I am actually working on a new story but who knows when it’ll be done. In the meantime, thought I’d share some messages I’ve had over the years with another guy who is a great fan of jobbers, heels, squashes and wrestling domination. I think they’re pretty hot and hopefully you enjoy them too. Simply going to paste them in, no explanations given…but I don’t think any needed. These are all from him. He’s a pro wrestler himself so lots of hot experiences! Enjoy.

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