True story: I get my ass kicked

For a recent match I wore Target women’s bikini bottom. When you can’t get real trunks this will do. Light blue, floral design.

I like the feminine flair, emasculating me, and how they fit.

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Ringdogggg special guest story: Teen Jobber Humiliation Part 2

Hello again readers. The great Ringdogggg is back with part 2 of his teen jobber story. Thanks again to dogggg and please let us know what you think in the comments. everything below is from Ringdogggg


[This is a continuation of the Teen Jobber story.  This story and all pictures attached to it are completely fake.  Any resemblance to actual people, places or things is purely coincidental.  Warning:  I tend to write really over the top, unrealistic, almost comic book style stories juxtaposed in real life settings.  This story continues the themes of humiliation, domination and violence from Part One.]

I woke up in my dressing room, laying on the table.  My head felt like it was going to explode.  My fat penis was still hard as a rock sticking up in the air, out of my pink speedos.  I had passed out before I squirted sperm in front of the massive audience and I was brought back to the good guy’s locker room on a stretcher.  Not squirting in public was a pathetic victory but it was something.

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Jobber memories: My first trunk pull

The other night I was lying in bed, almost asleep, when a memory suddenly invaded my brain. It was the time I first experienced a real trunk pulling at the hands of a heel. I’ve written about this before briefly but I want to explore it in more detail here. Because as I laid in bed, my jobber cock stirred. The images filled my brain. I gently touched myself and smiled and then drifted off to sleep. I have no idea why the memory suddenly returned, but there it was.

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Ringdogggg’s real-life jobber humiliation tale

Hey all. Another great piece from the one and only Ringdogggg. This time, his real-life story about jobber humiliation! I think readers will love, love, love this one. It’s about a boy…Scout, kicking a jobber’s ass.

Let us know what you think in the comments!


The following is a true event from my life as a professional wrestler that fits in well with your website’s focus. A little back ground to understand the story better.  It was the late 1980s, wrestling was king and there were many feds on television and many more in towns and cities all over the country especially in the east and south. Our medium sized southern town of around 75,000 had 2 good sized school districts and 1 pretty cool wrestling federation for a town our size.  That was because our benefactor was rich, not mega wealthy but rich (computers at an early stage) and still fairly young guy who was a former amateur wrestler from the north east.  He missed the wrestling and there were no amateur programs in the high schools in our town.  He ended up buying a farm with a big old barn that was still in ok shape.  He didn’t want the farm or the barn but the house.  To make a long story short, he had the barn turned into a big semi-pro wrestling venue.  The guy was one of the smartest people I have ever come across and he could get things done fast and cheap without screwing anyone.  He concreted the floor, put in a commercial sized heating unit and some demoed seats from a theater from somewhere.   He also acquired another barn, disassembled it and placed right next to the original and connected it for dressing rooms and a workout area and a second ring for practice.  The original, big barn, was dedicated to events.  It was fairly rustic no ac but he spent money on lighting and other thing likes decent bathrooms. Our owner funded between 2 and 4 pro wrestlers with qualifications (none were ever big names) to come in a few times a month and teach us.

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Ringdogggg special guest story: Teen Jobber Humiliation

Hello Readers. Rookie Jobber here. A special, special treat today. The last story I wrote, A Long Car Ride Home, caught the eye of a fellow wrestling fanatic, who then sent me this story he wrote that adds to the tale. The writer? The legendary wrestling expert/writer/guru Ringdoggg. It’s a pleasure and honor to post this from Ringdogg. Everything below is from him, including the intro, the story, and the last part where he welcomes insight from you, the readers. Thanks to Ringdogggg for emailing me and hope you wrestling fans and perverts enjoy! Also, visit him on Deviant Art.

Here’s his personally created art for the piece:

From Ringdogggg:
(This is a companion piece to a story, “A Long Car Ride Home”. I liked the story and thought it would be fun to continue it forward. I’ve made some changes to the age of the wrestler and his situation to make it a little more desperate. This story is totally fake. As far as I know, all people, places and happenings are made up. Warning!! I tend to write very very descriptive, over the top, outrageous, nearly comic book and unrealistic stories set in a realistic environment for the enjoyment of the reader. If you are looking for solid realism or you are a wresting purest, do not read this! This story deals with massive domination and humiliation in the wrestling ring. Sexual themes, nudity are described.

My name is Billy Simpson and I’m an 18 year old pro wrestler. Well I’m trying to be a pro wrestler.  I have just completed my training at a local wrestling school in my home town of Rogers, New Mexico, population 48,000. Working at Wal-Mart, and living on my own with a single roommate, I didn’t have the tuition for the school so I’m working off my tuition by wrestling for the federation attached to the school. And at only 50 dollars per match, it’s going to take the better part of 4 years to work off the 7500 dollars and that’s if I can maintain a weekly match pace.  They had weekly matches and a roster of over 300 mostly big, powerful seasoned wrestlers.

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New story: A long car ride home

Billy Simpson walked out of Lynwood High School and found his girlfriend Chelsea waiting for him outside the doors. They’d been dating for two months and this was the first match she’d seen him wrestle. That night he’d served as Terry Funk’s opponent and had gotten his ass kicked. But he’d also made a couple hundred bucks and like all young wrestlers, the 23-year-old Billy knew you started out at the bottom and worked your way up. It’s the way the business worked. In a few years he’d be the one delivering the ass kickings, maybe even on national television.

He leaned down to kiss Chelsea and she, strangely, moved her face so all he pecked was her cheek. “Hey, babe,” he said, “did you like the show?”

“Mmm,” she replied and turned to walk toward their car.

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New story: #MeToo Jobber

A story for our times. This one I just ripped off in a short while after seeing Wrestling Arsenal mention #metoo in regards to Arn Anderson manhandling a jobber. So it got my juices flowing.

June, 1987, the WWF headquarters. Vince McMahon’s office.

“What in the ever living fuck is this? This is real?” Vince McMahon asked his HR manager Laura Roberts again if the memo in his hand told the truth about what happened over the past week in Las Vegas.

“Afraid so, sir. Confirmed by multiple people, multiple witnesses.”

“I don’t get it. This Jenkins kid gets an expense account and a free hotel room and turns into fucking Caligula?”

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